Girls, which of these guys would you rather date? (And why?)


"The Gentle Giant"

Arms big enough to bend steel girders. Even the "bad boys" lower their gaze and make room for him as he enters a room. But he's soft spoken, and a tender soul, who would never harm a fly. He cries at beautifully written poems, and roots for the good guy in soppy romantic films, but if a home invader ever came trespassing, he could put their whole upper body through a solid brick wall without breaking a sweat.

He could easily squeeze the life out of you, but hed rather give you a long, warm bear hug instead
He could easily squeeze the life out of you, but he'd rather give you a long, warm bear hug instead

"The roughneck with a heart of gold"

Can fix anything around the house that's busted. Has a no-nonsense, unsympathetic demeanour. Some may be put off by his gruff exterior and caustic, ball-busting sense of humour. But he's fiercely loyal to his family and friends, and will sacrifice his own comfort to make sure his wife, kids, parents, and coworkers are treated right. His word is his honour, and to him a handshake means more than any legal contract.

An "easy days work" is a phrase which does not exist in his vocabulary
An "easy day's work" is a phrase which does not exist in his vocabulary

"The straight-edge good samaritan"

What this do-gooder may lack in excitement and passion, he excels in being dependable and generous. His good-hearted nature extends not only to his family, friends, and local community, but also to the dispossessed, the homeless, and the downtrodden. You'll most likely find him spending every second Friday evening at the local soup kitchen, rather than the local nightclub. He brings his community together and provides a moral compass for the people around him, and he leads by example for his kids, tirelessly doing the good and proper thing, even when some criticise him as being "dull" or "inflexible".

His summer BBQs and community meet n greets are a treat for the whole neighborhood
His summer BBQs and community meet 'n' greets are a treat for the whole neighborhood

"The freewheelin' vagabond"

This free spirit is a true hippie at heart, his wanderlust bringing him to new and foreign lands, while also making him feel uncomfortable being "chained down" to a more static way of living. He lives by the "no shoes, no shirt, no problem" motto, and disdains any form of materialistic commercialism. He may not have the most stable life situation or long term career plan, but his reverence for life itself infuses everything you do together with a sense of adventure and significance. You may not always know where you're heading with him, but you can be sure there'll never be a dull moment.

When you book a flight together, itll likely be a one-way ticket
When you book a flight together, it'll likely be a one-way ticket

"The silver-tongued persuader"

This guy has a penchant for the finer things in life, and he knows just what to say and whose palms to grease to get those finer things. The persuader is used to having things go his own way, and as a result, he's usually found in high-growth industries like real estate, day trading, stock brokerage, law firms, or high-end, commission-based direct sales. He doesn't much care for dealing with people's emotions, but he's adept at telling them what they want to hear. He expects you to look your best at all times, as he sees you as a reflection of his own status and success. But in return, he'll pamper you like a queen, and make sure every bell boy, waiter, patron, and business associate treats you like a celebrity.

Hed rather be caught dead before turning up to a social function appearing anything less than his "best"
He'd rather be caught dead before turning up to a social function appearing anything less than his "best"

"The shy, sensitive artist"

This guy wears his heart on his sleeve, and it shows. He may be awkward at large social gatherings, and doesn't always have the "smoothest" things to say. But he sees beauty in places where nobody else even looks. He sees the "universe in a grain of sand", and this perspective and devotion to beauty and truth gives him an insight and sensitivity to his surroundings that borders on prophetic. He knows when you're feeling down, and knows just the right way to empathise and bring you back from the darkness. Because he's probably been tempted by that same darkness himself, as his tendency to be misunderstood by others can leave him feeling isolated from "common folk", who tend to talk over him and ignore the rich tapestry that is his inner world of feelings, ideas, intuitions, and expressions of tenderness. Loving him takes a delicate touch, but his compassion and appreciation has almost no equal in a world that can appear callous and uncaring by comparison.

He can be melancholy and withdrawn at times, but hell love you with limitless affection and sincerity
He can be melancholy and withdrawn at times, but he'll love you with limitless affection and sincerity

"The daredevil"

Lives fast, wild, and always in the moment. The daredevil would rather go mountain climbing than IKEA shopping. He'll expect you to keep up with his fast-paced, living-on-edge ways, but as long as you're willing to turn up for his next adventure, you'll find him a constant source of motivation and inspiration. Physical and mental limits mean nothing to the daredevil, and although this reckless approach can land him in hot water, he'd rather die than live in complacency and fear.

