Tips For Girls Who Want to Go Braless in Public

I often see posts on GaG asking if it is acceptable to go braless in public. Over the past five years I have slowly been converting from a daily bra user for my medium sized breasts to a very infrequent bra user. Here is how I slowly started avoiding bras and what I have learned along the way.

Initially I had a lot of indecision not to wear a bra, summarized in this cartoon:

Around five years ago with my boyfriend we were on a road trip all over Europe and after the beach I would just slip a summer dress or t shirt on, without any bra. Initially this was just to go back and get changed, but often due to laziness I wouldn't get changed and would stay braless. After a week or so, the bras stayed in the backpack in the car. What I realized is that people don't really care if you are wearing a bra or not and that at least in southern Europe, a lot of girls were going braless, especially those with small boobs.

During this trip I didn't get any comments or cat calls and didn't even notice any strange looks. When I returned to Sweden it had cooled down, so throughout the winter in larger tops I also started to go braless more and more, up until today where the only time I wear a bra is at work (in my dress shirt, as I work in an office) or if I am doing something physical and my boobs require a little bit of support.

Some of the things that you will notice when you go braless are:

-Yes, they will jiggle and move.

-Your nipples do get stimulated by the fabric a lot more than in a bra which means you might have pokies for a lot of the day. This does settle down as you get used to the feeling.

-If you are wearing a low cut top, you do need to be careful not to have a Nipplegate.

-You start noticing other girls who are also braless, which in the summer are a lot.

If you are interesting in trying being braless in public for the first time, I suggest you try the following:

-If its winter where you are, go outdoors in a jumper/ sweater that is a dark colour (the dark colour will hide your pokies). This way you can work out if you like the feeling.

-If its summer and you live near a beach, try it in a summer dress after being at the beach.

As for styles of clothes that are best for being braless in, I find dresses and tops with a halter neck actually provide at least a little support. In conclusion, being braless allows you to wear a wider range of clothing including things like this:

What are your thoughts on going braless in public? Do you have any questions?


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  • Good tips - I think as you say it is a case of getting used to it for the girl and society, in the Southern Europe example you show they couldn't care less.


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  • i like being braless but am always braless indoors.. never tried outdoors


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