When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?

When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?

After a year of cancellations and lack luster attendance due to Covid, Hollywood seems to be roaring back with The Emmy's, VMA's, and Met Gala just recently happening and with that, came all the red carpet fashions we love to see and talk about.

The carpets are filled with all the glamor and big name designers and styles that will be copied on the cheap by next month of all the Hollywood stars you can feast your eyes on. Then all of a sudden, in the middle of this red carpet march, you see it, or did you see it? The next starlet walking into the event has all the flashbulbs on overdrive with the, is she, or isn't she....she is! naked or nearly naked in what can only loosely be described as a dress. At that point, one can only hazard a question: when did naked become the new formal?

When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?

I don't think in generations past, there was such a thing like describing a formal gown as having vagina or butt cleavage because there was no such thing, and no one would dare lest they be labeled a harlot, but now, it's to the point, or rather well beyond it, of how much can the stars get away with? Are we beyond the point of decency?

When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?
When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?

I don't know any formal setting or event "in real life" where any woman can get away with this without being escorted out or arrested, and yet here we are. And why is this okay or why should this be okay? Feminists would say, women should be allowed to wear what they want up to and including nudity, or perhaps a woman being able to show her body is a form of female empowerment. I would then ask that feminist or extremely liberal thinker, is this also okay for men to walk down the carpet with their junk on full display while we're on the subject?

When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?
When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?

We all know Hollywood is a separate breed for which many of the rules of decent society and actual laws rarely apply, so it is no surprise that nudity is added to that list, but it is also no surprise that this is done for MAXIMUM attention. There isn't going to be someone who doesn't notice a nearly naked or fully naked starlet on the red carpet. It's a way to guarantee press even if the press is not as favorable as they would have liked, but as they say in Hollywood, all press, is good press. So in between flashing their butt crack, side vag, or a loose nipple, they find the time to promote their new movie or Netflix deal or album coming out soon.

When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?

But of course, the new formal doesn't apply to everyone. The same people that would say "let them live," only mean, if you are a thin YOUNG conventionally attractive skinny model/actress type, not if you have an ounce of, or several of fat on you, which makes a bigger point, pun intended, why is one woman's almost or total nudity more acceptable than others if we're on the train of just let women be free and live their lives. A lot of people don't really believe that for all women least of all anyone plus sized, or older.

When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?
When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?

This is MY opinion, and you're welcome to have your own, but an awards show is generally about honoring someone for the hard work that they've done, but it is difficult to take one seriously while they're thanking their mom for all her love, and all their producers, and GOD on stage, when their butt is hanging out and an audience can definitely tell if a starlet has been waxed down there or not. I feel like being naked or nearly naked allows for your objectification and for people to see these women as nothing more than sexual beings to be digested by the press and it only furthers the message that in order to be a successful woman in Hollywood, you have to give it all away.

When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?
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  • Anonymous
    Well we are in times where naked women are seen as free women whereas modest ones are looked at as oppressed.

    It's the culture of a hypersexualised society. It's even more dangerous because it comes under the banner of women rights and what not so women can be easily attracted to such movements. And men, oh boy. Why wouldn't a man want to see more of a woman's body for free like that on the streets, right?

    The more women dress like this the more they are being labelled as sexual objects. Now I am not saying it's entirely the woman's fault here but like come on now. We can literally see so much of a woman's body more so than how much her husband would see of her while they're in the bedroom together. Every time a fake group comes out calling for so called women rights women just blindly follow cause who wouldn't want more rights, right? Except that this has become pure degeneracy and disgrace to the woman's position in a society. Marrying is discouraged, cheating is rampant and even encouraged among men, the younger generation has to grow up witnessing all kinds of degeneracy, etc..

    Can people wear whatever they want? Sure, go for it. Do I think its okay? Hell no. There should be a limit for everything. Just because something new comes up everyday doesn't mean we should accept it right away. That doesn't show anything about us except that we have no principles that we live on. Because, if you tolerate everything you stand for nothing.
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    • Absolutely well said!

