How to properly put on your bra!

Now that I've written two articles all about how to properly find your bra size and how no one really knows their preferred size which can be found here:

How to find your real bra size and ditch Victoria's Secret

Most guys/people don't know their preferred cup size and that's okay

And this great article all about different styles of bras and their benefits found here:

Different bra styles and their benefits

And now I've decided to write about properly putting on your bra. I know hat your thinking "I put on a bra everyday I think I know what I'm doing!", but as always bras are complicated as ever. If you did your self at the proper size but it feels weird. You've gone up a cup and a band, down a cup and a band but you still always find it awkward; that may be because it's not on properly. Or maybe your experiencing the ever embarrassing armpit fat. So give it a shot and it may just change your world.

Step 1) Bend forward at a 90 degree angle and put your bra on.
Your doing this so that all your breast tissue is leaning forward Ito the cups.

Step 2) While still bent forward put your hand in your bra and drag any tithing from your armpit to your nipple inside the cups.

*That underarm fat you have may just be breast tissue that hasn't been pushed into the cups*

Now stand up and your done, that simple!

But you still may notice some coffer errors try adjusting your strap. You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers under the strap.
You can also try changing which ban hook your on. If it's a new bra them try getting remeasured because your supposed to start on the last hook and work in over time as the elastic in the band wears out.
If it's not a new bra them put it on the most comfortable hook. You should only be able to comfortably for two fingers under here also.

For those who are more visual learners here's some pictures

How to properly put on your bra!


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  • Lol, as if I didn't know how to bra myself, but I just flip my bra upside down and slap it then turn it around and pull it up I guess. I also have bras that snap in the front, but I usually don't have too much tucking since my breasts are pretty small.


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  • Ahh, all I do is just take the bra and put it on hook it, i'm such a noob at it too lol! i'm so bad at hooking the bra that I need to turn it around, hook it, then turn it back around to the right side. Maybe I should get a bra with a hook in the front lol...

    • That's what I do. There's really only two steps. The rest is in case it still doesn't feel right or if it's a brand new bra

    • Ohh ya I heard like 80% or something of women wear the wrong bra size! I'm probably one of them. Thanks for the take ^^

    • Yeah about 85% of women don't wear the right size

  • Damn I've been putting them on wrong. lol but the bending over part. That should also say "never do it in front of bf's might cause excitement." :D

  • I put mines on like a t-shirt. I don't unhook it or anything. I just slide it on. I'm too lazy for that shit.

    • The only steps are the first to. The rest are tips in case it still doesn't feel comfortable

  • Hahah I put mine on backwards, I strap the back then rotate the cups forward and hook my arms 😏

    • Yeah that's totally fine. That's just what the diagram lady does. Just as long as you push breast tissue into the cups your good.

    • Yes I make sure the girls are in there and looking good lol

    • That's a part a lot of people forget about and can get rid of armpit fat

  • I do this!! lol. :)

  • Wow, I just put mine on like a shirt.

    • It's actually really simple. It's only step one and two. The other stuf is just invade it still feels weird and to make sure it fits right