Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes


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For this first take in this series, I'm going to focus on characters in Dozerfleet Comics that can still be considered as having a "costume," but in which the costumes require very minimal effort.

If you've ever wanted to appear as someone at a Comic Con, but are tired of being one of the millions of Jokers or Harley Quinns or Batmen or Spider-Men, and want to keep some uninitiated guessing about who you went as, this set is for you.

Today, the focus will be on as many as I can cram in of the really simple characters to imitate, the ones whose costumes require bare minimum effort.

The main Dozerfleet Megaverse consists of the Gerosha, Volkonir-Bison, Dromedary, and Cherinob Universes, with the main Gigaverse also containing Chad and Adam's works. Excluding Stationery Voyagers (since it's outside the main Divergency continuity family of the Megaverse), I'll break down characters you may find fun to dress as with very little effort into costume assembly.

For Sodality characters, I'll be posting 3D shots as much as possible. So if you have 3D glasses, you can get a better idea of the dimensions involved.


Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

Charlotte Yamamura was trained by her Japanese-American godfather, the inventor Imaki Izuki (who is also Ciem's godfather.) Imaki has a thing for centipedes, obviously. Both girls' fathers were subjected to experiments by Phaelite aliens, which increased the odds the children would get centipede powers. While Candi had a few siblings and Charlotte was an only child, they both manifested. In spite receiving very similar training in the beginning, Charlotte became more a fan of using twin pairs of sai to protect Japan from the Hebbleskin Gang, while Ciem came to prefer "dart shooters" (venomous staple guns) and hand-to-hand combat to protect Indiana from the Hebbleskins.

After defeating Milp (made with millipede powers) a few times, Charlotte eventually made a mistake on a mission and crossed paths with the Yakuza. She was sent into exile in Louisiana, where she met and fell in love with Meerkat (not included here, as he never really has a costume.)

In spite the Japanese mukade centipede typically having an all-black body, Charlotte wanted to make herself set apart from the purple-black Milp, an evil ninja menace. So she had her Mukade costume modeled after the colors of the Japanese flag.

A typical Mukade costume consists of some red leather boots and gloves, like seen in the image above. As with most Centhuen Prototypes (those with centipede powers), she has several stingers across parts of her body that inject victims with centipede-like venom. These stingers can retract to hide inside her body.

Because of that, her outer shoulders have red, rectangular "centi-pouches" that can be simulated by gluing some red, rubber material to the white shirt that serves as a base. Thick pieces of copper wire could be used to simulate centilegs, if you're operating on the cheap. Just be careful you don't impale yourself (or anyone else) with the copper wire sticking out!

The mask should be a simple design: think of it as being like a Rorschach mask, minus the ink. You'll want to be able to breathe with it on. The red visor could be replaced with a clear or black one in a pinch, as not all of you may be able to find material that appears neutral from one side and tinted a specific color on the other.

Her chest centipede is very simple. It's this pattern:

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

I merely altered the leg tips slightly on hers, to distinguish her red centipede chest symbol a little bit from the Ciem symbol above (which is gold on Ciem's chest in Sodality.)

Once you have the chest centipede, the mask config, the centileg pouches, the basic white sweater altered, boots, white stockings, white skirt, cheap red belt, etc. all in place, you should be pretty good to go. Mukade isn't that hard to replicate the look of. It helps if you're Japanese, and relatively short. (Around 5'5"-5'7" tops.)

Botan the Plant-Man

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

Blue shirt? Check. Blue jeans, slightly faded? Check. Black leather jacket? Check. Hair in cornrows? Double-check! (A wig is okay too.)

To really look the part of Jeral Cormier though, consider the following accessories:

- Fake vines to have "growing" out of your sleeves.

- Green face and body makeup. Available at most venues that sell green body makeup for sports fans. (Think Packers.)

- Temporary green hair dye.

To look the part of Botan, it helps to be Hispanic, but to also be clean-shaven.

Jeral was forcibly turned into a plant demigod by the Phaletori - a heretical sect of Phaelites that rebelled against the SCALLOP arrangement made in 1998. (And led to the capture in a time warp of a certain Evan Manicotti, who would later be set free and become Time Capsule.)

They aggravated him further by abducting his second wife, Emily, and forcing her to do things for them. Jeral rescues her right as they've decided she's of no further use to them, and makes his surprise entry just in time to stop them from killing her with a guillotine.