    • Anonymous


    • Nomina

      Oh! Bra-fucking-vo!!!

      Holy mother. Couldn't have said it better myself

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  • Massageman
    The name of the game is getting your face (and other bodily parts) in the news- in the papers (what are those?), on TV but particularly in "social media".
    Sadly, with each passing year, performers have to resort to ever-increasing
    (s) extremes to be noticed and stay on "top of mind". Forty years ago, who would have thought TV shows would EVER have the word "pi - - ed" in them. Now, there is that and far worse. Have to keep pushing that proverbial envelope to keep their numbers up. And, if it takes a sheer body stocking with a couple of splotches of opaque coating in a few spots to do it, then that is what will be done. Some of the stars do NOT appear to be ecstatic at these photo ops, either. Maybe they are realizing what they are having to sacrifice just to stay on their fans' radar.
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  • tatianamay
    They're not naked. They're celebrities, their job is to entertain people, and that's what they are doing. I'm not saying that it does not look bad, or that I would wear those, because believe me, I would never. But eh, who cares, man? It's Hollywood, and that's what half the people in the industry are doing.
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  • Ninani
    Those women have a desperate need for attention and think that it's *okay* to show off their body in extreme ways because it's only "truly slutty" when they show nips and pubes. Denial in it's true form.
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  • Wraith_Cemetery
    Society has been going in that direction ever since the sexual revolution of the 70's. As each decade passes, women, especially, have been pushing the envelope further and further. In 2020 and 2021, girls having been protesting adamantly to wear clothing that exposes themselves in the classroom setting. On the red carpet, female stars are pushing the boundaries of decency by seeing who can expose themselves the most.
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  • Coulis
    It's a satanic industry. These award shows are ritualistic. This is sex magick to drum up demonic energy for their shows. The "Awards" are just pretext.

    They are just bringing what they do behind closed doors more and more to the masses under the guise of empowerment or whatever.
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    • Are you in QAnon?

    • Coulis

      @supercutebutt nope! The late Peaches Geldof shouted out OTO on Twitter. Many in Hollywood follow Aleister Crowley. The whole industry imagery is so symbolic of the Thelema religion. Not a conspiracy.

    • Sounds made up.

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  • Dragonpurple
    I wouldn't say that is considered naked, but revealing yes... but I agree with you on Hollywood 100%. They are a different breed and I don't watch any of those awards or anything. Don't go to movies and really they are only making garbage so they aren't getting any of my money anymore.

    They did shoot themselves in the foot though by holding movies until this year, many of the theaters around here went out of business and now that they have started releasing them... there isn't really anywhere for them to be shown.

    I'd have to drive 35 miles EACH way if I wanted to go see a movie, not gonna happen.

    I am generally pretty liberal when it comes to what people want to wear, in fact years ago... I saw a woman butt naked walking down the street, just laughed and continued on my way. Someone else had already called the police on her, she had just decided to take a letter to a near by drop box for mail pickup and didn't want to put on cloths. Or so that is what the news said later after she got arrested.
  • ItsTheNephilim

    Celebrities are slave to trends and whatever pleases people. But come on!! Free the nipples!!


    HiJaB iS oPpReSsIoNWhen Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?So much oppression right hereWhen Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?
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    • The hijab is oppressive. That's just the plain truth.

    • @Rachelspiks tell that to those who wear it by their consent and the nuns who dress the same way. Self acknowledged opinions aren't 'plain truths'.

    • Their "consent". You make it sound as though they not only have a choice, but consistently choose to wear those ugly things, as though their male relatives don't put any pressure on them whatsoever. You're deluded.

