7 Reasons Why Blazingly Hot Girls Are Awesome


1. They make you feel manly
7 Reasons Why Blazingly Hot Girls Are Awesome

They wrap their long legs around you and snuggle into your chest. There's no better feeling.

2. They have big T and A
7 Reasons Why Blazingly Hot Girls Are Awesome

This one doesn't need to be explained. We all love when a girl has perfect knockers and dangerous curves.

3. They make more money at the strip club.
7 Reasons Why Blazingly Hot Girls Are Awesome

Studies show there is a correlation between hotness and stripper income. Which means the hotter she is the more money they gonna stuff down that g-string. :)

4. They have tight...
7 Reasons Why Blazingly Hot Girls Are Awesome

I've talked to many guys and this one is definitely true. Maybe tightness isn't the most important thing to you, But the tighter it is the more you feel.

5. They can draw a crowd
7 Reasons Why Blazingly Hot Girls Are Awesome

Have you ever been all alone in a big space feeling all pathetic? Well, Date a hot chick and there's no need to worry about it anymore, She will draw a crowd like moths to a flame. And as an added bonus you can cut in any line and get into any club just by being with her.

6. The look more womanly.
7 Reasons Why Blazingly Hot Girls Are Awesome

Nothing else needs to be said.

!7. Your friends will be jealous.
7 Reasons Why Blazingly Hot Girls Are Awesome

I know it's easy to pretend it doesn't matter. But deep down all men want to know their friend is jealous- Even just a little bit. It's nice to know while you are taking that hot babe to bang town, Your bro is sitting alone at home on the verge of tears just a fapping!

Thanks, Anonymous https://www.girlsaskguys.com/dating/a29723-7-reasons-why-tall-guys-are-awesome

*This is all a joke, Hope no one is offended :P


7 Reasons Why Blazingly Hot Girls Are Awesome
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  • KittieCat
    Those balloon tits... wait I see through their disguise. They're airplane emergency landing floating devices
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  • Ciawat
    I think it's funny how when a female posts about what she looks for in men other women agree but when a guy talks about what he prefers in women they get 'triggered'(I've noticed men also do). You put the "it's a joke" so girls wouldn't get so bent outta shape but I know that what you wrote was pretty true and you agree with it lol. Well I liked the take, joke or not.
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  • lyannamormont
    Omg until the end, i was like what a bs.. What is the relationship between blazingly hot and tight v... 😂😂😂😂 gj for that anon.
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  • FanGirl67
    Yeah, but their tits and ass could be fake, push up bras. If she draws too much attention, most likely she could go for a more manly man, especially if you're just average. And do u really just eant looks and experience in bed? What about personality. If I was a guy, I wouldn't bring a girl with no personality to my parents.

    Just remembered the last line but too lazy to erase all that ^^^^^. Damn guy, put ur joking right at the beginning!!!
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  • RedRobin
    I was going to get so pissed off at you for writing this before I read the last line lol
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  • DarkHumorRUs
    I don't think anyone needed to be reminded lol

    Sometimes I wish I had it as easy as a blazingly hot girl.
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    • Me too.

    • How do they have it easy?

    • @BigBallerSodaPop studies have shown that attractive women are typically more successful in their jobs and lives.
      They also never have to even try to get someone to like them. They don't have to try to get a boyfriend because there are probably always multiple guys in pursuit of them at all times.
      Almost every guy they come across will treat them nicely.

  • JuicyBrain
    This is all so true!
    Not only are hot girls definitely tighter, but they are better cooks too!
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  • HandsomeRaj
    My friends (AND brother) find any chic that's with me HOT ha ha ;)
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  • YourFutureEx
    Why did you add "satire" to the title? It ruined the fun, fella.
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  • LexieUnicornz
    I was about to roast you... until that last line. I went into triggered mode before I read that haha! Very funny joke
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  • Unit1
    Good counter-troll-take and balancing :P
    Hehehehe ^^
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  • goodmood
    I was about to wage a war against you if it wasn't for the last line. Good job lol
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  • Luci92
    I figured this wasn't legit when I got to that photo of the fake boobs at #2, and then the point about the strip club.
    Nice take though, keep countering the anons lol
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    That tall guys take has created a bit of a stir - I must read it.
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  • Slimtight
    I have found that blazing hot girls whose only assets are being pushed as blazingly hot wind up in the gutter of life. Blazingly intelligent girls with character and common sense are the success stories. Not only do they succeed in life but they get more men have more fun and are happier. The emphasis on being hot pervades on this website. Too much is focused on perversions such as rectal sex is discussed. Too many guys believe what they see watching porno movies. I guess that's because this is a younger crowd. At the other end of the spectrum are the holy rollers who fight for virginity.
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  • chc0009
    No, they're not, since they're fucking difficult to please. I think I'll stick to average and not so hot women, but hey, even they're acting like divas these days.
  • TripleAce
    Number 1 is actually legit... nothing makes me feel more man than have a girly girl in my manly arms keeping her close by
  • Valkyrie1
    Touché! You showed that Anon what for!
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  • Quick90
    Hahaha please stop with these threads i can't feel my face
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  • Stardust143
    Yayyy 💕🎉
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  • brain5000
    GAHHH What's with the joke disclaimer? YOU MEANT EVERY WORD ADMIT IT. Man up.
  • PurpleTeardrops2
    LOL I wasn't annoyed, I knew this whole thing had to be a joke
  • BigJake
    You had me right up until the last line. Somehow it's okay for women to post this shit, but a guy does it and the world must stop to feel their pain.
  • John_Doesnt
    100 years old and still acting like a child. I guess men never grow up.
  • Xseed
    Hahaa love it.
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  • Chuhiya
    Nice... :-P
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  • Zorax
    In any case, hot girls are the best, great Take ;)
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  • funny_strange_man
    Even though you say it is a joke I still think it is all bullshit
  • QuestionMan
    That second pic.
    Damn I want that girl.
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    • She would look just as good with a cups!

    • Nah C cups or higher or gtfo lol

    • JuicyBrain

      I don't know. Her tits look too perfectly round and too big for her frame. They look weird to me.
      They're definitely fake.

  • ShyGuyLikesWomen
    They all have body odors when up close. Beauty fades very rapidly with me
  • Popo21
    Lmao funny funny
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  • Polocrew
    Who the hell is thst chick with big tits
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  • BarbieDollT
    Love it! 👍🏽❤️
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  • Thisperson98
    I prefer small tits and ass.
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  • PT1911
    #6 is the most important in my opinion

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  • DeadBattery
    Great I will write my own version when I get home
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  • thatnicksuitsme
    True... Just true.
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  • zombiebabe
    lol funny take
  • spectredenali21
    Lol I couldn't agree more
  • Vercingetoriks
    Yeah man, you gotta love them :D
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  • Careless_Whisper
    sick perverted male
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  • Anonymous
    This is funny lol, great myTake
  • Anonymous
    If number 4 is referring to them having tight vaginas, then I call bullshit. They will be loose as hell from all the sex they get.
  • Anonymous
    maybe maybe
  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    Ugh, my eyes. I can't tell what's real or not on this site anymore, I wish everyone would just stop making stupid takes and make my life easier lol
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  • Anonymous
    make one for why ugly girls are awesome 💩💩💩💩💩
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  • Anonymous
    I'm honestly more impressed about girl #2 face than her breasts. I'm sure she's photoshopped to all hell but still she did a good job with the photo.
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