The sexual appeal of Tattoos

The sexual appeal of Tattoos

Tattoos cause gut reactions upon first sight. Similar to the reaction a guy gets when another attractive guy walks in who could be their competition, or when you see a girl you find attractive and you feel that hormonal jerk in your body -- a dopamine shot or an adrenal shot.

I believe this happens with tatoos because tattoos resemble scars. And scars illicit involuntary responses in the nervous system. Scars, evolutionarily speaking, are evidence of surviving conflit. They signal strength and danger to other men in the area, similar to how a strong physique signals strength except that scars are past tense. Once we think rationally tattoos are just tattoos and we get over it, but the effect exists if only temporarily.

I'm betting that women feel this too, and I always think that anything non-verbal that I pick up on, women probably pick up on it more strongly.

That's what I'm thinking. Tattoos are sexually appealing because of these reasons.

Tribal body paint has the same effect, and seems to be the evolutionary origin of the modern tattoo:

The sexual appeal of Tattoos

Native people untouched by modern civilization use body paint during demonstrations, warring periods and during mating rituals.

I don't think it's really a coincidence. It's kinda tempting to get tribal body paint done just as an experiment before going out on a Friday night just to see if it makes any difference. Maybe a sleeve or something.

The sexual appeal of Tattoos
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  • dantetheexplorer
    I think this depends on cultural preferences as well. (and of course, individual preferences)
    So, I would hesitate to say that "tattoos" have universal "sex appeal"

    For example, in East Asian culture, tattoos are often seen as the physical trappings of those who live a criminal lifestyle.

    Many public bath houses prefer not to serve those who have tattoos and going to a public bath house with ink on your body will draw a lot of stares. Some of those bath houses even ban those with tattoos from entering.

    So I would say that the desire for tattoos is very much muted in this part of the world, unless you're part of a criminal syndicate.
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    • Yeah I hear in Japan tattoos brand you as a potential Yakuza. People will not hire you because of it. They don't want to take the risk.

  • Kurαȷ
    The appeal of tattoos is that they make people look more aggressive, some people are attracted to aggressive.

    Statistically speaking, though, most people are not attracted to tattoos and do associate them with negative personality traits such as aggression, lack of forethought and irresponsibility.
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    • Robertcw

      Seems to me that California girls are all about aggression and not much else. It's all I see out here for the majority of couples. Not all, but a lot. Especially under 30. Over 30, not so much.

    • How about minimal ones? Flowers? Mandala? How could they look aggressive?

    • Kurαȷ

      @el_Te_de_la_Rosa Because getting a tattoo in general is still being perceived as an unfavorable thing by most of the population.
      As such, the mere act of getting a tattoo could be perceived as the person "not giving a crap" about what other people think, people who "don't give a crap" would be perceived as more dominant and more aggressive than others.

      Of course, a person with a tattoo that seems much more acceptable, is not going to be perceived as dominant, because they are clearly a little more conscious about what they put on their body.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Daniela1982
    Not everyone likes tattoos, and I feel no sexual attraction whatsoever. I want my man unmarked as I am. I feel the human body is beautiful in itself and needs no added adornment. In my opinion they make a body look like a comic book page. But to each their own. Tattoos were once for pagan purposes so that God warned people not to cut them selves to form scars or to not make any tattoos marks on yourself. Lev 19:28 NASV. The sexual appeal of TattoosThe sexual appeal of TattoosThe sexual appeal of Tattoos
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    • Janncis

      Im pagan, my goods are totally fine with ink. Shame on your god...

    • @Janncis Like I said, to each his own.

    • @Janncis That ink that your Pagan Gods are totally fine with reduces your body's ability to cool down through sweating, making you a less efficient athlete.

      Shame on Odin and Thor and Loki and whatever frost giantess you may worship.

