My Morning Makeup Routine

Step One: Foundation

First I apply a base of foundation in a circular pattern to my face. I would recommend a colour that suits your face. I use a medium colour to make me look more tan. Avoid over applying. Always be sure to blend well and blend your neck area too... not just your face!

Step 2: Eyeliner

I like to put on eyeliner before mascara or eyeshadow because I find it harder. I use jet black liquid eyeliner because I find It easier to apply and it really depends on the day what style I use but I like small wings or just classic eyeliner

Step 3: Mascara

My next step is always mascara! I use black mascara called All Eyes on Me. It was not expensive but still high quality and lasts well.

Step 4: Eyeshadow

Now it's time for eyeshadow. I experiment a lot with different eyeshadow techniques like the smokey eye and such. I like to blend different colours. One I particularly like for school is I have a darker purple and a light pinky purple eyeshadow. I put the light one on as a base and then I blend in the darker one to make a warm pink and purple colour. It's fairly subtle so it's a great school look.

Step 5: Lipstick

Finally a touch of lipstick can pull the whole look together. I have a nice subtle lipstick that is perfect for school but this part is optional and up to you!


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  • Wow that is really bright lipstick in that pic!


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  • You should use a foundation that is the same colour as the rest of your body and set it with a trensluscent powder and put some bronzer on your temples, the tip of your nose, just under your cheek bones and a little bit on your jawline.
    You will look more tan and it's going to look more natural and it will bring more dimension to your face. :)


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  • Nice routine! I loved this myTake :D <3

    I have a question: do you do something to your eyebrows before applying eyeliner? I've observed you didn't include something for the eyebrows when other girls my age make it a pretty big deal xD

  • nice routine

  • I'm so bad at makeup, I rather use just a few things. 1) Water, 2) Cream, 3) Corrector, 4) Mascara and that's all :D It's not like I don't need a makeup, I'm just too lazy to put it on. xD

  • Here's mine.

    Eye liner (if I'm in the mood. So usually no)

    Eye shadow


    And walk out the door! Lol

  • Nice routine!!