My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄

My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄

1. Classical or vintage makeup a lot of actresses used to wear their makeup like this throughout the 1900s ❤️ I particularly miss this era of Fashion.

My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄

2. Delicate lavender look 💜

My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄

3. Soft 🌸

My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄

4. Brown and Turquoise eyeshadow with a cat eye😺

My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄

5. The "baby blue" look 👶🔷

My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄

6. Bright orange and red 🍊🔺- I thought this looked so cute and this would look great on pale girls ❤️ The blush doesn't need to be that much but it still looks really cute.

My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄

7.Cat eye with bright colors , pastel, or glittery eyeshadow 💛-

My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄
My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄

I love glitter and I'm also a big fan of bright eye colors ❤️

My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄

Lastly, simple eyes with shades of mauve or nude lipstick. This is the kind of makeup that I would love to wear everyday ❤️

My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thank you for sharing your MyTake it was awesome to read
    i like girls who wear makeup , lipstick , mascara , eye shadow
    and the pictures to look at , i like vintage pictures put me in
    deep thought sometimes wish i lived in that era. <3 <3
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    • me too

    • Yeah my late maternal grandma lived in the early 1900 , she was born 1913 and i just imagine the stuff she saw and she told me about only going to 8th grade in School cause i guess she had to work to bring money into the house or she had to help take care of her brothers & sisters for her Mom

    • the same thing happened with my mom's parents

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  • SALIM28
    Congratulations for ur second my take
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Kayla45
    Makeup is nice, but I'm not heavily into it really. The 2nd delicate look is cute, but overall I don't see the appeal really. I DO however love men who wear makeup though. Guys on TV you bet wear some.
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  • nerms123
    They are all very pretty. Number one is my favorite
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  • October808
    Don't get too caught up with makeup to deeply. It will ruin your skin. And for the love of God Montesor, never consider botox (in case that was another topic).
    • Ofc not I already have big lips lol. And I don't use skin makeup most of the time I just use concealer for under ny eyes that's it

    • Okay because you look great. I'd date you if you were older.

  • joethemoe912
    My girlfriend is getting her done tomorrow like this. Its circa 1920's styleMy favorite makeup looks ❤️💄
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    You seem to idolize women more than men. Are you sure you're heterosexual?
    • Yeah i actually don’t have feelings for anyone. And i posted women here because most of the makeup looks i’ve found are done by women

    • I only like guys though

    • Ah, I see. So you are into makeup culture more so than the dating scene?

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  • esotericstory
    like the classical elements of make up of the early 1900's most.
  • Twenty2
    Why are you so much into makeup?
    • It’s fun for me

    • Twenty2

      Why not become a make-up artist?

    • Nursing or sonography is a better career

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  • shyamshrma437
    Hi dear haw areu
  • Sevenpointfive
    lovin' the baby blue
    I love it very nice 😄
  • AaronDavis
    I completely agree with you.
  • DanOh2018
    I like 3 5 and 6
  • Razal
    Classical or vintage is amazing
  • Anonymous
    These are all ugly
    • no way lol what makes them ugly?

    • can you take the anon off? please

    • Anonymous

      Why do you want me to take off the anonymous?

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