Flair for Fashion!


It is always fun to try out new makeup looks and find different ways to enhance our beauty. Here are a few different idea that you can try in your everyday life, you can expand or minimize on any of these looks and borrow from the other. Don't be afraid to be bold and try new things for fun!

Flair for Fashion!

Here are a few Makeup Tips you can try out:

The Natural look:

This look involves making it look like you are not wearing makeup and is only a means of slight beauty enhancement. A light layer of foundation, some mascara to enhance the eye, and either lip gloss or a light colour of lipstick, the colour recommended should be close to the natural colour of your lips. If you are pale, like myself, it is best to add some light pink blush to your cheeks to give yourself a more lively look. Some women prefer to add a bit of eyeshadow too, for a natural look go for monotone colours, like a soft pink, beige or brown, apply lightly, just enough to show there is some colour and this helps to enhance the eye. For a bit of a heavier look you can add a thin line of eyeliner on the top of the eyelid and creates the illusion of having bigger eyes.

The Evening look:

It is important to know the evening plans in order to give yourself the appropriate look. Bold and sexy is most often the way to go! When it comes to foundation you should not worry too much about this, especially if it is a night of dancing! As long as it covers your blemishes and gives you an even skin tone, you don't want your makeup to drip over time! A light layer of foundation and a little bit of powder to give it a more finished look. The focus of an evening look is definitely the eyes. You want to wear bolder darker colours to create a smoky look, colours you would go for include dark browns, dark grays, black, maroon or similar colours. For your lips, make sure it is something that can be applied without the need of a mirror, I would recommend going for lip glosses or something with a glossy sheen that creates a plump look. Colour does not matter too much but when going for dark eyes then the lip colour would also look better if it was of the darker category.

Fun looks:

If you want to showcase more personality behind your makeup, consider a brighter eyeshadow palette: yellows, reds, pinks, white, grays, blues, greens, etc. When using white, it is better to apply it with another eyeshadow colour, white is best applied on the outside and inside, near the nose bridge, of the eye and the other colour would be applied on the rest of the eyelid. When it comes to soft eyeshadow colours use a soft shade of lipstick and with darker looks, use a darker shade of lipstick.

Gothic look:

I won't go too deep into this but if you are looking for a darker edgier look to try out then you can use some of these ideas. A lot of gothic makeup is focused on the eyes, so you can either use very dark eyeshadow and finish it with heavy eyeliner on both the top and bottom of the eyelid and a lot of mascara, or you can use bright coloured eyeshadow: pinks, greens, oranges, etc and finish it with the heavy eyeliner and mascara, this create the focus on just the eyes. Gothic makeup is also very bold in terms of lipstick, so darker lipsticks, red, blue, green, black, etc. It's all about finding different ways to express your difference. Some ideas I use from this look is the eyeliner and sometimes its fun to try the brighter shades of eyeshadow too.

A few tips:

Wash your face with cold water as it helps minimize pores and gives a natural shine to your skin. Always wash your face before and after makeup use and keep it moisturized, this helps prevent outbreak and keeps your skin in good condition.

Flair for Fashion!
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