10 popular clothing brands of the 2000's that fell off the face of the earth

10 popular clothing brands of the 2000's that fell off the face of the earth

Now we all know that there's some clothing brands that will never go out of style such as Levi's Jeans, Converse Chuck Taylor's, The North Face Apex Jackets, and etc. However there are other clothing brands that at one point where considered just as big as the classic brands but they all learned first hand that nothing lasts forever. Here's my list of the top 10 most popular brands in the 2000's that are now irrelevant (in no particular order!)

1. Abercrombie & Fitch / Hollister: now I know A&F and Hollister are still around today but they're nowhere near as popular as they were in the late 90's and early to mid 2000's. Thinking back I can't believe how my friends and I would shell out our hard earned cash for $130 jeans, $100 dresses and $60 shirts, but back in the day if you wanted to be a cool high school kid you wore A&F or Hollister who was considered A&F cheaper baby brother!

2. Baby Phat Jeans: omfg! How can anyone forget that fucken cat painted on that back of every girls ass back then!

3. Ecko: a decade ago the ecko rhino was as a recognized logo as the Nike swoosh! A red ecko hoodie was a staple in your closet! Nowadays if you rock the rhino you may get laughed at!

4. Sean John: How did you think Diddy made all his money? From rapping? LOL! I remember so many guys wear Sean John T-shirts and Track Suits. Then within the blink of an eye the brand just died!

5. Von Dutch: I just go back and think why! Why was this a thing! It was so tacky now that I go back and look at it! I so regret buying a fucken hat!

6. Juicy Couture: if you walking into a gym in the early 2000's chances were good most girls where wearing a juicy couture velour sweatsuit! In recent years the brand as tried to make a comeback but I think it's safe to say that it has failed!

7. Phat Farm: if you had a weed dealer back in the day chances were good that he wore phat farm!

8. XOXO- which girl remembers owning one of their bags?

9. FUBU- lets just say that we're all pretty happy this brand is dead!

10. Apple Bottom Jeans: Boots with the fur! Thanks to T-pain we may never forget these.


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  • I still rock my ecko gear 😎

  • How can you forget South Pole's saggy jeans for kids?

    • I know sorry if I for got a lot of guy stuff

    • Ab, don't worry about it. I saw those all over by elementary school circa 2005. Plus Heelies and Etenies shoes that all the kids who thought they were cool wore. I swear, little kids look weird in everything, whether it's embarrassing little kid clothes or trying to look like a trendy teenager.

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