The Dangers of Wearing Fake Jewelry

We all might have bought them or wore them at a certain moment: Fake's everywhere!

Why do people like fake jewelry?

1. They're cheap

They're cheap and available almost everywhere lol...even when you're kinda broke you can still get them

2. They come in many styles

Who wouldn't like that ? :p Having to pay very little and get as many styles as you want.

3. They look "almost real"

Some fake jewelries can look close to being real....but they're not!!

Why people should not wear them:

1. Allergies

Some fake jewelries contain nickel or cadmium which can cause irritation or causing cancer on the long run .. turning your skin kinda green(mostly common around neckline or fingers)...i know that some people apply a coat of clear nail polish to the parts that touch the skin..... not sure if that works :/ --\__(*.*)__7

( )

_/ \_

2. They won't last forever

Sad but true....low cost jewelries won't last matter how cute it might look...its gonna tarnish overtime and you'll end up throwing them away (i know it may be heart breaking )

My advice to you guys:

#SaveSomeCash and get yourself some REAL jewelry.

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  • Not that I wear any jewelry (fake or real), but I appreciated the heads up about cadmium or other toxic metals being in fake jewelry. The stuff is probably made in China where there are next-to-no consumer safety protections for products.


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  • I agree.
    I made a mytake like this once... People were all for fake jewelry, even though, as I understand it, it costs some real cash in America - even when it IS fake. o. O


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  • I'd say it's best to have a mixture of higher end products and more affordable products <3 because you can have everyday pieces that you won't die if you lose. And you can have that special sparkle for a fancy date. I have these dollar earrings from wal mart for everyday and my diamonds for a date.

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  • They may contain copper, nickel, lead and cadmium. Nor very healthy and indeed can (even will !!!) cause allergies.

  • White gold will tarnish... And my husband is allergic to silver. We've had bad experiences with our wedding rings 😐

    • oh man :/ i wasn't aware of that... maybe your guys might consider gold rings

  • I would prefer fake jewelry any day over real one because-
    1. I'm kind of klutz. I often work in lab and hence I have to put away all jewellery in locker and there's a fair chance that it may get lost in the process. That happened to me once 🙈
    2. I can't use real jewellery on day to day basis.
    3. Safety
    Nice mytake tho :)
    It sucks when you have to throw away tarnished earrings.
    I love different kinds of earrings 💙

  • I have very little jewelry, but all of it is real and/or or inherited. I cherish it.