3 Reasons Why I Like Guys With Tattoos


This seems to be a bit of a controversial thing with women. Some like tattoos, some don't. I fall into the former category.

As someone who would never get a tattoo myself, I have a few reasons why I'd rather date a guy who has them.

1) Guys With Tattoos Are More Trustworthy (In MY Opinion, Not Necessarily Yours)

3 Reasons Why I Like Guys With Tattoos

I know you're probably thinking "Why the fuck would a guy with tattoos be more trustworthy?"

But in my opinion, someone with tattoos seems like they are less of the type of person to hide something. Tattooed guys seem, to me anyway, to be more open and public about their opinions and thoughts.

Whereas a guy without tattoos seems like they are more hidden and more secretive.

And in my experience, I've been more times correct about trusting a tattooed guy than I have been correct in trusting a guy without tattoos.

2) Tattooed Guys Seem More Creative

3 Reasons Why I Like Guys With Tattoos

A guy with tattoos is more likely to be a musician, artist, photographer, or something else creative rather than someone with a career path in business or medicine. This is a very personal preference as I know a lot of girls love a clean cut business man, but as a musician myself, I have a thing for creative guys.

3) It's Kind Of Badass

3 Reasons Why I Like Guys With Tattoos

I'm not even going to lie on this one; it just looks badass. It gives the guy an edgy feeling and it makes him seem more fun. I personally like that. It's not for everyone, but it works for me.

So there you go. Although I understand why a lot of people don't like tattoos and I don't want any myself, these are a few reasons why I have a thing for tattooed guys.

3 Reasons Why I Like Guys With Tattoos
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  • LittleSally

    I definitely agree with No.2. Creativity - but in a sense where they want everyone to know. Could go one of three ways - attention whores, the mysterious stranger with writing on him or just introverts who do it for themselves and don't want people asking too many questions so they just write the answers on their bodies.

    The no 1 - very arbitrary.

    No.3 - I used to think that when I was 17 too. xD

    Nice take. =)

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    i mean, it's a way of life

  • godfatherfan

    badass? it doesn't show your age, I have to guess 16. It shows no common sense at all. Unless you going to be a tattoo artist or a poor criminal, putting those things anywhere that is visible is idiotic. Nobody in any decent business is going to hire someone with tattoo's on their face and neck. Just like the people that put piercings anywhere but in their ear. it looks ridiculous and they deserve the ridicule and criticism that follows them.

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    • NanaXXXX

      Only because people choose to wear tattoos doesn't mean they look ridiculous. Also, very few people out of those tattooed are wearing them on their face. I get that tattoos tend to be associated with criminals, but this notion is old-fashioned. . .

    • MissMc3

      Why does having body art make you look ridiculous? Tattoos are a form of art and should be treated as such.

    • art? that is a huge stretch to call it art. If someone wants to disfigure themselves with tattoos, hey more power to them. It is their body and they have to live with it the rest of their life. Although now they are coming out with cheaper ways of getting rid of them. Most of the people that I have encountered with tattoo's in places that cannot be covered have said they regret doing it. The key statement they all make is "I was young and stupid". Yep, I agree with that. My issue is with the freaks that have the huge ones all down the length of their arms and legs, coming out onto their neck, and the ultra freaks that have them on their face. But they will have a negative attitude because nobody in the business world will hire them. Exactly, because it looks horrible. And some people will actually be afraid of dealing with them, esp if they have the dirtbag look that many with excessive tattoo's have.

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  • blustar

    These might just be opinions but these have got to be the dumbest reasons ever.

    1. So if I draw on myself you trust me me more? Ok

    2. I'm more creative because i let other people draw on me

    3. No they don't.

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  • outmyroom

    You literally took the words out of my mouth I agree with 100% of this great take

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  • TakeMaker

    Sorry, but that's just crap. It's similar to Pavlove's "Chicks with tatts are down to fuck" nonsense.

    So many people have tatts now, generic, chosen off the wall tattoos that they neither drew nor spent a long time choosing. Tribal and Maori images copied to death, or tacky skulls and shit. If anything it shows a LACK of imagination or a desire to look alternative and cool, which is in itself so uncool...

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  • NinjaZero420

    Tattoos are an easy way for people to look tougher than they really are for the most part.
    It's cheap intimidation factor like loud obnoxious put-downs. Neither will shield you from a real ass-whupping if it comes, Though.

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  • Darkfairie17

    I LOVE tattoos, and piercings. But I do not make them a requirement for a partner. I do not have any tattoos, but I have a few piercings.

    The guy I am seeing right now has a few tattoos, I think he has 4. I really like them. To me they look nice.

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  • DandelionGirl

    I like men with tattoos too, but how are they trustworthy?

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    • NanaXXXX

      I think the author of the take is thinking of mostly people, who get tattoos for self-expression (rather than those who do it to look tough or live a tough life in reality)

  • mikemx55

    Most of the tattoos mean absolutely nothing to the owner, and they just do it to show it off like peacocks. Most people regret tattoos after a while, but still talk about them, like they have some ulterior motive that is a deal of great symbolism, blablabla.. in fact, they regret.

    When I was a kid, I wanted one.. now I grew up.

    • mikemx55

      Now seriously, some are nice to look at, but it's rare to one that doesn't make the owner a douchebag about it.

  • Fearless_banana

    Nice. I got three tattoos. Two of them are military related. Just appreciate the art on one of them. It has symbolistic meaning but that's not why I choose it. Sort like like when some guy gets dragon saying it represents strength and this and that. Nah homie you just got it because it looks badass.

  • yucel_eden

    I'm gonna tattoo my daughters face or my wife's name in the future on my arm

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  • Patmedley26

    any guy can go get a tattoo... its not that big a deal

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  • BrittBratt2416

    Truth be told I'm not into guys with a bunch of tattoos... one or two is fine or none.

  • Bvroon

    I have two tattoos, the first one I got was on my left shoulder blade and it is of a parchment shield with the Asian characters for strength, love and wisdom. My second tattoo is on the inside of my left forearm and it too is a parchment scroll with the Asian symbol for honor, around the symbol are the words in an old English sort of font which say; honor, integrity, dignity and sanctity, which is what the symbol stands for. I have no regrets about my tattoos as they have a strong personal meaning for me. I'm not sure how edgy they make me look, occasionally I will get some compliments about the one that is visible, but I have never been sexually propositioned because of them, I suppose I might be approached more if I were 1. single and 2. smiled a little more. ;-)

  • YourFutureEx

    I think I'll have tattoos in a few year and everyone of them will have a meaning.

    I think..

  • John_Doesnt

    Every guy with a tattoo is secretly saying "I'm insecure and need a conversation starter".

  • orphan

    tattoos look ridiculous unless it was earned by beheading someone

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  • HeelLover

    I love my tattoos and my boyfriend's tattoos. Tattoos on both genders are hot

  • desidoll

    I like guys with tattoo as well but not too many.

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