Boyshorts/Boy Briefs VS Panties


This mytake is just a personal review and comparison from my experiences. I also am doing this post for people who have never tried boyshorts or boy briefs but would like to give another type of underwear a try. You can say which one is more comfy for you down below in the comments. I will start with each one and say what I like and dislike about them.


Most women around the world wear panties. They can be cute, colorful, printed, and/or sexy. But there's always some things I do not like about them. And there's some things I do like.

Likes: Can be cute, lacey, and beautiful, having a waist band can keep them up nicely, proper ones can cover you up better, can be comfortable.

Dislikes: They usually aren't high enough, sometimes are loose, lack a waist band, either fall down or give unexpected wedgies, the liner isn't always sewn up all the way.

Boyshorts/Boy briefs
Boyshorts/Boy briefs

Most people do not like boyshorts or boy briefs due to their lack of sexiness and prints. Other things are usually because they're too plain and look tomboyish. There's some things I like about them and don't like.

Likes: They fit the body nicely, aren't too long or too short, have a great waistband, have great coverage, can keep you a little bit warmer in the fall and winter seasons, the liner is always sewn up all the way, don't fall down or give wedgies, and they're pretty comfortable.

Dislikes: The tags that are sewn inside are a little itchy, most are plain, most don't have prints.

After thoughts: While I do love both of these undergarments, I do prefer the boyshorts over the panties. I bought my first pack of boyshorts this year and will buy more since I'm in need of new underwear. As for panties I think I will buy some from Walmart as well. I would like to note that the images above are not the ones I wear, just for this take. Also, the only difference between boyshorts and boy briefs is that the briefs are a more higher waistband and might be longer. Other than that they are mostly the same.

Boyshorts/Boy Briefs VS Panties
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  • JackSmy
    @PBandJ_Nerd What a WONDERFUL, and intimately personal post, about underwear!! LOL and KISSES, for just posting it, and just saying so many things!! LOL!!
    I loved that you didn't mention "Anal FLOSS" AKA, thong shit!! No good, for either gender!!
    I LOVE whatever the Lady I love, is most comfortable in! Most often, Hipster panties, in prints, and colors. Now, since the WONDERFUL, WAIST HIGH Jeans thing, is back, Big, white cotton waist-high things! Under the jeans, of course, but remembering being 17, in High School, and so many things. . . The generation before yours!
    Back then, there weren't "boyshorts" underwear or thongs! "leggings" in spandex were all the rage, but nobody thought about how tight they were, and nobody thought about visible pantylines, which some decided they hated, hence, "Anal Floss" AKA, thongs!
    Whatever it is, it is all about her, and her comfort and I can go along with almost anything!
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    • The reason why I didn't mention ones like thongs is because there's too many types of panties you'd have to go through. So I just shortly summed up for half and half of panties instead. There's ones you get in lingerie stores and then there's ones you get cheap in packs like from Walmart. I always thought it was odd how people do call the proper/regular underwear "granny panties" though. Nowadays there's ones you can get that have laces and no panty lines from there. But boyshorts and boy briefs are basically suppose to be the equivalent to boxers, just more feminine looking to fit the female body. But yeah, it is quite weird how times do change. I sometimes compare to when I was a child all the way up to teen and adulthood. It was definitely different, even comparing to what one of my sisters wore in her teens (she never had trouble finding clothes, unlike in mine where it was much harder to fit school dress codes).

    • JackSmy

      @PBandJ_Nerd LOL!! Enough years, with enough women, that I know all these styles, and things, and yes, some have made me try some on!!
      It's just cloth, and no big deal, but some, well, WOW! It really excites them, to see a guy, in. . .

    • Yeah. Some women like that. It's not a bad thing though.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • KatherineJ
    The first pair of boyshorts I tried literally changed my life. They might not be the cutest underwear, but they are definitely the most comfortable to me. Obviously, I wear other styles because who wants to wear the same type of panties every day, or for every occasion. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  • Danny98
    I didn't know boyshorts were considered unattractive by a lot of people. I actually think they can be sexy, depending on the kind. Boyshorts/Boy Briefs VS PantiesBoyshorts/Boy Briefs VS PantiesNot every woman has a shape like Mel B. But I still think the style looks good. Even when they are a solid color.
  • Machika
    All the way boy briefs. Boy briefs prevent chuffing on inner thighs as compared to panties with sharp cutting angles which can cut when there is a moisture and it can lead to infection so I prefer brief.
    • I know some people get rashes from panties. At first you'd question how, that is until it happens to you. I sometimes don't get what it is with moisture irritating the skin so much though.

    • Machika

      When there is summer season there is swet in inner thighs if not cleaned properly they would be itching and of course one would scratch with finger so it would get rashes in there , so it's better to keep the private area dry

  • Tanyaa123
    I like both
    knickers with jeans
    And boy shorts with leggings
  • hopingforinsight
    As a man I think boy shorts are pretty hot on my wife.
    • Danny98

      I think they look good on women too.

  • Bikini style panties
  • ManMale
    Things for me to remove off her
  • Bigjake1019
    • ManMale

      took the words out of my mouth

  • mrgspoter
    What are these for men or women 😅