A Go At Photoshop

I remember year nine in I.T we were recquired to make a monster out of our faces with photoshop. I turned myself into a vampire. I would show you the result but apparenlty 2GB USBs don't last for years on end. And I don't know where it is. So, I can't show you. I remember getting an A+ for it though.

So, here is a photo of me from Halloween:

A Go At Photoshop

This was taken with my Iphone 4s. Which apparently has a shit camera, but I digress.

I decided randomly one day, for no reason at all, to photoshop this. I decided, why not try and morph my face into something possibly considered beautiful? I don't know. Personally I think I look better here ^^ but, I'll let you decide.

Now to tell the truth, I don't know exactly what the standard of beauty is. I never have. I have bad face recognition so if you showed me a picture of a so called beautiful person and then showed me a picture of a so called ugly person, they will look the same to me. That's the truth. So trust me when I say beauty means nothing to me, if you look natural, then you are beautiful. I prefer freckles to concealer. Just saying.

So you have me up there, with a face painted to look like a zombie, though my attention keeps being drawn to the lipstick. I really need to start wearing lipstick, my lips look really nice there. Anyway.

We have photoshop.

Yup. So what I did was I considered what I had heard makes a person 'beautiful' and it came to me. Small. Small shoulders, small face, small nose. I'm pretty sure that's it. So I moved my shoulders down, made my neck a little skinnier, (That whole long neck thing I've heard about), I made my forehead a little shorter, and pushed my cheeks in a little. The background is blurred because I am pretty shit at photoshop. I've pretty much completely forgotten how to use it. I did a bit of colour adjustment, not much though because when I tried to do more than the mouth and eyes, it looked crap. Oh, I also adjusted the chin.

Personally, I prefer the original pic, and my boyfriend does too (the second creeps him out) though he could have been trying to avoid being slapped, really, I do realise how much of a trap questions like that can be. I didn't mean to be that girl I swear.

Anyway, I don't support the use of photoshop in media. It raises everyones standards to unachievable levels, which in turn lowers their esteem.

What do you guys think of photoshop?

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  • I am a photography major in college and ultimately want to pursue a career in retouching. Not necessarily just people, but products and cars as well. Photoshop is a touchy subject even for my fellow photo majors because many don't agree with it. I believe body morphing is wrong and taking weight off models to the point of them looking anorexic is not okay, and from that stems issues of low self esteem and negative body image that people have because our society has warped standards of beauty--because of what Photoshop is capable of doing. I believe Photoshop should be used as a tool to enhance a photograph, but not alter a person. Getting rid of stray or frizzy hairs, smoothing out wrinkles in clothing, retouching a blemish here and there... I think that's okay if the photograph is for an advertisement--that's the kind of work I do on models I photograph. But I don't understand retouch artists who think it's okay to take Photoshop to such extremes as to make models look perfect, and like you said, beauty at unachievable levels. So basically, I am okay with Photoshop, just not going to extremes with it.

    • You make a good point. I was being very general when I said I don't support photoshop but what you mentioned is okay, just touching up photos adjusting the lighting and such. I'm okay with that, but yeah the whole changing the body to look 'better' than it does, is really what I don't support so.

      I do agree with you if I just made no sense. I just got out of an exam and it is bloody hot so. My brains a little dead.