Just another Tuesday for this thrill-seeker...
Just another Tuesday for this thrill-seeker...

"The reclusive seducer"

Enigmatic and complicated, he prefers to spend time in his metaphorical castle, rather than go into town to mix with the village folk. Something of a loner, he's nonetheless extremely seductive, with a brooding energy that emanates male power and quiet charisma. There's a darkness lurking somewhere behind his piercing blue eyes, and his sexual appetites would make even the more experienced BDSM dungeon master look "vanilla" in comparison. While he takes consent and safe words seriously, you should nonetheless be willing to check your ego at the door of his "pleasure room". He may not be the most emotionally healthy or socially well-adjusted bachelor, but you'll experience dark pleasures with him that rest precariously on the needlepoint between "kinky" and "questionable".

Your father wouldnt approve, but your girlfriends understand perfectly...
Your father wouldn't approve, but your girlfriends understand perfectly...
Girls, which of these guys would you rather date? (And why?)
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  • startingfitness

    Man no1.
    Respected by all, loved by women.
    Respect by men, unfortunately not always by women. Still women would like him a lot more than the soft boys.
    Liked by most. Unfortunately doesn't get enough respect or love.
    Liked by few, respected by few, lovee by few. Although id say he scores more women than no.3
    Disliked by men, liked by women, respected by many. doesn't have trouble finding women.
    If popular, liked by many, hated by many and gets plenty of women.
    If unpopular, disliked by many , doesn't get respect and unlikely to get girls. Might be better with girls than no3 though. I don't know for sure.
    Respected by men, liked by many women. Not bad at all, but not the best either. This is more impressive to men tbh.
    Very similar to no5. Except slightly less socially adept.

    I think no.5 gets most girls followed by no.8 and no.1. No.6 might be as good as 5 or even more but it really depends on popularity. 7 and 2 are doing fine. 3 and 4 are the ones that get the least respect and love. Sometimes they are joined by 6 if he is a failed artist.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • PaganWarrior

    The artist for me, and maybe the gentle giant too. At least he can keep you safe. The silver tongued man may look nice, but he'd just probably love himself more than you lol... And let's face it, girls, we all want our men to be a bit of the last one ;) lol.

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  • AmandaYVR

    Wow, very interesting write-ups. Bet you had fun writing them.

    I'd probably prefer "The shy, sensitive artist". I relate to his beauty, truth, insight, empathy, darkness, isolation. Not sure about the "heart on his sleeve" and being talked over parts. I would describe a person more as not having any need to outshine others, but he knows who he is inside, even if he seldom finds people he relates strongly to. I don't mind reserved, as long as eventually they are able to tell me how they feel about me and the relationship. To be inside that very private inner circle of two, with a very discerning person who lets few people in... is gold.

    But on the "reclusive seducer" I looove the descriptors "enigmatic and complicated", "brooding energy", "quiet charisma", "There's a darkness lurking somewhere behind his piercing blue eyes". These really speak to me as well. But I wouldn't be compatible with the BDSM stuff. I can't stand bondage and control. But rabid enthusiasm, passion, can be very intoxicating and infectious, if you are also aligned in other ways, emotionally and such.

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  • anniisa

    The shy, sensitive artist I think.
    The roughneck with a heart of gold sounded good at first but tbh that just reminds me of my family members so I'm good.

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  • AdithyaR

    I really like how you've described each guy. Really cool question. I actually rwsfi this and found myself to be somewhere between Samaritan, artist and daredevil with just the vagabonds love for travel.
    But I guess I'm mostly oriented towards the artist.

    Anyways, really interesting questions dude. Really interested in knowing what kind of answers show up

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    • Yeah I'm an INFP which puts me mostly in "artist" territory. But as another commenter pointed out, an artist who has his life together can do very well with women, but a "failed artist" will run into troubles finding women who will accept him. I'd say I also have a bit of vagabond and a smidge of persuader, I look up to "daredevil" adventurer types but I'm probably too introspective to really become one for anything beyond short term

    • AdithyaR

      Yeah I guess I'm same for the adventurer part. I don't do it very often.

