5 Cosplays I Would Love to Try Someday

Cosplay is on my bucket list. There is a large range of characters I would love to Cosplay but to save time I've chosen five I feel like I could pull off well.

Dipper Pines 5 Cosplays I Would Love to Try Someday

Gravity Falls is one of my favorite shows and Dipper is one of favorite characters. His outfit is so easy to do. Although I would do long kahki pants rather than shorts because I don't care for shorts. I can get the hat like he wears and the other clothes easily. Plus, even after this show has ended it still has a huge fanbase.

Olaf5 Cosplays I Would Love to Try Someday

I actually have the pajama one-piece of Olaf so all I would need to do is wear it to a Comic Con or cosplay convention. But I know a lot of people don't like Olaf as much as some of the other Disney sidekicks like Pascal, Timon, or Louis.

Steven Universe5 Cosplays I Would Love to Try Someday

My name is Stephen so this cosplay would be easy for me to pull off. I would need to find the shirt but our personalities are pretty much the same. I would also need to find some Crystal Gems but I could also go solo.

Mario5 Cosplays I Would Love to Try Someday

I have always liked the Mario video game series. I also think he would be very easy for me to cosplay since me and him are both heavyset fellas. I would also like to do his Italian accent in cosplay.

Peter Griffin5 Cosplays I Would Love to Try Someday

I feel like I could pull this one off so good. I have been told though I am really too intelligent to play him because he is supposed to be not too bright. I feel like he would be the easiest for me to cosplay, but I'm not a huge Family Guy fan honestly, except for the earlier seasons. But still it would be worth a shot.

These are just a few ideas I have. What would you cosplay as? Feel free to share below.



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What Girls Said 5

  • My daughter (who is 6) and her cousins/my nieces (who are 6 too) are making their first cosplay costumes, they all are going to be Omega Squad Teemo
    I don't know for which Con, but they're already working on their costumes

    • If you happen to see 7 little girls dressed as Omega Squad Teemos, that might be them.

    • I dont know when Ill ever get to do one but it will probably be in the South like Tennessee or NC

  • All good cosplays. I want to try Rey from Star Wars or Bellatrix Lestrange.

    • The biggest problem with mine are most of them do better in groups or pairs rather than solo. Take Dipper for example, If I do a Dipper cosplay then chances are I would ask my sister if she wanted todo Mabel tomake it a pair.

  • *Anck-su-namun from "The Mummy" - more daring, challenging, + love the storyline;


    *Chun-Li from "Street Fighter" - more of a classical cosplay look

  • Cool. I'd like to do some anime because I'm in love with the hairstyles.

  • Good postı


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