2016 Spring/Summer Haute Couture Collections: 4 Designers Who Blow Me Away

Zuhair Murad is one of my favorite designers, his dresses are beautiful and very detailed. In his Spring/Summer collection he used 3-D floral embroidered designs that wrapped all around the dresses and lots of lace, satin, sequins, lattice caging, and tulle. The color choices in his collection really showed what season it was for by using soft pastels and floral watercolor-like textiles.

Elie Saab has the most amazing intricate designs I have seen in fashion, his designs are amazing and I just love to see his collections. In his Spring/Summer Collection he used A LOT of Jewels and Beading, Lace, Fringe, 3-D floral Embroidering. Saab used a good amount of Neutral colors that were soft and added some Bold floral and designs, He also has a few Vibrant colors in the collection.

Ralph&Russo have very creative designs in their collection. In the spring/summer collection the designs consist of sheer, embroidery, and 3-D Floral designs. The color Choices for these designs are soft colors with smaller bold, vibrant-colored details. Ralph&Russo has very stunning heels with amazing details that will add a little more to your look as well as clutch hand bags.

Georges Hobieka has a very whimsical collection using fantastic color choices to help the feel. In the spring/summer collection Vibrant colors are used with detailed floral patterns spreading through out the design to create the whimsical feel, to continue this tulle is used a majority of the time to add fullness to the dress to give it a flowy appearance. The floral patterns used are either embroidered, 3-D, or beaded. The Collection is perfect for spring using the many floral patterns Hobieka chose along with perfect color choices.

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  • They're all so gorgeous, I love them! Not hugely keen on the last one though, I don't like the centre part.

  • last one looks great

  • I love all these couture collections especially the one in the first picture.