The make up guys prefer, and it might change depending on the girl

The make up guys prefer, and it might change depending on the girl

Some girls wonder "Does wearing light makeup make it look like i don't care about how i look?" or maybe are interested in what kind of makeup is the best.

For the answer to the first question, no.

Now for what make up styles are the best... I'll explain.

Yes part of it plays into personal preference of the guys but there's also an important factor:

What fits you and your individual facial characteristics, as well as skin complexion.

Putting on makeup can make her more attractive, assuming the way she put on makeup and what kind she put on looks best on her. Some girls look good with light makeup some look good with more makeup. Just make sure it compliments your face because what works for one girls skin and complexion won't work for another. And no, it doesn't make it look like you dont care about your appearence. Makeup by itself isn't whats attractive, its what it does to your face that makes it more attractive.

If it doesn't compliment your face it may not have any effect, it could just cover your face, meaning the only difference they see is that you're wearing blush,mascara, lipstick, etc, but it didn't really make you anymore attractive if that makes sense. How much you need of each type and the type you need depends on your face and skin complexion. So just throwing on a bunch of makeup that doesn't compliment your face could also have the opposite effect , make you possibly look less attractive and also distract from your natural beauty.

So factor that in with personal preference, ask guys opinions about which they prefer. You might notice personal preference differences immediately and you might notice that they tend to prefer a certain type of look on you when you do your make up a certain way. Find out the best looks for you and who you want to attract(if thats what you want) also one you feel comfortable doing makeup wise. :)


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  • Honestly I think very very few people can pull off red lipstick.


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  • Thanks for the take!

  • that makes sense

  • I don't really care about makeup.

    • Im not saying all girls do, but there's girls that do and this is to help girls try to find types of makeup that flatters their face , I've seen girls put on makeup and have the opposite effect because it didn't mix with their face well.

    • I see, ok, I get that :)

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  • I only like red lipstick, eyeliner or full gothic makeup other than that I lose interest that's just my honest opinion if you want to hear your opinion with a deeper voice find a door mat

    • So what about my opinion makes me a door mat? Its true, some girls look good with certain types of makeup while other ls look better with others.

      Or are you implying what i said of picking something that they feel comforable with?

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    • ... Or were you implying im a chick with dick... In that case, oh im coming for you ha

    • Haha nope you're not a chick wit a dick and that's a rare upvote tbh xD

    any reason to post this is a goon reason

  • I prefer natural beauty, I'm not into girls with makeup...