Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

Over a year ago I shared this myTake on a genius way of classifying various body types, categorized by not just your bust, waist and hip ratio but also taking into account your bone structure, facial features etc. David Kibbe's 13 Body Types Theory suggests that all of our bodies consist of feminine characteristics and masculine characteristics, like the yin and yang symbol. The feminine characteristics are called Yin, and the masculine characteristics are called Yang.

Yin features are short/small, petite, delicate, rounded/curvy, soft, voluptuous, and Yang features are tall, long, lean, slender, narrow, lanky, angular, sharp, broad. Some examples of Yin features are short height, hourglass body shape, big round eyes, full lips, chubby cheeks, small and delicate hands and feet, big breasts etc. Some Yang features are tall height, large bony hands and feet, strong jawline and cheekbones, thin lips, boyish figure, long legs, sharp nose etc.

Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

If we put these body types on a scale from Yin to Yang, you will find one body type that's almost entirely Yang, which is known as 'Dramatic'. Dramatic body type women are tall, have an angular bone structure, straight slender body shape, and prominent and sharp facial features. Someone like Milla Jovovich, David Kibbe himself classified her body type as Dramatic.

Milla Jovovich
Milla Jovovich

And on the other end of the spectrum that consists entirely of Yin features, we have the 'Romantic' body type (NOT Romantic as in a relationship, lol). And that's the body type that I'll talk about in-depth because it happens to be MY body type, and I'll talk about the features of this body type and how I got mine figured out. It has really helped my figure out how to dress for my body type, not only in terms of clothing but also jewelry, accessories, hair and other things. Not only have I learned the rules, but I've also learned how to break these rules to my advantage. This myTake will become WAY TOO LONG if I include those fashion tips within this post, so I hope to make a separate myTake on that later. But before learning to dress for your body type, you have to know what it is!

Romantic Body Type

Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

As I've mentioned earlier, this is the body type with the most Yin in it. Romantic body types tend to have majority of these features:

Height: Moderate to short, usually 5'5" and under. Head can be proportionally larger than the rest of the body, making them look even smaller.

Bone structure: Short and delicate, but a little wide, not angular. So they have short limbs, but wide shoulders, hips, wrists, feet etc. Often women with this body type, despite being petite, feel like they are too big because of their wide frame.

Body shape: Busty and curvy, tending towards hourglass/vase shape, but not with a strong silhouette. The waist does not have a strong definition. Shoulders are wide and gently sloped.

Kaushal (YouTube channel: Kaushal Beauty)
Kaushal (YouTube channel: Kaushal Beauty)

Face: Tends to be round/oval with hardly any angularity. Soft and lush facial features. Big round eyes, soft full lips, rounded wide nose. Soft cheeks with little to no cheekbone and jawline definition. but there is some width. If chubby/overweight, the face can become very full and round. Hairline is usually soft and doesn't have sharp angles.

Hair: Tends to be thick and have waves and curls. Texture is usually soft and silky. Neither very fine nor very coarse. Romantic body types usually do not suit a drastically different hair color from their natural hair color.

Hands and feet: Often described as looking very feminine, delicate and ladylike. Small in size but a little wide. Fingers and toes tend to be medium to short.

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

Romantic body types are overall very 'womanly' in appearance rather than 'boyish' or 'girly/adolescent'. Not everyone with this body type has exactly ALL such features. But if you have this body type, then your features overall will have the Yin nature, you will have MOST of the features mentioned above. Exceptions always exist.

Some celebrities with this body type

Celebrity images aren't really ideal because many have plastic surgery and Photoshop done so it's hard to understand at times. Here is a list of some people that I believe make good examples.

Marilyn Monroe

Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory
Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

Holliday Grainger

Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory
Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory


Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory
Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

Christina Milian

Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory
Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

Kaushal Beauty (YouTuber)

Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory
Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

I think five examples are enough for pictures. If you wanna look up more people, you can check out Jayne Mansfield, Kate Winslet, and Leighton Meester.

