5 (ALMOST) Universal Wardrobe Commandments That Impress Women And Are Incredibly Easy To Do Without Trying

5 (ALMOST) Universal Wardrobe Commandments That Impress Women And Are Incredibly Easy To Do Without Trying

Fashion is important to women, but it seems that it’s more important to them that they dress well than it is that they’re man dresses well. Yet, fashion does show competence and it sets you apart from the majority of most men. The ideal for a man who enjoys looking fashionable, but doesn’t have a real diehard interest in fashion is to excel at the basics then add a bit of their unique personality at the end. Girls do notice this and, fortunately for some and unfortunately for others, and although beauty is subject, looks generally are important to women and strongly influence their physical and romantic interest in particular men. Here are five super easy rules that can make the guy who doesn’t feel like being fashionable to be fashionable without trying.

Dress Fitted

In general, it’s better to dress with a little bit of room in your clothes but not much. This is simply what’s most commonly seen as masculine. When it comes to suits, you can get a tailor to cut it to your exact measurements, but unless you’re very toned, you’re going to want a little space to be considered well fit. This should apply to everything from sweatpants (not too baggy) and jeans (not too tight.) Basic way of saying this: don’t make it look like you’re bursting out of your clothes even if you have six pack…you’ll just look douchey and generally it’s not attractive to women.

Lock Down The Major Colors

Don’t keep buying specific colors like seafoam green with multicolored graphics. It’s not worth it. It will look terrible with a lot of things you own, just ok with most of the rest, and only one or two things will actually look great with such a shirt. You want to have a good amount of clothes in solid: white, grey, blue, beige, and maybe pink and then branch off into other colors. Don’t make it too complicated or waste your hard earned cash on stuff that’s going to sit around or look terrible. Women will appreciate you for it.

Mix and Match To Find Awesomeness

Again, in terms of having that fashionable look it’s really way more simple than we make it. The thing is, most guys have a terrible sense of what matches what and so don’t be afraid to literally put on some jeans and a shirt for instance taking a quick glance and then deciding to change your shirt. This will probably feel girly and execessive but nobody’s watching you do it hopefully and eventually you may even get a sense of what’s going to look good just by grabbing it. Don’t get too confident though you’ll probably need to change your shirts around the rest of your life. Not everyone has the sense but most people more or less have the eye when they physically see it on them. On this, don’t be afraid to use the mirror. You can easily have something on your teeth, your hair, your collar could be rumpled up and many girls will hold this against you. It honestly takes two minutes. Just do it.

Hues Are Important

When you feel like what the hell you’ve gotten it right but something’s off it’s probably mixing hues. Generally, you want a saturated hue (for instance a vibrant shirt) with equally hue (pants with strong color.) If you’re going going to wear a washed out pair of jeans your shirt should not be super colorful. Again, this is not hard even for the typical guy to get. You don’t need to be gay or have your girlfriend dress you to get that some colors are more washed out than others. Finally, and this matters very little, you generally want to wear clothes as vibrant as your skin tone. So, for white guys staying more desaturated can be better and for really dark guys wearing very colorful material can be better.

Breaking Rules Shows Confidence

This is what GQ likes to brag about. Wearing a really nice, well cut suit and then throwing on a bracelet that totally clashes with the color and formality of the suit shows that you “don’t care” though clearly you do. Think learning the rules so you can break them. You want to show that you have a sense for what you’re doing but you also aren’t trying to be on the cover of a magazine--you have your own “unique style” and though you only get little ways of incorporating that into the style that, let’s face it, women like, you still have something. The rules you break can become bigger and more essential as you get more used to the idea of dressing with style. This is for two reasons. The first is that you honestly will be a mess if you try to break big rules if you don’t understand why that rule was there in the first place which you won’t at first. Second, you don’t want to show confidence if you don’t have it and even if you are confident in most areas, if you aren’t confident in your sense of fashion and style it will show painfully by the attempts at faking it. Just start small and get bigger with it. Figure out what’s different about you and find little things that reflect that like a jewelry, a tie, a hat, a designer band shirt, colored jeans etc.

So, don’t learn anything else about this or you’ll risk raising eyebrows that you are a bit flamboyant. Don’t intentionally tuck your pant legs into your boots if it looks too forced, don’t wear skin tight clothes, don’t wear ten bracelets, don’t wear too much pink or purple, don’t wear all of the same color, don’t wear orange and black or red and green…

Just kidding wear whatever you want, but take those extra two minutes to figure out how it looks each day…

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What Girls Said 3

  • A man can NEVER impress me with the way he dresses. So superficial.

    • Lmfao.

      I bet that's not true, nor the opposite, 'a man could never disappoint me with his poor dress choices'

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    • it's not one thing or the other. you want to see it like either you're totally superficial or you're totally deep. as long as you have functioning eyes you can't help but have physical preference. it's been tested that some colors together create a positive response while some produce a negative response which is universal to all human beings. Now, you can logically choose to ignore this which is fair, but you're mistaken if you think your animalistic desires are in accordance with your logic.

    • Sure I have physical preferences corcerning a man's body but I can never be impressed by someone who fills those caracteristics. I'll just find him handsome that's all. Clothes don't even count. I totally don't care. All I want is someone who is simple and discrete. I don't like when people show off. The way somebody dresses doesn't interest me. It is what that person is that is important. And somehow what you are is going to reflect on how you dress. Sorry for the language : I'm French speaker.

  • As long as they don't wear skinny jeans and brushed back their hair a bit, I'm fine with whatever they wear really. If I had to choose a style I like with them I would say the Hues one.

    • that seems like a strong statement but i get your point

  • Love this take... so true...


What Guys Said 4

  • man I bought these really great puma ferraris a couple of months ago but they don't go with anything

    I would have to spend 110+ dollars just to make them go with something


  • I might be agreeing with those points but the men shown really look like noobs. I am down to traditional masculine clothing - well laid out shirts, a jeans or a trousers and comfortable boots and sometimes even the traditional footwear will suffice. Of course, keep hair well combed and organised. A watch can go handy and keep yourself well groomed.

  • I agree with some fashion sense, but I'd rather not be told what to wear by an industry full of men that take it right up the ASSHOLE!! But they do tend to make fabulous clothes.

  • Look at the way the guy in the cap holds his cigarette lol.