Pageants vs Modelling. Which one should you choose?


Hello fellow beautiful humans, I am here with another take that will most likely only get a few opinions but hey , who cares right? Even if one of you enjoy this, it is worth the effort and time.

Today's topic is pageants vs modelling. You may be wondering , huh? Somebody who does pageants can also model or vice versa. BEEP! WRONG!. Sure , it is possible and there are examples of that. While pageants and modelling have it's similarities , let's see which one you would rock better , shall we ?

Oh , I forgat that I can't see and talk to you . So I am just going to assume you are the person I will write about.

Your name is Amy. You are 22 years old and you are a law student. You are from the States.You were raised in an upper middle class family . You went to private schools and you speak 2 other languages besides English (Spanish and French). Your parents hired private tutors since grade 4 to make sure you get the best grades possible , it worked! You started playing the piano from a young age and mastered it. Many people admire how smart and successful you are at such young age.

Sounds good doesn't it? But hey! Am I pretty too?

You are around 170 cms. You have healthy long hair and healthy skin. You get manicures and pedicures every week. Your skin is smooth and shiny. You are good at makeup.You are in good shape with OK proportions. You take good care of yourself. Maybe you are not a head turner but surely , most people would agree that you are attractive.

Amy example
Amy example
Amy example
Amy example

And , there is this girl you know, Natasha. You met Natasha in the beauty salon you usually go to. You aren't super close but you guys get along well.

Natasha is a 19 year old who moved to the States 2 years ago with her single mom and younger brother. Her family struggles financially and Natasha had a part time job in high school. She always wanted to go to college but she can't afford it just yet. She works as a waitress in a famous diner now and saving up for college while providing for her family. Her mother recently found a job as a nail technician . In fact, she is your nail lady. Natasha speaks fluent Russian - for obvious reasons and she is suprisingly good in English too.

How does Natasha look?

Natasha is quite tall. 5'11 - 6'0. She has natural blonde hair and blue eyes. She does not work out often but is physically active and fit because of her job. She is quite skinny. She does not have much curves. She is also low maintenance compared to you. She rarely does makeup and never got a manicure done. Despite all of that, she is still really unique and gorgeous looking. She has innocent and natural beauty.

Natasha Example
Natasha Example
Natasha Example
Natasha Example

Let's meet your besties now! Kiki and Lucy. You have known them since primary school and you guys were the power trio. You blindly trust them and love them like the sisters you always wish you had.

Hey, I'm Kiki!

Kiki plays tennis professionally since middle school. She earned a full scholarship from Princeton to study Marine Biology. She spent most her free time in high school to go to gym and researching - except for hanging out with you of course. Boys loved Kiki and she was usually the homecoming queen. However, she never really liked a boy truly to this day. She is a total perfectionist .She was a straight A student. She recently got a new job and started earning 6 figures at 22 years old!

Wow.. Almost as smart as me! Is she pretty too?

Yup, indeed. Kiki's mom used to host a TV show and almost every men had a crush on her. Luckily, Kiki inherited her mom's beauty and dad's brain. Kiki is around 165 cms tall. She is athletic , petite and slim. Just like you, she also takes good care of herself. She is always on a diet and works out every single day. Her great genetics help her maintain her gorgeous skin and super fit body.

Kiki Example
Kiki Example
Kiki example
Kiki example

Did you forget me Amy?? Hey there, I'm Lucy.

Lucy had a huge love for horse since she was a kid. Her family owned a big ranch and raised race horses. She would go there every weekend and train with the best trainers. She did not care much about her grades, her family owned millions of dollars and they made sure to spoil their little daughters. Lucy's future was already planned by her parents. She would go to Stanford and study business , then she would take over the family business with her older sister. Lucy had diffrent plans though. She decided to go to Italy to study veterinary medicine. She graduated last year and now lives in Milan. Her parents are slightly dissapointed that Lucy did what she always wanted and fell in love with a broke but surely stunning Italian man - Roberto..They recently got engaged.

