Women's Business Fashion With a Twist

Surely, most of the time we see business clothing for women as being boring...of the norm...very plain and predictable. Why don't we mix it up a little bit and start adding certain twists to out everyday business attires?

Mix and match patterns?

Oh, yeah! It can look absolutely amazing! How? Well...this one is tricky and might take some real effort on your part, but you can definitely find your inspiration in other women's pics on the internet - it's all right there...

Women's Business Fashion With a Twist

A flowy skirt instead of a pencil skirt?

Yup! Sometimes we need that extra little bit pep in our step, don't we?

A pop of color, anyone?

Why not! Play with colors and choose the ones that fit you best!

An all-in-one outfit?

Sure - throw on a blouse and a jumpsuit dress over it - fabulous!

All white for a change?

Absolutely! It might sound weird...but it certainly looks just right for certain days - most of all hot Summer ones!


Make it work, girl! Why? It could really benefit your overall appearance, your vibe, make you more approachable... Also - it works great with pale skin!

Retro business fashion fashioned from today's pieces?

Oh, my God! Definitely yes! If you can find it, rock it!

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  • I love this!! I like anything that can jazz up business casual dress code. I've had to dress business casual for the past 10 years and it seems like my options are always limited!


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  • I like all of those presented. Thank you


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