Work It Girl: Your Fitness Fashion

Work It Girl: Your Fitness Fashion

Working out can sometimes seem like a chore, but for some women, looking stylish while working out is great motivation to hit the track or the gym. I mean, if you can be stylish at work, at a party, or in your casual clothes, why not at the gym as well?

1. You're a perfectionist in and out of the gym

You're probably the type of person that hates people who just roll up to the gym wearing the t-shirt from the charity event they ran six years ago, paired with the old sweats of a non-coordinating color. You feel people need to look put together wherever they go, even if its just to sweat at a gym. Look for workout gear that comes in sets, but not only sets, but sets that can be matched with either other things in that athletic wear line or that are already in your workout closet. The easiest way to do this is to stick with a few basics, blacks, whites, greys, and then coordinate the rest of your wardrobe with a punch of colors that match easily like red, white, blue, and grey or pink, purple, black, and white. This way all your sets are interchangeable and matching helping to keep your OCD in check.

2. You consider yourself weird/eccentric/or you like to stand out

Boring is not your middle name. Your normal wardrobe can often be described as "special," or "strange" by others, but you don't care, it's you and you love it. Show off your quirky side with an atypical pair of workout tights/capris with all sorts of fantastic designs on them. If you can be yourself inside of the gym too, it may help to motivate you to get into their more or to workout more.

3. You Appreciate the Colors of the Wind

Nothing bums you out more than fading into the background in seas of bland greys, and blacks that can be found all over the gym. Color is what excites you and makes you feel happier and more alive. Studies have even shown that by merely wearing bright colors, the wearers moods are elevated above those that typically wear darker monotone colors. Pick your favorite color or colors and literally run with them.

4. You NEED Motivation ASAP!

Not everyone is so chipper about working out or going to the gym. Sometimes after a while, especially in weight loss, you lose motivation to keep going, but its kind of hard to ignore yourself walking around in a t-shirt cheering you on, or reminding you of your fitness goals, or just telling you, you're doing a good job. Rock some motivational tanks and t-'s to help inspire your confidence because if no one else is motivating you or cheering on, might as well do it yourself!

5. You Were Born Sexy!

Whether it's day one or day one hundred and one, sexy is a thing you are and there's nothing wrong with that. You're either working out to look nice and toned and lovely or you're working to get there, but there is no sense in stopping being the minx you are just because you're sweating buckets and your hair is matted to your forehead. Own it. Remind yourself why you're doing all this everyday or show off your hard work because it sure as hell was well earned!

6. You're Plus Sized

If you've ever thought, there is nothing for me to workout in but some dumpy old baggy oversized sweats, think again. This century has caught up slowly but surely with the idea that, gasp, you do exist in the world of fashion. Be confident in your style and show everyone at the park, or the gym, or walking the block that you don't have to be size zero to wear spandex and lycra and pattern. You too can look damn good wearing it.

7. You're a basic b*tch

Color is just not your thing. You prefer your workout gear to be utilitarian. You don't want to have to worry about matching things that early in the morning, or late in the afternoon because that's too much effort. You would just prefer a "workout uniform." Stock up in bulk whenever there is a sale on your standard black/gery/white tights, tanks, and socks. Bonus, most of these items are usually cheaper or can be found cheaply b/c they lack major designs or color on them.

8. Gym is Life

If in your mind there is very little separation between the gym and doing things outside of the gym. Your goal should be to not look completely like someone should be instructing you where the showers are whilst grocery shopping or like that cliche' of a soccer mom. Ditch your trainers and the head to toe big slogan wear. Layer over your athletic look, rock some outside of the gym footwear like a flat or heel, and toss on some accessories like a cool jacket, some earrings, and a tote that can double as a gym bag in a pinch. All you'll need to do when you are actually at the gym is swap out your accessories for your trainers and less layers, and you'll be set to go.

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  • Oh, cute workout clothes make me want to workout more, for sure.
    I love the first pic's blue activewear. =)


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  • i just buy everything in black, grey and pink, that way everything matches

  • It's proven that having cute workout clothes can motivate you to go to the gym. 😄

  • I prefer the text shirts and the basic outfits.

  • I'm a basic b*tch! <3

  • Basic outfits are actually great.