No Make Up, That's Okay!

We live in a era where false beauty is constantly advertised and displayed, while natural beauty is kept behind our closed doors.

Lets talk about fake behinds.

Lets talk about man made breasts.

Lets talk about contoured faces.

Lets talk about store bought hair.

Lets talk about all that isn't us.

Lets talk about what society expects people to be because those are the things that is looked to as beautiful.

Why is everything that isn't you upheld to such a high standard?

Who says being you is so bad?

We want claim that we are authentic yet we hide behind a mask that is decorated.

Make up is meant to enhance our beauty,

but in order for beauty to exist, it must be within us first.

You have to know that you are beautiful and not rely on make up as a crutch to stand up tall and face the world.

You have to know that there's something special inside of you.

When you feel the need to hide and disguise, that is where the root

of the problem lies.

Let make up be an occasional option,

but not a lifetime devotion.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Not too many girls would agree :P

    ●We don't do it for others, we do it for ourselves
    ●It's an art
    ●It's a skill
    ●I like it that's why I do it
    ●I experiment with it to enhance my creativity not beauty

    And what not

    • I agree with those points except for the first. Of course , they do it for others because a woman can go from ugly to pretty with it instantly and get attentions she's never gotten her entire life.
      If that's the feeling she relies on then I say make up does more damage than good. At some point the day is over and you have to take those layers off. Your guy is going to see you for you. You can't always hide and should be happy with who you are.
      I'm not anti make up , it's great although I use almost nothing in my daily life but it shouldn't be something that is relied on.

Most Helpful Girl

  • love dis take! very true


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What Guys Said 4

  • Of course it's ok, I prefer natural beauty, just like most of the people on the GaG (but I actually stick to my opinion). Very good Take :)

  • My ex girlfriend never wore makeup. I love when a girl is not afraid to let her true beauty show.

  • that will never happen
    women see those girls with 5 pound of make up on them in mags
    besides the make up company will go banana

  • I'm not a fan of make-up anyway, so I'm all for less of it.


What Girls Said 6

  • We make each other feel bad about certain things. That's why we wear makeup, or enhance ourselves in other ways in order to feel good or please somebody else. We as human beings are greatly obsessed and ruled by what others think.

    But I totally get your message. It's okay to be you. It's okay to have fine lines, one eye bigger than the other, freckles, skin discoloration, etc. I can't imagine wearing makeup all my life. I'd only wear it on special occasions. But kudos to women who do have the time and patience to apply it, especially when they are so skilled and really good at doing it. I can't even blend my colors and end up looking like a clown.

  • Great take.

    Too many fake things in this world. Why even hiding your face under a mask every single day? Unless you feel insecure and have stuff to really hide.

  • How about I do what I want with my face and everyone just minds their own business? Cars and computers are man made, too, but no cries about how unnatural those are.

    You can't compare the beauty of a natural face and one with makeup, as they are two different kinds of attractive, and that's okay.

  • yup 💄

  • I am honestly not one to for make up but that's maybe because I am in my final year of high school. After my prom everyone kept on giving me compliments on how beautiful I look in make up and said things like they can't wait for the day I grow up and wear make up. I actually never saw myself wearing make up when I am older except for on special occasions but after that day I felt like it should be an everyday thing when I grow up. Thank you for this article, I going to do me naturally when I am older!

  • I dont mind women who dont wear makeup I however love it. Its part of my morning and I enjoy doing my makeup. I love experimenting with it. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and not everyone likes the all natural/no makeup look while others love the makeup look. You are damned if you do and damned if you dont.