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  • purplepoppy
    They cause a reaction because we wonder what meaning they have to the bearerThe sexual appeal of Tattoos
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  • Flatmanlewis
    Tattoos are like hair styles and clothing - they are subject to personal tastes. Some people like them and others find them a total turn off. I have tats and I think that it’s nothing as deep rooted and psychologically poignant as what you describe. They are just a little insight into my personality but certainly don’t project anything more than that.
    • Neeceeb7

      Ya I dont think they are battle scar status. But I do think through are beautiful if done well

  • Rica_ChicaUSA
    I don't find tats "sexually appealing," as you say. Actually, I find them disgusting and a major turn-off. I have literally dumped a guy just because I found out he had a tattoo, and one of my exes got my name on his arm and it's still ugly. To me tattoos are something that might come in handy when I need to throw up.
    I HV NONE, ZERO, NATTA, ZIP, ZILTCH TATTOOS & will NEVER GET ONE! People ask me why I don't hv any tattoos & I say "EVER SEE A BUMPER STICKER ON A BUGATTI?"... NOPE... Now I'm looked at as "WEIRD" FOR not having a single tattoo. EVERYBODY & their DOG has a tattoo & its no longer RAD to hv one, ITS RAD TO NOT HV ANY!!
    When I was young if a person had TATTOOS they wore a leather jacket, smoked cigs, listened to slayer & punch/beat up people for fun! Now almost 96% of tatts I see I wonder "WHY DAFAQ WOULD U GET THAT?" Don't get me wrong there is some ILL ASS ART ON SKIN OUT THERE, It's just only 4% hv dopeness on them. Others will cry foul cuz they hv a SHITTY TATTOO THEY HV TO LIVE WITH so they justify all tatts as if all are equal or some "profound meaning" behind their DUMB ASS TATTOO... LOL
    IM SOOOO GLAD & PROUD TO HV ZERO TATTOOS. I HV A BARBELL THROUGH MY TONGUE & THAT I GOT WHEN I WAS 18 & WILL FOREVER HV (however I don't play with my BARBELL like most, it's just part of me & most don't know I hv a pierced tongue unless I stick my tongue out at them)
  • Bananaman177
    Tattoo Ink is actually bad for your skin and blood.

    A tattoo is just a little pocket of poison you injected under your skin.

    Tattooed skin acts just like a scar, because that's what it is, it's a scar that you put there.

    Scar tissue is not as strong as healthy skin, and it doesn't sweat. So the more tattoos you have, the sweatier all your other skin has to be to compensate. And it smells worse because you have blood poisoning from all the ink.
    • Wow, new added info I never knew and what no tattoo artist will tell you. I bet these greatly tattooed people will get heat stroke on a hot day not being able to sweat.

  • VaIiant
    I’m turned OFF by tattoos, and would never date a man with one. They look trashy to me
    • VaIiant

      Why did this post as anonymous wtf it’s Valiant

    • VaIiant

      There I go

  • Neeceeb7
    I have a real sleeve tattoo and many other tattoos all over my body. I feel like tattoos that had meaning back in the day have become the new makeup of this generation. I miss when it was the misfits who dared to get tattoos. Anyway yes I do have a reaction i think tattoos on a woman are hot The sexual appeal of Tattoos
    • hafinjun

      right, I have a couple on my right arm , mom, usn pilot wings, I dont think they do anything to make me any sexier, lol, I like it when their trying to hide them and I get a peek., my dr. who's about 35 maybe and is very... um good at diagnosing me, lol she's got a figure a nd just a hint of something on her left shoulder, she knelt down to ( your fantasy here) and I accidently looked
      down her blouse to see her chest was solid artwork,
      she caught me looking and the affect it had on me. , I commented on the art and how attractive I thought it was and she laughed saying yeah I noticed. her nurse who's just about the prettiest woman I've met was in the room and my dr said that Josephine was way better which was news to me I had no clue.