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  • CuriousJC
    I guess being celebrity has its perks, otherwise most of these people would have already gotten arrested for decent exposure especially during events. When I was twenty-two at the time my friend dared me on a $200 bet to take off my clothes and start running on the Yankee Stadium Field. I only took off my shirt and started swinging in the air while running all over the field. I try to hug Alex Rodriguez but I wasn't able to cuz the security guards tackled me to the ground.
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  • Brokenheartedx
    No thats untrue, the less talent you have the more naked you become. Could you imagine a movie or pop star dressing like that? Nope they generate media attention from talent alone. The ones you have pictured are just social media hounds or WAGS, you couldnt compare them to hollywood elite. Jlo is aging, before shed never have dressed like that.
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  • supercutebutt
    The time to be naked is when u r young. These ladies know time is ticking and they better flop out their dirty pillows, pert posteriors and moist snizzes before they get overripe. :)
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  • FinalFantasyBro
    Those girls are usually desperate for attention after they finally got it, they want to complain about objectivication despite choosing to wear those outfits. Believe me those ladies know what they were going for with deciding to dressed half naked
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  • Kaneki05
    If you want a age of when women couldn't vote, couldn't wear revealing clothing, couldn't express freedom, couldn't own property then go to some eastern country.

    In a progressive place were women are allowed to be free. There is no harsh punishments for been a woman with a body that wears revealing clothing such things are for eastern and in the past.
    If you don't want freedom there is places you can go. If you want freedom stop complaining when freedom is given.
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    • You said it because censorship in the smallest degree is a slippery slope and who is capable of making this judgement for others. I can judge for myself but should I be allowed to judge you and really I’ve used poor judgement for myself many of times

    • Kaneki05

      @humpbackjack well taking a lesson from the founding fathers themselves even if they didn't implant the idea so well. Since most Americans don't quite understand they were very ageist dogmatic views and were very pro separation of church and state.
      The primary reason for this is they knew laws should never be based on judgement alone, something needs proof of what is bad with it for it to be illegal was there simple premise that never fully got to play out due to catholic extremists and other things.

      But that premise is the important thing here. You can use poor judgement just like anyone else including myself. But if one can prove why something factually needs to be censored then that should be the way law goes.
      Not just "Oh i think what she is wearing is not modest" because put that into a argument for a court of law and... yeah good luck with that judge taking you seriously.

      Now back in eastern countries and still these people who want to live like how they did in the past were judgements were what made laws. And that's what we call extremist fascists views because it's simply dogmatic that shouldn't ever be held up in a proper court of law.

      So in reality judgement should never be a thing to even be concerned by when it comes to laws of what people can do. But people still don't get this idea or try to claim there opinion as fact with some rubbish evidence that just simply don't hold up.
      Like Violent video games make people Violent and i can already see another one here, Celebs be so called "Unmodest" corrupts female minds.

      Saying stuff like this court should be dismissed pretty quickly lol.

    • I agree the sad thing is is half of the laws of the land are from the rich getting their opinions passed as fact. In agreement with you here’s one that listening to heavy metal or rap music would turn kids violent so let’s censor what our kids can listen too

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  • MrOracle
    Many of these are the same women who get on TV or social media ranting about how men treat them like sexual objects. They are the ones objectifying themselves!
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  • Caramelpie
    Celebrities are becoming more trashy every day. Thanks for the take.
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  • NathanDavis
    this is NOT naked, NOT formal... and NOT new at all... lmao

    this is the SHOW business, they're entertainers... that is all
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  • VikingWarLord
    I wish more people would walk around naked.

