How to choose the right fragrance for someone

We all love to smell nice and it's easy to pick out a perfume for yourself because you know what you want... But sometimes you find yourself shopping for someone else and you've no idea what kind of scent would that person want. Here are the rules I follow when choosing a fragrance for someone else:

How to choose the right fragrance for someone

1. Decide how much money you want to spend

Do you want to spend 20$ or 200$? Is this person a good friend, your best friend or your partner? Would it be ridiculous to spend too much on them? These are the questions you need to ask yourself and decide what's the reasonable amount of money you'll be willing to spend.

If you want to spend 100$ then you have a lot of options but if your budget is 20$ or below then worry not! You can still buy them something good if you know what you're doing.

Quick note: perfumes are over 30$ and eau de perfumes are usually cheaper

2. Consider their personality

If you're shopping for Susan then you must think like Susan. Is Susan sweet and shy? Or tough and fierce? You can easily pick out a fragrance by this simple technique- if someone is bold then they'll likely choose a bold perfume (or eau de perfume) for example Power woman by Oriflame would be perfect for them.

If the person is reserved and/or introverted something sweet and sugary would be great for them.

3. Think about what tastes or smells do they like

Do they like roses? Pick something with roses. Do they like peaches? Pick something with peaches. Easy. However if the fragrance with peaches has something that person can't stand (like lemon or melon) it's a huge risk to buy something like that. In that case, my advice would be to move on to another perfume because if you buy a combination of what they love+what they hate there's a good chance they won't like it.

And the ultimate golden rule:

4. Don't buy them something you'd buy for yourself

UNLESS you have the exact same taste. I see a lot of people make this mistake not just when shopping for fragrances but other stuff. I'll give you an example: my cousin was going through a hippie phase and she bought me a hippie tunic which was absolutely hideous. It's not that I'm ungrateful, I'm just saying we have different tastes when it comes to clothing. Same rules applies for perfumes. If you really want to make this person happy buy them a smell they'd want, not you.

5. Don't be too cheap

Sometimes there'll be small bottles of eau de toilette or eau de cologne which will cost 3$ or less. I tried them and they were yuck and barely lasted 5 minutes after applying. When you're shopping for a fragrance spend at least 8$. Because: the fragrance won't suck and it will last longer.

If you're on a really tight budget then consider them buying something else.

There you go. You've seen my rules when it comes to choosing a fragrance for someone else. Think I forgot something? Tell me in the comments.


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  • These days you cannot wear cologne or perfume in the workplace of most companies. So frankly it isn't worth bothering with. I still have Polo cologne that I bought on my honeymoon in 1993. I only used about a 1/4 inch of the bottle over 20 years. I wear it from time to time if I have a date or special occasion. but mostly I don't wear anything.

    • Why is it forbidden to wear cologne in the workplace? :0

    • people have allergies or are "sensitive" to smells. just like in public, some feel they must emerse themselves in perfume/cologne if they wear it. So while it certainly is not all workplaces, it has been every workplace I have been in since the mid 1990's.
      Personally, I get nauseous around potpourri. So some perfumes smell that way. While I like some, personally I rather she just not wear any.
      I will admit that there is one that the first girl I ever went out with wore. that was back in 1985. To this day if I smell it I still turn to look for her. yes that is silly but it is just automatic.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Cool article. It's not that impossible to pick a fragrance on someone else. I also usually think what I 'd love if I were this person


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What Guys Said 2

  • I probably would abstain from buying her perfumes as i highly disagree with a lot of women's perfume choices lol.

    All the girls i know like stinky bitter ones. Whereas mine smells like chocolate chip cookies.-.

    Chances are if im buying you a fragrance, it's the equivalent of me offering you a breath mint lol ;p

  • 8 bucks for a fragrance lol wow


What Girls Said 3

  • I love smelling good. Most of my perfumes ( I have over 100. All ranging from $5 to $100) are fruity scented. I love smelling like fruit, something about it makes me so happy.

  • I love perfumes!

    There is an online quiz. I think it's by total beauty.. I am not sure but it is really good at identifying what kind of scents would a person like.

    For me, floral and suggested two perfumes that I really like.

    Also, the notes of the perfumes are important to notice.

    There are some floral scents that have violet, and sandalwood, etc as their notes and I end up disliking it.

    • Haha, me too (obviously xD). I tried the quiz you've mentioned and it's okay except the prices are too high- if I'm shopping for someone else I wouldn't really give 50$ for their gift (I'm a frugal girl :P).

  • Essential oils are cool. I can't tolerate in store fragrances.