The Power of a Good Wardrobe and Proper Grooming

Today I will be sharing with you a beautiful thing, the power of dressing well and getting a haircut occasionly. My study will be observing men, because I don't think women really have a problem with this. Anyway, let's get on with it, shall we?

Jon Hamm: From Sad Boy to Mad Man

Below, I have provided you with a photo of Jon Hamm from early in his career. He has long hair and is wearing a button down collared shirt, he looks like a normal guy. He is by no means ugly, but he isn't exactly handsome either. Girls, if this guy approached you in a bar and tried to chat you up, what would your general perception of him be?

The Power of a Good Wardrobe and Proper Grooming

Now, in comparision we will look at a photo of Jon Hamm from the television series Mad Men. Notice any differences? Right off the bat you will see his hair is much shorter, he is now sporting the classic comb-over with a strong side-part. Next thing that you will notice is he is wearing a a grey suit with a navy blue necktie and a white dress shirt. He looks much more professional, more put-together. I say with some confidence, and I think many people will agree with me, that this Jon Hamm looks better. What's the difference between this Jon and the other Jon? His fresh haircut and his tailored suit, other than that he is the same man just about 10 years older.

Robert de Niro: It's Not Personal - Just Business

Next, we have Robert de Niro. Below is a photo from The Taxi Driver, a movie where Robert de Niro plays a mentally disturbed military veteran who becomes a cab driver in New York City named as Travis Bickle. Through out the movie you witness Bickle's dissent into madness as he begins cutting his hair shorter, finally he ends up with mohawk which is symbolic to the height of his insanity. You also see Bickle wear his Olive Drab jacket the entire movie with various pins on it, which he uses to conceal weapons in.

Now we go to Robert de Niro as Vito Corleone in Godfather II, a Sicilian immigrant in New York City who ends up making a name for himself and his family as a Mafia don. Vito likes to dress in suits with dark colors and to sport a light colored tie for contrast. He keeps his hair slicked back and has a small mustache. Just like Bickle, his image reflects his personality. Vito Corleone is sharp and means business, and if that means having to knock someone off along the way, then that is what he is willing to do.

George Harrison: Acid: Before and After

I will admit, I love George Harrison regardless of how he looks because I love his music but I do kind of miss the days where he and the rest of the Fab Four were young men with moptops and tailored clothes. Harrison looks like he's been lost at sea for years with super long hair and a long beard. You can barely tell but he is wearing a shirt underneath all of that hair, just a plain t-shirt.

How surprised would you be if I told you the photo below this was taken 6 years before the first one? His long hair and beard makes him look much older than he actually is. This photo is in grayscale but he has on a navy blue suit coat and pants with a black turtleneck. This is a nice way to blend a sort of formal and casual look together, which is normally something you don't really want to do.


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  • I won't lie, the haircut of the first dude in the first pic did not appeal me at all.
    He looks better in the second pic.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Maybe it's because I'm a heterosexual man but the only difference I see with Jon Hamm is that he looks older in Mad Men... in which he is lol (duh). Robert De Niro on the other hand I agree there's a big difference between them two characters. However, just because it's the same actor doesn't mean it's the same person. You said it yourself. These are two different people with two different personalities. I guess your point is that you can "be a different person" with a different wardrobe. The truth becomes a lie. Actors are actors. They pretend. Many actors are the total opposite in reality to the characters they play. In real life you can put on a persona but deep inside you still have on the same wardrobe, because you're still the same person. You can put the clown suit on and "entertain" females, but you're denying yourself for pussy. To me that means you allow others to dictate how you should be. To shape your appearance and possibly to try to change who you are. If you're into that kind of wish washy stuff then by all means, but I don't agree with it.

    That said sometimes people do change. For whatever reason sometimes people change. Be it the influence of the people around them. The living conditions. Change in philosophy. Drugs. Whatever the case may be your last example is a contradiction. If the guy looks better to you then changing his appearance is okay, but if he changes his appearance and doesn't look better to you then it's not okay?

    Also, who in their right mind walks around all day with a suit on unless they are a business person? Even then when their work hours are over I'm sure most people wear more casual stuff. Don't get me wrong. I like suits too. I have plenty of them. My hair is kept short. However, I decide what I want to wear for ME. Not for you. Not for anybody. Me. Let people be them.

    I understand there's power in changing a wardrobe, but what's a good or bad wardrobe should be up to each individual person. Not you.

    • Sure, your image is an outward reflection of yourself.

      The point of this was that you can change a couple physical aspects alone and be a completely different person, and sometimes that is good. Besides a difference in age, their bodies are still the same mostly, it is their style that changes and you can see how big of a difference it makes.

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What Girls Said 1

  • It was a great take. Simple and clear. Covered the basics. I wish more guys would get ideas from it.

    • It kinda applies to girls too!
      Please please please get rid of the casual overstretched and faded t-shirt and the flip-flops.
      Freshly trimmed hair and a sharp outfit would be really attractive.

    • Glad someone sees it the way I do too lol

What Guys Said 1

  • lol I need to go buy some more slim fit khakis, chinos, black jeans and some t shirts

    and almost everyone has that combover shit, such a boring cut