    This Christianized bullshit society has made everyone think that SEX and NUDITY are the most evil things on the planet, when they're actually the OPPOSITE. But you can't undo a lifetime of brainwashing on these 1st world, Low IQ idiots in one thread, they gotta go do some research into other cultures and societies and how many of them still to this day walk around naked.
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  • DarkWinterNights
    These aren’t even attractive outfits… just provocative and flashy. Add some bizarre headdresses and they could be extras for a new Hunger Games movie. Hollywood is a cesspool of shallow and vapid elitists.
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  • hahahmm
    When most women became whores. Feminists call it "empowerment".
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  • Paige90
    I love the two dresses in the second picture and I would wear them anywhere!
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  • hi_it_is_me123
    Look there are many countries where women have to wear burkha or have to wear modest clothes.. You can go there, if you hate how women dress in western countries.
    Furthermore, average women dont dress like this and even if they do none of your business as long as they dont break laws. The celebrities dress like this on purpose on met gala because they have to look extravagant because this is the point of met gala etc.
    They are also not naked. Look up the definition of it.
    If you also want people to respect your modest clothes, you have to respect back. Would you like it if someone shame on aka bully you for being modest?
    I am modest myself but i have never ever bothered people who dont dress like me.
    I have seen men walking topless in summer. Do you care about this too? Do you only care about women's clothes?
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    • Men can show off their nipples aka can walk topless. Women in these pics do not show off their vaginas. Comparing men's junks which are reproductive organs aka sexual organs with sexual traits such as female breasts, men's breast hair or beard is extremely stupid

    • I actually agree with some of your points. You are right. An average woman or overweight woman can't get away with if she wears extrem revealing clothes

    • I am fully against showing off your reproductive organs aka sexual organs like vagina etc. Now i notice in some pics that you almost see the sexual organ some of these women. I think this is not ok because men also can't do that except they are on nude beaches etc.
      I actually dont understand why anyone would wear extremly revealing clothes but i dont care since it is their life as long as they dont break laws

  • genericname85
    i guess... you should watch pornstar awards. it's quite ironic. if you pretend you don't know who's a musician dna who's a pornstar and you watch the award shows side by side, you'd think the pornstars are the musicians. cause they actually dress modestly in their award shows.
  • Friendlybro79
    Who cares what they're dressed in? They aren't breaking any laws. And to the person who asked this question... You seem to know an awful lot about what everyone's wearing. If you're so disgusted how about not paying attention to celebrities then?

    It's not like their decision to wear these outfits impacts the health of themselves or others.
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    • yes it does impact mental health of others

    • @yesyesyeysyeysae well it's not breaking a law and if your mental health is impacted by someone wearing clothing that you deem inappropriate, I'd suggest seeking help for that because it's not illegal. Anyone can be affected by anything but if it's not illegal then you have to cope with the idea that people do things differently. To those few people bothered.. Don't look, change the channel whatever you need to do.

  • litty
    It's not like it's a new thing. Kim Kardashian rose to fame because of a sex tape. She also posed nude for playboy. The more skin people show the more they are talked about. Even if it's bad publicity it stills helps them become more recognized as a house hold name.
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  • Rachelspiks
    My only real concern here is how impractical those outfits must be to wear. You couldn't really do much of anything (like sit down) in them without worrying that something might go wrong.
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  • dragoblack
    No, it's an advertisement for fashion companies, which is why the term "who are you wearing?" Is used. And god has nothing to do with the event, that's just your religious shite. Yes, they do get awards for their accomplishments, but their outfits are advertising for fashion companies
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  • pleasestopthis
    It never did, they're just trashy women without an ounce of class. Those women will probably never in the "best dressed" list.
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  • 007kingifrit
    i think its just time to stop respecting and watching hollywood. they do not represent us. they do not care about us. they do not even like us.

    it isn't normal what they do. ignore them
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  • NicoletteXO
    I don't know what this trend is about - other than attention seeking. It's amazingly tacky.
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  • Daniela1982
    They were just airing their laundry before washing them. The designers of those wash rags need to find another job. Ho's dress that way because they can and are trying to stay popular. These award shows are becoming nothing more than Burlesque shows. I don't even watch these shows to see a bunch of desperate women showing their wares before they go back to the "cat house" for the night. It's sad when you are getting over the hill and have to resort to nudity to retain your 15 minutes in fame.When Did Being Naked Become The New Formal?
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  • Tstrbrainer
    Why are you so butt hurt? Women have beautiful bodies and they can either show off or hide it. The point is they have the freedom to, and it's important.