He goes on to wipe out several Phaletori, though they eventually regroup elsewhere. In his anger, he levels a (mostly already-abandoned) city with the plant life he can manipulate. The Sodality of Gerosha eventually convinces him to join their cause. Jeral is a bit grumpy.

He was initially inspired by the PlantSim life state in The Sims 2.

Captain Aardwulf (Capp Aard)

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

Simon Ardvin's sanity slowly slipping away, he was once a genius inventor and strategist. But he was merged with an aardwolf during a Meethlite experiment ordered by his Hebbleskin superiors.

After the Battle for Houston proved a disaster for the Hebbleskins, Aard led a faction to rebel and murder Duke Arfaas. That faction then stole the Ming-Yo blue rock, and sought to use it to build a nuclear weapon. He becomes the main villain of season 3 of Sodality. He was most inspired by Gollum and by Alfred Molina's take as Doc Ock.

To get the look of his merge, you should get some face makeup and / or prosthetic hair to give your own face the look of an aardwolf. Study pictures of aardwolves to get an idea. The rest of him is pretty simple: Brown camo gear. And big, green sunglasses. His hair should not be hard to replicate: it's the 70s Show Kelso look. If your arms and legs aren't especially hairy, add some of that prosthetic hair to your arms and legs.


Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

Ceilia Winehart is many things: spy, infiltrator, burglar, companion. After her father died and left her with a fortune, and her mother went missing, Celia has sought two things in life: finding her mother and making her father proud.

When she was nearly done in by Wayne the Vampire, it was Candi and Dolly that saved her. She felt she owed them a debt of gratitude, and joined the Sodality along with Laurie Pegol (whom Candi and Jack saved from Don the Psycho.)

However, she was merely doing desk and comms work for Candi and friends early-on. In spite her wealth, she liked to break into places - just to prove to herself that she could do it and not get caught.

Yet, it was ironically being framed for conspiracy to a theft she did not commit, that landed her in jail for her first time ever.

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

Two days before she was to stand trial, she was SCALLOP agent Jim Oisdaat - whom she discovered was secretly a plant put there by the Society of the Icy Finger to spy on Darius.

Upon her acquittal, Celia was furious that Darius, the director, tried to cover up what had been done to her.

The rest of her Sodality friends were so busy trying to save Donte and Miranda, as well as maintain their cover of being regular college students, as well as keep the Sodality Church away from scrutiny, and help the Purge-Flare track down and defeat the evil child slavery ring operator Victor Nanale, as well as predict Arfaas' next move to foil his plans to destroy Houston, etc., that they simply didn't have time to help her seek justice for what Oisdaat had done.

This led to Celia feeling abandoned. When Aard's rampage in season 3 distracted Celia's friends further, she took solace in the since-recovered Sapphire King (more on him and his costume in another take.)

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

Jordan "Sapphire King" Reddlewick was a blue-tinted Emwault much like Emeraldon, and the two used to be best friends. His morals and mission in life are similar to Donte's. However, Jordan has no problem with using literally any loot stolen from evildoers to advance for his own personal gain. Donte...has a bit more rules about when that is and is not acceptable.

Jordan decided that since he and Celia had similar views and interests, and since the Sodality was too busy to help her, he'd help her instead. He seized the opportunity to groom her into becoming his partner in (anti)-heroics.

Oisdaat, soon realizing that his stalking grip of control over Celia would slip away with Darius having been murdered by Milp and with the Sapphire King meddling in the affair, tried to use every resource still at his disposal to hunt down the Sapphire Gang. Yet, they remained one step ahead, eventually luring Oisdaat into a death trap - and getting him to inadvertently pull the trigger on himself due to his own hubris.

Fearing no one would understand, Jordan and Celia fled, becoming a quasi-superhero pair that, in spite the good they intended to do, would most likely be viewed as a Bonnie and Clyde pairing. They were happy to be proven (mostly) wrong later. They would later marry, and go on many other adventures.

To get the look of Taterbug

To be truly able to pull off the look of Taterbug, consider Googling for Bella Stanyer. She is the splitting image of being a real-life Celia Winehart.

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

To start, you'll want a base that's a simple catsuit. This would be a good example. In spite Taterbug clearly taking more inspiration from Harley Quinn than from Catwoman, just trust me on this.

Now, you see this sackcloth costume taken from Google Images of a woman at a past Dragon Con?

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

Celia has almost Daredevil-style alertness of things in her surroundings when wearing sackcloth of this variety. She used to like wearing sackcloth so much as a child, her mother nicknamed her "Little Taterbug," comparing her to the potato bugs that they sometimes found in their kitchen. Hence, her name.

