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Women should not worry about breast size.


In countries where women wear revealing clothing, breasts can be one of the first things that men may notice about a woman. Properly displayed, the breasts just pop-up into view. Despite this, women really should not worry about breast size - bigger is not necessarily better. About twenty percent of men prefer women with a B cup or smaller. Imagine getting a breast augmentation procedure, only to learn that the man you love really does not like the new boobs.

The average breast cup size varies greatly in the world.

Diversity is good
Diversity is good

The author falls into that twenty percent of men, who prefer smaller breasts. Smaller breasts are often perkier. Even flat is perfectly fine. It is just a preference, it has never been determinative on whether I dated a woman. Still with a preference for smaller breasts, I would discourage breast reduction surgery, unless absolutely necessary for health reasons.

The majority of men prefer C or larger cups. But if a man only likes you because you have your breasts surgically enhanced, is that many really worth it? What happens if there is a health issue and the implants must be removed, will the man leave?

What's In A Size?

The average man does not know how to measure a bra size. Some women do not know how to properly measure a bra. Stores like Victoria Secrets will measure and fit a bra. The bra size may change with weight gain or loss.

Alternatives To Surgery

There are many alternatives to surgery. Women can wear push-up bras. Women can wear two bras; the double bras will push up the breast tissue. Blush can be used to accent the cleavage appearance.

In The End...

When you fall in love, you fall in love with the person as a whole - with all of their positive traits and flaws. Small breasts will be an attractive trait to some men, an actual preference. Having breast augmentation surgery in an attempt to please the opposite sex, really should be avoided. In my opinion. If breast augmentation is necessary to correct a problem or enhance a woman's self-confidence, then by all means perform the procedure.

Women should not worry about breast size.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Browneye57
    Exactly. A woman's value as a lover, a partner, even just as a person, is simply not wrapped up in her tits. And besides, she's not changing them any anyway, unless she goes for bolt-ons, which are just a giant fail. They're fake looking, and hard, unappealing.

    Q: You've heard of a A cup or a B cup, even a D cup? What is a P Cup?
    A: A p-cup is what a mexican drives to work.
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  • ChattyGuy43
    Seriously, the average bra cup size in New Zealand is B, nah no way, that can't be a true fact, I've seen & felt some very large breasts in NZ which are over D cups.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • softlyautumnal
    I agree that women should not worry about breast size. However, the infographic included is inaccurate. No statistics about bra size can be considered accurate because 90% of women wear the wrong bra size.

    Also, many stores, including Victoria's Secret - measure people incorrectly. This is a huge part of the reason as to why the majority of women wear the wrong bra size.
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  • Splatzonelover1
    I only think I be measure once at Mark and spencer. they give two option sport bra or training bra. when I was i high school i just wore Vest until after college. the birth control pill help my breast to come grow a bit more. also i do not wear bra much since i already been on my home.
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  • Cherry234
    Oh wow that's really good to know. I have a B cup. I'm not ashamed of the size of my breasts. I find nothing wrong with having small breasts. Breast surgery is not necessary for me because it doesn't affect my self-confidence
  • jamesgoldman
    Exactly, you don't fall in love with a pair of breasts but with what's on the inside
  • RealMarek
    I prefer smaller but it isn’t the most important thing.
  • michael1469
    Poland is just a C cup? I dont think i have meet a polish girl with small tittes.
  • LeeannaDD
    Lucky me for not having to worry about it lmao
  • Abdulwahh
    Aah man i love b cups
  • Anonymous
    I knew it. White girls have the biggest milk jugs
    • Anon... that's because there are so many obese white girls.

    • Anonymous

      @KrakenAttackin black women are the fattest demographic and it’s not even close. Google it

    • Op... I guess I can believe that