How To Look Like A Prep

Want to look like a prep? Try following these rules.

Step 1:
You MUST dress preppy.
Clothes with brand names I suggest include Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, and Lacoste. Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Bergdorfs, and Bloomingdale's are all recommended if budget is not a problem.

You will need polo and oxford shirts, dark denims and chinos, sweaters (never zip up!), Bermuda shorts, and tennis dresses. Pleated skirts also work wonders. Remember that cotton is your friend! "Fake fabrics" are not! Good shoes are flats, Uggs, moccasins, any type of boating shoes, tennis sneakers, top-siders and loafers, or simple rubber thongs.

Step 2:
You need a signature preppy item.
Old Navy and Target are good if your on a budget. A special pair of shoes, a headband, or a cable-knit sweater will work well. Pearls are also highly recommended.

Step 3:
Wear your makeup very light.
A little mascara, foundation that matches your skin tone, and clear lip gloss is just enough.

Looking like a prep
  • Fake fabrics are not your friend!
  • Pick a "signature item" such as pearls or a special pair of shoes
  • Keep the grooming simple and neat
  • Keep smiling, no matter what
  • Stay away from the flash!

Step 4:
Impeccable grooming is a necessity.
Clean nails in pale pink or clear is a must have for girls. Hair should be kept shiny and straight. Trim your hair frequently. Straight hair is best for the preppy look. Straighteners work wonders! A classic bob is a great idea for hair. Guys should keep hair short cut and maybe parted on one side. Gel might be needed.

Girls can use a headband for short hair. Straight bangs brushed downwards are typical. Long hair can be put into a ponytail. It can we anywhere from nape of the neck to the top of the head. Braids (especially French) are perfect! But this won't work as well if you have layers. The point of the braid/ponytail that touches the scalp should have a basic ribbon tied around it in a bow. (The bow should match your outfit!)

Step 5:
Try tennis, golf, lacrosse, crew, field hockey, swim, ballet, sailing or horseback riding.
These are all sports that will help you feel preppy and therefore look more preppy. You need inspiration.

Step 6:
Always smile!

Step 7:
Avoid big logos, flashy jewelery, or bright accessories.
White socks, tote bags, pearls, and basic ribbons are all you need. Simple charm bracelets are great too. Patterns including neat polka dots, stripes, or plaid will be cute. LL bean totes with initials are classic for preps! Monograms are timeless.


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  • why smile all the time, I smile when something is funny and I'm having good time, not randomly smiling for the sake of it because it makes you approachable


Most Helpful Girl

  • There are two common versions of prep. Usually kids nowadays call preppy those kids that try to look all alike and shop at Abercrombie and Hollister. But what you explain is the original idea of prep. I can't tell if your article is sarcastic or not, because most intelligent people don't make an effort to conform to any label.


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  • In honor of the classic work of literature "My Immortal", I feel obliged to say "fkkn prpz"


What Girls Said 5

  • This is why I like being a nonconformist. I prefer to look how I want to look vs. What everyone else expects of me. I can look "normal" one day and goth the next. Just depends what I feel like wearing :p

  • Why would you put so much effort into fitting into some label?

  • Exactly....why would someone smile all the time....? it's irritating and not to mention somewhat creepy.In my opinion at least.... no offense to people who do smile 24/7......-.-

  • Man I could nevedr be a prep I would have to shoot myself. ALLWAYS SMILING?!?!? like who can do that??

  • Hahahaha. Smiling all the time makes it meaningless.