5 Ridiculously Hot Albanian Chicks Guys Will Definitely Appreciate

Hey there! It's Triss again and today I'm gonna present 5 beauties who rock in my country.

5. Dhurata Dora (singer)

Birth : Nurnberg

Age: 23

Genre : Pop, Reggae

4. Elvana Gjata (singer)

Born : Albania , Tirana

Age : 29

Genre : Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Dance music

P.S. Wonderful voice

3. Xhensila Myrtezaj (singer)

Born : Albania , Tirana

Age : 23

Genre : Pop

2. Enca Haxhia (singer)

Born : Albania, Tirana

Age : 20

Genre : Pop

P.S. Admirin' her boobs

This is her first song when she was only 17.

1. Angela Martini (model)

Born : Shkoder , Albania (yay we used to live in the same apartment)

Age : 30

Thanks guys and girls for reading this! Hope you liked it and I am looking forward to posting a list of hot males in my country so stay tuned . xoxo :)


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