Oh.. Lucy sounds fun. What does she look like?

Well, Lucy was never the girl who cared about how she looked. She is petite and around 160 cms. She always had the same barely done hairstyle , basic clothes and no makeup. She still managed to look cute somehow .She could not care less about what people think about her. She also was - and still is a big foodie. She hated any form of physicaly activity and would rather lay on the couch and watch movies instead. Her younger self would manage to maintain her figure despite the lack of activity, but now in her 20s, she started to gain some weight.

Lucy example
Lucy example
Lucy example
Lucy example

Hi Amy. I haven't seen you in a while. How are you?

How could I forget? Let me introduce you guys to Audrey. My only female cousin.

Honestly , I never truly liked Audrey. She always seeemed so immature but I know that she is harmless and kind. Audrey is 2 years younger than me, 20. She grew up in front of cameras and audience. She is such a diva. She always walks in the most extra way possible by swinging her hips and doing the runway 'leg cross'. It bothers me a lot. She always seems so thirsty for attention and it works! Whenever we go out, at least one guy shows interest in her. She wants to be a famous actress one day and taking steps towards that direction. She graduated from high school with average grades and did not bother to go to college. Instead, she got a part time job as a personal trainer and does acting gigs as the other part.

Um Amy.. You sound annoyed. Can you possibly be jealous of her beauty?

Okay, fine. There is no denying that Audrey is stunning. Our family members always referred to her as the prettiest one of the family. She has big , deep eyes and youthful looking round cheeks. Her face looks innocent and sweet but nothing special.If her face was on an average body, you would just say that she is 'cute'. Her body on the other hand is just wow. She is around 175 cms tall. She has long legs with toned thighs and calves. Her waist is tiny compared to her hips and despite her wide hips, her butt is toned and perky. She has round shaped and big breasts even tho she works out and has low body fat. Her curves are just incredible and she knows that.

Audrey example
Audrey example
Audrey example
Audrey example

Umm alright. Why did you tell us about 5 girls in detail?

To make you understand the concept better,duh. Just be patient.

Here We Go

You(Amy) wake up at 8:30 am to your phone's alarm sound. You annoyedly turn it off and go to the toilet. You do your regular morning routine and wear the outfit you picked last night. You look at the mirror and focus on your imperfections, as always! You then do your makeup, put on your earrings, grab your cute purse and get in your Tesla. You listen to Doja Cat while driving to school. You stop at starbucks drive-thru as usual to grab your soy milk latte and egg sandwich. As you are about to order, you see an interesting flyer on the wall.

Miss American Lady could be you! Are you a woman between the ages 18-27? Apply now for a chance to win the crown and a cash prize of 100.000 USD!

'Wow. Why would they give away that amount of cash? Just for being pretty?' You question the flyer then leave for class after getting your order. Your lecture starts and you sit on the front row, taking notes and listening to the professor carefully. You get a phone notification and you look at your phone. It's a text from Kiki.

Kiki: Girl! Check out this link. I am thinking of joining the Miss American Lady. Do you think it's legit or they are scammers?

You wait till break to reply to Kiki. You take a look on the website and it looks pretty legit. You search the previous winners and the stages of the competition. You text Kiki.

Amy: I saw the flyer this morning. I couldn't believe at first but after a bit of research, I figured out that it is legit.

Kiki sends out an online application form to the pageant. She did not need the money but the publicity which would come would benefit her.

Audrey also applied, as expected after her agent told her about the pageant. She took it very seriously and practiced every day for hours. She did not want the money, she wanted to be seen.

Natasha's mom sent the form on Natasha's behalf. They could really use the money and Natasha was known to be gorgeous by everyone.

Lucy applied as a joke. She thought pageants were sexist and outdated.

And you, took a deep breath and applied hesitantly. You were never a big fan of pageants but you could use that money to open your own law firm.

