Why does every guy in school fall for this one girl?

There's this girl at our school, let's call her Katie. She's Asian and I admit, I think she's beautiful. Not standard pretty, but like gorgeous in her own way. She has a few blonde streaks in her reddish brown hair and she wears eyeliner, but doesn't dress slutty at all. Anyways, almost every guy I know has a thing for her and they actually seem genuine because I never hear them talk about her body. It's always "she's so confident" or "she's badass". I don't know her that well, but there was this one time a few guys were talking to her and she asked one of them question. He ignored her so she said "oh shit, is he deaf?" and ALL the guys started laughing (even him) and one of them even said "katie, i already love you." Two of the popular guys even got into a fight over her because she only liked one of them. I heard the second one say she's the first girl he ever "truly liked". I really liked the second guy, but of so that really hurt. Like damn I admire her, but I also feel a little jealous that so many boys fall fo her so easily and she doesn't even try, she's just being herself.
Why does every guy in school fall for this one girl?
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