You'll want an overly with a texture similar to the one above to cover the catsuit with. Make sure it has a hood, like in the Sims 3 render above.

The goggles/visor/sunglasses/whatever are very simple, and you can use whatever suits you for those. They're a touch I based on Marvel's Mockingbird, but made black rather than yellow.

To get a feel for how she works, rewatch Return of the Pink Panther - particularly how Lady Litton pulls off her heist at the beginning, then frames her husband for it.

Celia can't punch very hard, and is a terrible brawler. However, she is skilled at picking pockets. And she's quite the escape artist. Hence, she lets Jordan be the big muscle when it comes time for that.

(When she is abducted due to the Beliah Amendments in the Vindication timeline, placed in internment in a Texas prison, she relies on the also-abducted Mingmei "Stung Hornet" Cheng for safety.)

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

(Mingmei's accessory hasn't been painted into this frame yet, it's a raw screenshot.)

For Taterbug's belt, it may be best to steal one from a Lara Croft costume.

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

You don't have to get too picky. Just realize that some of the leg pieces may have to be removed, due to the sackcloth. Also bear in mind: she's not going to be carrying weapons to kill. She may have some lockpicking tools or other such things. She's a burglar, not a killer.

Lemon Witch

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

Figured I'd try to squeeze at least one in here that was from the Dromedeverse.

Candace Mason's prison outfit is pretty simple: A prison number slab on the left side that is the phone number of the Slap-Chop. Otherwise, an orange jumpsuit with a QR barcode on her left pant leg that contains info on her for any who care to use a barcode reader on her pants.

As for the part of Lemon Witch herself?

About as simple as it gets:

- Thin, white bra and underwear

- White tank top shirt

- Yellow business woman's coat (as seen above)

- Cloth yellow gloves (think Rogue's gloves in the X-Men animated series) You could probably steal these from a 90s Rogue costume.

- Yellow mini-skirt

- White stockings / leggings

- Yellow boots. (Think military-grade, but yellow. Though, this isn't critical)

That's the basic outfit. If you can look like Mihaela Voicu, even better:

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

The skunk stripe is modeled after X-Men's Rogue too, but is entirely optional. Go with long, flowing brunette wigs if you want her season 1 look pre-"Camelry, Conjoin Part 1."

Ashleigh Martin has some tips on doing that, which look way better in the end result than my quick Photoshop job on Mihaela above:

For her Camelorum Adventures season 2 look, you'll want the look seen in the Sims 4 screenshot above - or a "pixie" haircut. You'll want golden metallic hair dye for select highlights.

While the exact combo for the Lemon Witch look is precise, you can get a passable cheap version by following Attavelt Menson's video below:

Her eyeliner is a citrus orange. She wears yellow eyeshadow, but no lipstick or blush. She is flirty, generally well-meaning, but can be manipulative and can border on sociopathic if rubbed the wrong way.

Marc Jacobs Beauty has a Gel Highliner brand of "Eye Crayons" that can achieve the orange eyeliner look. Maybelline carries shades of yellow eyeshadow as well.

When cosplaying, remember that she likes to speak in fruit puns periodically. She also makes motions when she is about to turn someone into a June bug or fruit similar to Iron Man firing a repulsor beam from his hand - but with a mischievous smile on her face.

Since I'm using Sims software to make the concept renders, I like to keep most of these characters' costumes as simple as possible. If this takes off, I'll provide tips on some more advanced costumes for other characters.

In this take, I wanted to focus on characters whose looks actually constituted a "costume." Jackrabbit, for example, wouldn't really count as a "costume":

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

His later-in-life updated uniform, however, would be advanced:

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

Sniperbadger wouldn't really count as a "costume" so much either:

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

She's just Candi's one triplet sister, whose centipede powers are dormant and who has fewer morals, and who is really good at hacking, who likes to wear black T-shirts and khaki pants and a black Detroit Tigers baseball cap. (Sometimes, her black T-shirt has the Snakes on a Plane equation symbol on it, even though the memetic shirt from 2006 was usually navy blue.)

In my next take, I hope to discuss more advanced costumes, such as the Purge-Flare:

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

And if I get really advanced, Ciem:

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes

(In this shot, she just dodged that truck being thrown at her.)

That's it for now.

Dozerfleet Cosplay: The Easy Costumes
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