Your Clothes Talk More Than You Think

A common debate is, "should women dress however they want?" and usually the answer is a large resounding yes. After all, it's a woman's body and she should do what she wants with it. It's guys who need to learn control.

But are women aware of what they're saying with their clothes?

How you dress says a lot about you as a person. For instance, how you take care of your nails changes how an employer perceives you. Short, well-maintained nails make an individual seem detailed-oriented. Longer nails with a lot of polish comes across as someone who is focused too much on themselves. Raggedy teared nails make an individual look like they just don't care.

When women dress in clothes that are more revealing, they are highlighting their bodies and sexuality and that's okay. When women dress like this, they're promoting their sexuality because it makes them feel sexy. This look sends a sexually charged message. A sexually charged dress also catches more attention and usually it's sexually stimulated attention.

It's okay for people to dress how they want. They just need to be aware that every action has a consequence and no one is above that.



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  • I agree, there's a reason the suit has become de facto uniform for men in offices. So that clothing and judgment about is not an issue and you can focus on other things.

    Women haven't been at work that long and women's clothes are more diverse, so there hasn't developed one outfit that works as uniform.


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  • Interesting topic. I think that people should be able to wear what ever they want as long as it is appropriate for the context they are wearing it in.
    It's all about the context:

  • It's just a piece of cloth...
    As long as they r paying for tuition and they r doing work , the professor should shut the fuck up..