Why does my friend think that every guy likes her?

My friend Caitlin who is really nice, pretty and really funny is starting to drive me NUTS! She think's that a lot of guys like her and even though she is really pretty she is weird and screams a lot, most guys think that she is annoying. Not to long ago I used to have a crush on a guy named "Bryce" and he would always stare at me and we would talk sometimes but then after I told Caitlin that I liked him she said that he likes her? She think's this because she talk's to guys a lot and she think's that they all have a crush on her. She always calls herself fat or ugly to other people so they can tell her that she is pretty to make her feel better about herself. She is a pretty girl she is just a little full of herself also this guy named Aaron may have a crush on me and my friend Jazmine told her because Caitlin is friends with Aaron. And Caitlin said that he likes her? She has a boyfriend and she kind of likes Aaron but she likes her boyfriend way more! She also thinks her guy friend Kristian likes her too. I could care less about Kristian he is funny but rude. And I may like Aaron a little bit. But I have a boyfriend and it's not a big deal a lot of people like other people while they are dating someone it's not like I am going to ask him out. But what do I do about Caitlin?
Why does my friend think that every guy likes her?
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