  • bobalife

    Definitely "The shy, sensitive artist" who is introspective and a geunine soul as #1 "The Gentle Giant" who can be romantic and make me feel safe. "The straight-edge good samaritan" who has passion and goodness out of his heart for the world. And keeping it spicey with "The reclusive seducer" hehe.
    This was a really fun and interesting question! hahaha

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  • thegirlfromthething

    The straight-edge good samaritan or the silver-tongued persuader. I usually like the mild-mannered, sweet do-gooders but I like the charismatic persuasive, high-powered type too. I definitely enjoy the finer things and I do believe in keeping up appearances.

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  • ZackBan

    I have found that as far as people go it's not always one or the other.
    A sliver mouthed persuader can also be a daredevil these two do not conflict.
    Others my match too.

    Personally I identify in many of these categories (not all) but unfortunately it doesn't seem I'm anyone's type

    • Oh definitely, these are meant more as archetypal representations rather than fully realised individuals

  • TonyV

    I hink I'm like the "sensitive artist" that really resonates with me, i feel I'm pretty empathetic, I feel like I can usually say the exact right words if given enough time to think my response and I donstrughle in large social settings.

    I would like to evolve into the "gentle giant" but gym life is hard tho lol, got a long way to go.

    So if either of those 2, my goal or my current state get a lot of votes that would be pretty cool lol

  • Virgo31

    the bad boy cause that’s so adorable. Acting tough but he’s just so kind and sensitive

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  • FictionalCharacter

    "The roughneck with a heart of gold"


    "The daredevil"

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  • 1truekhaleesi

    Shy, sensitive artist. It reminds me of my boyfriend, who always makes me feel special and happy.

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  • KeziL

    Definitely the roughneck with the heart of gold or the straight-edge good samaritan

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  • Kimdracula9

    Definitely the roughneck with a heart of gold. Would be so fun to do DIYs with him lol

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  • 19magic

    The second one tbh I've always been more for the handsy type of guys, just never really met one lol

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  • KingdomForAKiss

    Roughneck with a heart of gold
    Straightedged good samaritan

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    • AndrewMG

      @kingdomforakiss Roughneck with a heart of gold/Staightedged good Samitatan, we've both agreed these are you're karoke alter ego's! lol

    • @AndrewMG my karaoke personas are vast, doll... I've got the Big Spender/Broadway ego and the soulful bar singer too. I think we need to dive deeper into YOUR alter egos.

    • AndrewMG

      @kingdomforakiss Dive away lol, I'll give you the first 2 alter ego's for free lol. So I'm aggressive and nasty on a football field but laid back and quiet in every other aspect of my life. So I play 5 a side football every now and then in a local league. I spend the whole game essentially kicking my opponents (I'd like to say dazzling them with my skill, but that's happening less and less these days lol). After the game we inevitable meet in the bar and it's starts with a queue of people basically wanting to hit me after our game, but it ends with us all having a good laugh. So that's my 5 a side football alter ego lol

  • amyba

    The roughneck guy and mr grey... from the first 50 shades movie because in the last one he became submissive

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  • jirwin7979

    wow i read all of em and will say i fit at least 3 to 4 things on each one

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  • MzAsh

    The shy, sensitive artist or the gentle giant.

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    • Oh that's interesting. You kinda strike me as quite assertive so i figured you'd probably prefer a guy who's equal or higher in assertiveness to "keep up with you". But maybe opposites attract. Unless I've misread you entirely, I'm going off some broad assumptions

    • MzAsh

      I come from many years of *not* being assertive enough and I’ve suffered from it. So it’s something I try to apply more in my life.

      Some of the other guys seem to have some appeal in ways but I wonder if there would be conflict in other.

      For example, the roughneck doesn’t sound bad but I’d eventually worry about that unsympathetic nature. This could easily turn him into an asshole type.

      The vagabond sounds interesting but in the long term I’d get tired of not knowing what’s going on with what he wants to where he wants to be, seems too potentially impulsive.

    • MzAsh

      This is a cool question by the way!

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  • Jac2424

    Rough neck with a heart of gold and the daredevil.

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