    Of course men can't really show off their dicks, but also most straight men don't want to.
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  • najekim
    In reality there are only three actual reasons to wear clothes in the first place, inclement weather, medical necessity, & safety (I won't want to do welding nude). Otherwise, being nudists, the world should be nude. Nothing shameful of the Human body regardless of color, size, or shape.
  • IcedLemonade
    Sexual imagery is a sedative for political control. The first thing the Israelis did when they conquered their land is broadcast porn on all the palestinian's tv stations, to decrease resistance.
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  • RolandCuthbert
    Only in the USA do folks get weird over a set of tits.
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  • MountAverage
    Formal? Those are events for artists. It's the most normal thing in the world for artists to dress unusual for such events. At actual formal events, these outfits wouldn't be allowed.
    But the more important question is - who the fuck cares?
  • 1b9l8r1
    Well, naked was formal in various ancient societies, so probably as long as the concept of “formal” has existed. I prefer modest clothing, but the opinion on women showing skin varies wildly from objectification to empowerment. Personally I think it would be hilarious if a male actor showed up in boxers and a top hat.
  • jshm2
    Relax kiddo. They were short of material due to the pandemic, so had to come up with something on short notice.
  • Grownlady8
    This is our world now.. smh. We have to stay grounded and true to ourselves
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  • Ryfyle
    Well when your hitting the wall at Mach 5 and normal people don't give a fuck about you, time to wear duct tape to a formal event to soak up all that wonderful attention. How long till they just show up nude?
  • TheAfrikan
    Am totally against that kind of dressing style no matter how muvh I do love fashion.
    I wouldn't be happy if my girl would even try dressing like that out in public.
    I do prefer a decent elegant dressed woman who shows not her skin like that.
  • Flower7
    This trend is a bit odd, especially for fancy occasions.
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  • MrSwisher
    y'all get angry for pop culture because trashy while you pay attention to it. I personally couldn't give a F because it doesn't touch my life and they have the views and the cash because YOU watch and consume.
  • Surely
    They have to do something to get the public’s attention. Since because of some of the things that came out of their mouths recently. Their viewership had dwindled!
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  • jangljy
    After people decided to start asserting their own versions of comfortable, stopped being herded and grouped into categories for media and the stock markets to sell to, took stock in themselves and started owning their own images. since then
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    • jangljy

      Oh and also, the covid aftermarket demanded a lot more attention than the covid PRE market, and apparently, nothing does that quite like nudity

    • jangljy

      You know, were all going to have to start fucking a bit more like rabbits, if were going to keep the human species alive, with this covid dropping us off like flies that is... and were going to have to let go of the racial discrimination thing too, if were going to get our numbers up to a survivable ratio to covid deaths... just something to think about...

  • monkeynutts
    Yeah pretty ugly clothing anyway. Better to wear something sensible, and not look like a sex worker.
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  • karaspara
    It hasn't but celebrities don't live in the real world and hey they gotta catch those headlines
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  • NorthwestRider
    Sounds like you are you are a triggered prude?

    Plus is being naked natural?
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  • look44
    Good question. Though these pictures are of a certain kind of people in a certain kind of events. So it's not something that would be accepted as "formal" or even "normal" in most formal situations.
  • elizamichale1
    I like that actually n wish it could become normal in daily life too
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  • SuperDupper10
    This occurred in a slow and progressive fashion, In short it has happened as a result of people loosing their integrity and moral fiber in an attempt to get attention.
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  • Phoenix98
    There's nothing fashionable about dressing like a whore or corner worker.
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  • Caunsos
    The little kim example you posted and in 1999 so over two decades ago at least. now stop your out rage and move along