    • hafinjun

      on the Male side I had a friend in college both arms were sleeves, I hadn't seen him in awhile and ran into him at a bar, not thinking anything I slugged him in the shoulder and unfortunately right on his new that day tattoo,

  • Adam1978
    It's a divider some like it, but to be honest it's a bigger chance they either don't care or dislikes it. So don't expect any result from it. Personally I dislike tattoos for like you said it's tribal and primitive to harm your body and make it uglier.
  • AdorableLilo
    I really lov tattoos on the opposite sex. Not because they make the guy look "dangerous and bad" but because tattoos are a way of expressing yourself and it's a passive way of being yourself. Whenever i see tattoos on someone i stare at it and wonder what it means
  • aa180
    Women find them sexy cause they're attracted to hideousness. Same reason they find veins sexy, body hair sexy - basically everything that makes men hideous compared to women.

    It's pretty obvious how ugly tattoos look, and that's why women love them so much on guys, whereas a much lower percentage of guys find them attractive on women (cause we're attracted to beauty, not ugliness).
  • HelpMe06
    Nothing sexier then a man with tattoos. I found guys way more attractive when they have them, it’s nothing to do with mysterious reasons though I just love them and the artwork of tattoos.
  • nopedydoo
    i think tattoos on guys are so hot. but as long as they aren't huge (like sleeves or cover their entire back) and aren't on theit face or neck. a small tattoo on the arm is crazy attractive
  • Passinggas
    I used to think that tattoos were just trashy and for the lower IQs but after talking with a psychiatrist coworker I have come to understand their meaning. Whenever an individual begins to feel self-loathing and eventually self-hate, some will cut their wrists and the tattoo has become a next best substitute for that. Cut scars on the wrist (or other) are equivalent to tattoos. Body art not withstanding.
  • renee777
    Personally I find tattoos on men so extremely sexually attracting. But I think that has more to do my reading young adult novels when I was once 14 which has got my heart obsessed with the idea of a “bad boy”
  • Kwikkwekkwak
    I have tatts myself. One on my upper arm
    2 at my back. And my lower right leg is full.
    All the tatts are rarely showed in public. Because I really. have them for my self and not others. And yes while swimming all of them are visible but still I would not care what others would think of it.
  • cloey2141
    This is such an interesting way to take a perspective on the appeal of tattoos to the opposite sex—and isn’t one that I’ve heard before. That being said, I can say that personally I do find tattoos to be attractive. However, it also depends on the person (like with most any other trait).
  • hafinjun
    I had a girlfriend years ago, when she was dressed she looked like some ones little sister ( she was 32 when we were an item) the first time we were undressed in the same room I discovered she was covered in some very good tattos, I found it very arousing
    • Neeceeb7

      Tattooed women are hot in my opinion

    • hafinjun

      I really hadn't thought of it until then, I certainly won't argue😉

  • Lucy_Iskuss
    I think tattoos can be really hot on any gender. But it depends on the person and how they wear them. One thing to know is that they can deform if you gain or lose a lot of weight.
    • Neeceeb7

      I have lost weight and gained a lot in my years all of my tattoos are fine and I have them everywhere

    • alex_x988

      @Neeceeb7 there and there too?

  • AuroraRoseat
    ... Not for me. They accentuate men’s bodies. I know that does not mean a man is strong or dangerous. They don’t look good on all men though. Just my opinion.
  • Alpha09
    When the placement, quality and content of the tattoos is aesthetically pleasing I think they are really sexy. Good mytake your angle on the subject was interesting.
  • lfriddle
    Personally I hate them, especially on women. If they must have one then it should be small and not mark up a large part of their body. Their bodies were made beautiful to look at without any graffiti messing it up. Just be natural!
  • Dchrls78104
    I believe that tattoos (and piercings) are about as sexy as boils and blisters. Sorry, don't need them, don't want them, can't date a girl who has them.
  • Miristheiss
    I find tattoos as ugly as shit and a total turnoff.

    Only the last 25 years has every fad follower decided these were a must.

  • I find them badass and sexy. But ik a lot of those types of guys are bad boys so I don't know if I’d ever date them.
  • coachTanthony
    Couldn't agree more. They definitely have sex appeal.
  • VikingWarLord
    I never understood the tattoo thing, on women or men.

