Fashion as a Conversation Starter

It's awkward or just weird to approach someone you don't know...but if you're wearing something interesting and out of the norm - people that want to approach you will have an 'excuse' to do that without putting themselves out there right from the get go.

So put on a pair of oddly shaped gloves or a nutty dress and get on with it!


And you know what the best part of this potentially could be: that the person who actually approachs you because of these details that you love > probably has the same taste, sense of humor, visual aesthetic as you --- so all in all --- not much to lose, a lot to gain [individuality+potential new friend].

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  • Those fingernail gloves are terrible 😂
    But yeah, what you wear is definitely a statement. I wear a d20 ring to signify how I'm a fucking nerd, and I also wear other things lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow, these pieces were all so interesting, I really would wear that teddy bear coat :) and the humor in the squeeze shirt, very nice :) Really nice.


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  • I like the cuddly bear sweater because I'm cuddly but it seems those other things might give children and elderly people traumas if they saw them, except for the glitter beard man. I liked him:)

  • Nice one!