5 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Fedora

**How Wearing a Fedora Has Changed My Life**

Here is a pic of me below with my pinstriped black fedora.

1) It shows class and style.

Women will automatically be drawn to a man that dresses well.

2) It creates attention.

When you wear a fedora you are peacocking which has been scientifically proven to attract women for casual sex. Peacocking means dressing for attention. Just like Peacock's use their feathers to get a mate... Men use fedoras to smash sloots on tinder.





3) Men will respect you more.

A man that wears a fedora is a man that claims status. Men will be asking you for advice. They will you accept you as the alpha male of the group.

4) Women will automatically sexualize you.

No woman can resist a well dressed alpha male who tips his fedora at 9/10s. Seduction is an understatement.

5) You can join Reddit.


Good day to you m'lady...


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  • mahah I'ma kill you if this trend starts taking off again. Seriously, I will hunt you down and destroy you.

    Back in '06, right after that Neil Strauss book came out -- when that whole tragicomic "pick-up artist" thing was at its zenith (or nadir, depending on yr point of view), and bars all across North America were inundated with socially awkward dudes with fedoras (erm, trilbys) and weird memorized conversational scripts -- boys were willing to fork over $200-300/hr for me to be a "wingwoman".

    Yep, almost a grand a night... to a very, very married woman... just to hang out stone-cold sober at a bar and start normal conversations. I shit you not. #icouldntmakethisshitupifitried
    My husband even collected the tribute, just to make the no-shenanigans policy extra clear.


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  • 1. *gasp* no
    2. No
    3. Uh no
    4. Nope
    5. And um no.

    I can not stress this enough you wear a fedora only with a suit IT IS A SUIT HAT ONLY.

    This is the only way a fedora should be worn period, and despite contrary belief and opinion the fedora is actually a great hat, as long as it's only worn with a suit, it looks horrible with everything else.




    Also what the people in your pictures are wearing are not fedora's they are trilby hats they are the the European version of the fedora.

  • All 6 of them led a very struggling tough life as they were outcasted their whole school and college life. Getting wedgied, shoved in locker, having random asthama attacks when someone beat them up, Social anxiety which led them to get fatter and social rejection by society which led these fine young elites to wear a Holy fedora

    .. it didn't really effected their life that much, But people emphasize them more in it.

  • These aren't fedoras they are trilby hats.
    They are a fedora for european pansies

    • I just commented this without seeing you had, why do we always agree on everything 😂👍

  • This man speaks the truth! Before I was mildly attractive and had decent game. Ever since I started wearing my fedora... my acne came back, my voice cracks more often, I stopped swearing, and I don't even know what a real girl looks like anymore. Well I'm going to go cry in my Japanese plush doll and watch Naruto.

  • 5 reasons to jump off a cliff

  • U don't need 5 reasons to wear a fedora

    U don't need any reasons lol

  • I wear a pork pie all the time. It's my favourite hat, but i will never wear a fedora. Ever.