2012 Fashion Trends- Nail Designs

In the past decade, it seems that fashion was always expressed with clothes, bags, scarves, and jewelry- but what about nails? No one really gave them much of a place in the world of fashion until recently. Now, as small as they are, they’re one of the biggest aspects of fashion today.

Marble nails are getting increasingly popular. This will give your nails a marbled or tye-dye look:
Nail Design nail art
  1. To start, you’ll need a shallow bowl of room temperature water, a base color, and at least two other colors for the design, scotch tape (just to keep things clean), a needle---- Start off by painting your nail with the base color, which can be any color you like.

  2. Secondly, tape the skin around your finger with scotch tape (this is optional, but it helps keep your fingers clean).

  3. Next, take one of the nail polish colors, and hold the brush over the bowl of room temperature water so that the paint drips into the bowl. The color should disperse around the bowl.

  4. Do the same thing with the next color so that it drips in the middle of the first color. You’ll probably have to repeat this process a few times to get the amount of paint you’d like in the bowl.

  5. Take your needle and use it to mix up the paint so that it’s “swirly.” Gently dip your finger in the paint, and it will adhere to your nail. Lastly, you’re going to take the toothpick and dip it in the bowl (it will adhere to the toothpick and get the excess paint out of the water).

  6. You’ll have to make new paint drops for each nail. Let your nails dry, remove the tape, and you’ll have marble styled nails!

Another big hit with nail decor is the newspaper style nail:
Nail Design nail art
  1. This requires newspaper, white nail polish, clear nail polish or a top coat, rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. You’ll need to cut up a newspaper so that you have 10 squares of paper slightly bigger than your nails.

  2. Paint your nails white (or at least a very light color). Let it dry completely (this is essential- wet nails will make the design look very sloppy and dirty).

  3. Next, use a cotton ball to swipe rubbing alcohol on a small newspaper square (swipe the side of the paper that you want showing on your nails).

  4. Then, take the paper square, and press the desired side of the newspaper on to one of your nails. Press firmly on the paper for a few seconds before gently (and slowly) removing the paper from your nail. The words from the newspaper will be left behind on your nail.

  5. Repeat this process until all of your nails are finished.

  6. Let your nails sit and dry for a few minutes, and then paint them with a top coat or clear nail polish (this is also essential, as the words from the newspaper will smear otherwise).

If you’re looking for a more quick and easy way to decorate your nails, one of the most popular things these days is neon color nails. You can do anything with these. One interesting method:
Nail Design nail art
  1. Pick three neon colors. Paint your nails with three stripes of the neon colors.

  2. Once it’s dried, cut up very thin strips of tape and tape them to your nails in any pattern you like.

  3. Paint over your nails with a dark color, such as black.

  4. Let it dry, and gently peel the tape off. This will give you black nails with patterns of neon colors.

Fashion is also heavily influenced by things such as book and movie series, especially when it comes to nails and makeup.
Nail Design nail art
  • When Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland came out in the theaters, people were painting their nails in playing card designs, with deep red and pure white colors.

  • More recently, the first book of The Hunger Games series (by Suzanne Collins) was made into a movie, and there was a short stretch of time where people got into a sparkly gold craze. Anything from Cinna’s sparkly gold eyeliner, to sparkly gold nail polish became a huge craze. This can also be used in any method- from painting your nail tips gold, to painting them with patterns using strips of tape (like we did with the neon colors).

No matter the design of your nails, they tend to go well with almost any outfit, so decorating your nails is a great way of accessorizing yourself without going through the hassle of putting an entire outfit together built around an accessory.


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  • i love neon colored nails<3


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  • Stickers don't fit my nails. Neither do fake nails. It's sad because I want deco nails.

    I read that all the nail polishes, etc. are bad for your nails actually, so I'm trying natural. They're less likely to split if you round not square the tips. Once they're long, you can just use a nail buffer and some type of natural oil. Rub it into your cuticles. Your nails will be natural, healthy, and shiny, without any artificial treatments. =)

  • And gradient nails :D

  • I really like the neon nail look! Ill try that next time I do mine!

  • I'm loving the marble nails. I keep promising myself to try it but I could never find the time :(