How did I figure out my body type?

Those who read my previous myTake (read it now if you haven't yet), know that it is VERY TRICKY to understand your body type. At first, I was absolutely CLUELESS about what body type I could be. It took me several months and a lot of images, comparison, trial and error to fully understand my body type. While I am not an expert yet, I can identify many people's body types, or at least tell how much Yin or Yang they have in them. Here's how I could confirm my body type:

1) I'm short. Rules out Dramatic and Natural right off the bat.

2) I was sure of SOME of my features that belong in the Romantic category, so I can't be a Classic because Classic body type has all moderate features. (TIP: You can find out your body shape using this guide. I used this to find out my shape.)

3) I don't really look adolescent or boyish, from a very young age I got comments on looking older. Rules out Gamine. At this point only Romantic is the body type not ruled out.

Look up images of celebrities together and compare their body types for a better understanding!
Look up images of celebrities together and compare their body types for a better understanding!

4) I have a slightly wide bone structure. Theatrical Romantic (Romantic with SOME sharpness and narrowness in bone structure, e.g. Rihanna) does not have a wide bone structure. I'm finally only left with Romantic.

5) If this wasn't enough, people always comment how how feminine my hands and feet look, so I need to stop beating myself up for not having the smallest hands and feet on the planet.

I didn't realize how simple it really was until I finally had it figured out, everything makes more sense now. If you are having trouble identifying your body type, start by ruling out body types that you're NOT. Eventually the elimination process should get you somewhere.

There aren't enough good clothes out there

Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

The fashion industry mainly consists of models with Yang-dominant body types, especially Flamboyant Natural. Think of the famous supermodels on the runway. Tall women, with broad shoulders, small chest, narrow hips, long lean arms and legs. The industry makes clothes and accessories that suit Natural body types, and that's seen as more trendy. While I don't have a problem with it, and plenty of those runway models are truly gorgeous women, this brings a huge disadvantage for women who are petite and have softer body types.

Even when we see some petite curvy women in the recent years, they are all Instagram models with tons of surgery, tons of Photoshop and a lot of editorial style of clothing that looks good in a professional photoshoot. However, in real life, a woman with naturally soft features walking out on the streets wouldn't always look that great. The kind of fashion and lifestyle that these women portray in the virtual world is neither practical nor sustainable for the average Jane in a realistic world. All these things can make it quite hard for the Romantic body type, or similar types, to understand what suits them.

Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

Plus I feel like people exaggerate way too much on the silhouette only. Say that you have an hourglass figure, the only fashion tip people are gonna give you is emphasize your waist and wear a lot of belts, drapes, high-waisted things to bring attention to the waist. The fact is, even waist-cinching outfits can come in various structures, fabrics, colors, patters etc and the same thing doesn't suit everyone. Heck, not everyone is even willing to emphasize their waist, I personally don't like clothes that fit in a way that it shows off my shape and puts emphasis on the smallest part of my waist, I don't like to draw attention towards my body and show a lot of skin/flesh. Doesn't mean that I don't like dressing up or don't have useful tips up my sleeve, or that I'm wearing straight boxy clothes that look atrocious on my body type.

This myTake will become way too long if I include fashion tips, because there's really a LOT that I can say on styling the Romantic body type, or at least how I like to style mine. But I hope this was informative and I wish to follow up with another myTake in the future discussing clothing, accessories and makeup. Thanks for reading!

Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory
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  • Boppy
    I enjoy attempts to categorize people with this many possibilities! It's kinda putting people into boxes, but there are way more boxes than usual so people become a bit more open-minded, in my opinion. Kinda like the MBTI stuff.

    I'm gonna try and figure out where I fall in all this. As a consolation prize, studying all these anatomical details should be good for my drawings.
    Is this still revelant?
    • I've heard from some artists that understanding the Kibbe system helped them draw more realistic drawings of people. And yes it's quite an interesting subject and this system exists for men as well. David Kibbe classified himself as Theatrical Romantic, and I believe that my boyfriend is possibly a Soft Gamine.