    You don't scribble on the paint of a Lamborghini or Ferrari.
  • RD_KillWill
    I never understood the appeal of tattoos. The last thing that I want is somebody drawing on me with permanent ink. People automatically assume that you're a thug if you have too many tattoos and getting a well-paying job is hard with them. They're especially unattractive if a woman is covered in them. The female body is already a natural work of art.
  • muliebrity
    I dont find tattoos sexually appealing. I just see those who have it really love to display their uniqueness and that its cool to do so. Its art its rebellious its just "cool". Tattoos dont look good on every personality. a shy girl at work thought she ink herself up and permanently damaged her skin got keloids. then to find out she isn't going to have more confidence by getting a tattoo. I see lots with shitty tattoos and think its so artistic. Its their past. A lot love the pain. Stigma is people with tattoos are badasses because the amount of pain they did feel or not getting them.

    I have some but will remove them as i was young and exploring. Its not my personality and it holds no meaning.

  • saeyamazaki
    I don't mind tattoos, my boyfriend has tattoos here and there. As long as it's not too much or too big then we're good.
  • PatheticPidgey
    I’m a girl and I have four small tattoos. Most of them can be easily hidden by clothes or shown full force. I prefer showing them because if people have a problem with my tattoos, they have a problem with me being me
  • Badballie
    ALL UGLY FIND NONE OF THE TATTOOS WILL TURN ME ON. The women that put them on just to distract men from really looking at them, ie they are ordinary to ugly. None of my children have them.
  • GreciaJackson
    I do think tattoos makes the person attractive, i don’t know if it’s the style of tattoo or the personality that the tattoo gives on that person.
  • lonleydaybob
    I'm covered in tattoos and I'm not sure but I think most people don't like them. My tattoos consist of demons a fetus and mainly skulls so I get looks from people like I'm a evil person. But to judge the outside makes people judge the inside
  • prettiblacc39
    I strongly agree! I myself find tattoos to sexy, appealing and mysterious on male and female.
  • SexualChocolate85
    I always wanted to get one but I'm afraid, I was always told that tattoos will make it harder for you to get a job and associates you with criminal activity.
  • Dav1ss
    I'm not personally into tatoos but your point makes sense
  • demonics
    I feel aversion and disgust at the sight of tattoos.
  • themomo84
    It's not my jam and I was in the military. It is body art depending on the talent of the artist.
  • sonu000
    Good design and small tattoos are good. But body covered with big tattoos, stupid designs such as human faces is ugly and weird. I also have a tattoo on my elbow
  • DDpsy
    The only valid reasons for tattoos are to be a very scary looking pirate or to show your allegiance and badassery as an inmate.
  • October808
    A lot of the tattoo choices need a "tattoo rescue" .
  • jmstarling
    I've never cared for them. It's a turn-off in a romantic partner but a non-issue for a friend, although it's not my preference.
  • ThisAndThat
    I don't like tattoos never have never will. They are a no go for me.
  • Kavya190
    I find tattoos trashy both on men and women.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Tattoos are generally a turn off for me, but to each his own.
  • bolverk
    Tattoos overall not fond of. but small well executed ones OK.
  • Guardian45
    I like tattoos. And in some respects, I agree with you. Tattoos do have a "bad" reputation; however, you came closest to defining tattoos as 'scars' or I think more appropriately, 'memories'!

    In my opinion, the best tattoos have:
    (1.) Appropriate body placement.(i. e. doesn't distort with age and may be 'private').
    (2.) Good craftsmanship and artistry.
    (3.) Does NOT detract or 'overwhelm' the 'style' of the owner.(e. g. face or full body tattoos).
    (4.) Relevance to the owner!

    Tattoos might have sex appeal, but that's secondary.
  • nicholas4276
    i like tatoos on women i think it looks great on them
  • Holy_Ghost_Fire
    Some people may find them sexually appealing but I don't find them sexy.
  • SydneySentinel
    I find tattoos on arms pretty sexy.
  • kaylaxdavis
    tattoos are vvvvveeeerrryy attractive
    • it took ONE try on reverse inage search and a bunch of results

    • Robertcw

      And what did you do with all those results... 😌😝.