You get a call a month later. They liked your application and they are calling you to the semi finals which is tomorrow.

You get super excited and prepare yourself for the interview.

The next day,you walk into the venue and you see young ladies wearing ball gowns with full face of makeup while you are wearing a casual dress and sandal heels. You try to stay calm but you are super nervous and dont know what to expect. You hear a familiar voice so you turn around. It's Audrey. She is in a maxi slit dress , platform heels and bold makeup.

Audrey: Cuz! Is that you? Since when do you do pageants?

Amy: Look, Audrey. Im not in the mood for your jokes. Im super nervous.

Audrey: Ah come on. Your outfit does not matter anyway. Because we will be wearing swimsuits. Yayy!

Amy:What? Even for the semi- finals?

Audrey: Duh. They need to see your body. You got this Ames.

Amy: This was a mistake..

Audrey: Ouhh, the judges arrived. Im gonna refresh my makeup. Love yaa, bye.

Shortly after, the girls answered the interview questions one by one and judges were stunned by your smart answers.

You see Kiki and Lucy from far and get shocked. Just as you were about to talk to them, announcement said that the interview was over and the contestants should change into the swimsuits in the locker room.

Everyone quickly rushes there and changes into their swimsuits. You blink and take a deep breath and boom! You passed the semi-finals and you are one of the 20 girls to attend the finals. Your confidence bloomed and you worked out more till the finals.

* Drumroll *

The results are being announced.

OUR THIRD RUNNER UP IS 'NATASHA DOROSHIN' . Natasha happily walks and grab her sash and poses for the camera.

OUT SECOND RUNNER UP IS 'KIKI ANDERSON'. Kiki walks to grab her sash while trying to hide the dissapointment in her face.

OUR FIRST RUNNER UP IS 'AUDREY CRYSTAL'. Audrey dramatically starts crying as if she is the winner and hug the lady who crowned her. She then waves to the audience, blows kisses to them and poses to the camera.

You feel proud to get out of your comfort zone and you feel happy about your friends and cousin's titles. You wait excitedly for he winner's announcement.

THE WINER OF MISS American LADY 2022 IS.... 'AMY JONES'. You gasp in shock and doubt what you heard is true. Audrey runs and hugs you. They place a big crown on your head and hand you the check.

You can be confused now because you expected results to be diffrent. Well, let me explain why.

Lucy eliminated on semi-finals because she was out of shape and had a masculine walk. She went back to Milan and started her old life.

Natasha, even though most of you would think she is prettiest, placed 4th because of her lack of education. Pageant queens have to be educated and smart. Luckily, the owner of a famous modelling agency noticed her in the pageant and offered her a contract. She now does high fashion modelling and started online college.

Kiki placed 3rd because of her body. I know that it sounds shalow but beauty queens need to whole package. Judges thought she lacked curves but because of her walk and intelligene, she managed to be in top 5. Her instagram following increased rapidly and she got casted for a TV show which educated children about animals. She is a local celebrity.

Audrey killed it on stage. You could see the confidence in her eyes. Her walk was sexy and feminine. The judges loved her body as well. Even though she didn't go to college, she answered the interview questions perfectly.Then why didn't she win? Because she can not compete with a lawyer who is pretty. She got noticed by a director and got a big role in the upcoming Fast and Furious!

And you, dear Amy. You looked good in the stage. You answered the interview questions so humbly and intellegently. Judges thought that you are the whole package. Pretty, smart , hardworking, succesful and kind. You are the perfect example for young women. You opened a law firm with your prize and you have many clients thanks to the publicity you got.

So basically: Skinny + tall + gorgeous = Model

Curvy + confidence + beauty = A list actress

Intelligence + confidence + beauty + dedication = Beauty queen

Hope you enjoyed myTake ! Follow for more

Pageants vs Modelling. Which one should you choose?
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