    • Boppy

      Alright! I tried the process of elimination you mentioned in this post, but need to look into it more. All I can say is that I look soft, but that may be personal bias. Also, facial hair sharpens my face l o t s.

      Findings so far are below.
      +soft dramatic
      +soft yang
      +soft classic
      ? gamine (if only because I'm not small)

      By the way, the comment about yang types being over represented in female models may have to do with how cameras flatten images. Without good lighting, rounder faces seem like flat blobs, and angular faces still look kinda 3D.
      Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

      ( source: )

    • Yeah could be! Also Natural types can easily pull of more relaxed kind of clothing and hairstyles and wear different shapes and patterns and chunky jewelry, which is why they can pull off an editorial look much better than other body types.

  • Jltakk
    Came in expecting to cringe, but it was actually a good read.
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  • DorkVader
    Hey this was very interesting! I guess I'll have to find this book. It seems like we're the same body type. I'm overweight at the moment, but when I was younger I was shaped like Beyonce. I look forward to your Fashion Tips for a Romantic Body Type myTake 😍
    Is this still revelant?
    • Hey thanks for reading! And sure, David Kibbe actually has a book on his body types theory, called 'Metamorphosis', you can find it on Amazon.

      Regardless of body weight or body fat percentage, body type always remains the same. Stay tuned for the fashion tips post!

  • Beautiful!!!
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  • Nik1hil
    Wait can you write a MY take like this for men..
    So I can classify myself and then find the fashion style for me..
    Or just link me to such database
    • I don't have good knowledge on men's types. But check out Aly Art on a YouTube she explains the body types and has made two videos discussing body types for males with pictures of male celebs. But you won't understand anything if you watch those videos directly.

  • Massageman
    Interesting way of looking at things. Thanks for all the info!
    • I agree, it's very interesting and much more promising than the conventional ways of figuring out your body type (this theory has a male version too but I don't know much about it). Thanks for reading!

    • I'm in good shape - - - round is a good shape ;- )

    • Lol, no doubt!

  • ohshee
    This just totally turn me on lol. But remember all of what u said is great but it's the person in side that makes it all come together
  • MackToday
    Glad to see this type of thing gaining popularity, thank you for posting this. As long as people think along lines of genetics and physical features etc much can be uncovered. Once we understand more, we can start to improve on our bodies and minds and increase quality of life to unimaginable heights. We wiped out small pox, imagine wiping out incompetence, criminality , perversion, hate, war. A world with no crime and no need for restrictive laws where every man's mind has it's own law book directing it day to day, not theft, no murder everyone with a 180+ IQ genital as a lamb, brave and strong as a lion. We can accomplish this once we understand how we are put together.
    • That's way deeper than I ever thought about this subject! Lol. I don't think we can ever have a flawless world though.

    • MackToday

      You're right about never having a flawless world but we have improved it a lot, people now are wealthier and freer of disease than at any other time in history. We can take that further, improving our genes can not only give use material things but it can give use the ability to deeply understand life, it can enrich us in a spiritual manner not just in a material manner as now.

    • Yeah but we also have new problems. Climate change. More respiratory diseases and cancer. More loans and debt. While the lifestyle of people seem to have improved, it doesn't seem promising or sustainable.

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  • Kaushal is so pretty 😍 😍 😍 😍
  • Robertcw
    I really liked this take.
  • bhaywardd
    I'm so glad to see This!!
    • I'm so glad that you read it and enjoyed it! 😊❤️

  • Thank you! This was very detailed and thought out!
  • Victor1212
    ♥ should be romantic body will be made romantic automatically.
  • Good take
  • Babygirl_S
    Nice take 🙂
  • linda00xx
    That's really awesome thing to know!!