5 Cosplays I Would Love to Try Someday

Cosplay is on my bucket list. There is a large range of characters I would love to Cosplay but to save time I've chosen five I feel like I could pull off well.

Dipper Pines

Gravity Falls is one of my favorite shows and Dipper is one of favorite characters. His outfit is so easy to do. Although I would do long kahki pants rather than shorts because I don't care for shorts. I can get the hat like he wears and the other clothes easily. Plus, even after this show has ended it still has a huge fanbase.


I actually have the pajama one-piece of Olaf so all I would need to do is wear it to a Comic Con or cosplay convention. But I know a lot of people don't like Olaf as much as some of the other Disney sidekicks like Pascal, Timon, or Louis.

Steven Universe

My name is Stephen so this cosplay would be easy for me to pull off. I would need to find the shirt but our personalities are pretty much the same. I would also need to find some Crystal Gems but I could also go solo.


I have always liked the Mario video game series. I also think he would be very easy for me to cosplay since me and him are both heavyset fellas. I would also like to do his Italian accent in cosplay.

Peter Griffin

I feel like I could pull this one off so good. I have been told though I am really too intelligent to play him because he is supposed to be not too bright. I feel like he would be the easiest for me to cosplay, but I'm not a huge Family Guy fan honestly, except for the earlier seasons. But still it would be worth a shot.

These are just a few ideas I have. What would you cosplay as? Feel free to share below.



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  • My daughter (who is 6) and her cousins/my nieces (who are 6 too) are making their first cosplay costumes, they all are going to be Omega Squad Teemo
    I don't know for which Con, but they're already working on their costumes

    • If you happen to see 7 little girls dressed as Omega Squad Teemos, that might be them.

    • I dont know when Ill ever get to do one but it will probably be in the South like Tennessee or NC

  • All good cosplays. I want to try Rey from Star Wars or Bellatrix Lestrange.

    • The biggest problem with mine are most of them do better in groups or pairs rather than solo. Take Dipper for example, If I do a Dipper cosplay then chances are I would ask my sister if she wanted todo Mabel tomake it a pair.

  • *Anck-su-namun from "The Mummy" - more daring, challenging, + love the storyline;


    *Chun-Li from "Street Fighter" - more of a classical cosplay look

  • Cool. I'd like to do some anime because I'm in love with the hairstyles.

  • Good postı


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