My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...


Seems as if there's a lot of these around so I felt like writing my own as I feel I look for something a bit different in guys!


Height is not an issue for me. I'm 5'5" and my tallest boyfriend was 5'10" and the shortest guy I went on a date with was 5'2". I won't lie it felt a little strange but I didn't feel an emotional connection to him, the same as when I've gone on dates with taller guys before, height didn't play a part in that.

Build isn't important to me either. I have had a super skinny boyfriend before and didn't feel less attracted to him, though it was weird that I was heavier than him and scared I was going to hurt him during sex! I'm not attracted to guys that go to the gym though at all, I can appreciate the work that goes into having a toned body with a 6 pack but I want a boyfriend who will eat desserts with me, not worry about nutrition and spending his time working out eating salad, chicken and protein shakes. I tend to find in my experience a lot of these guys tend to be very shallow too and get a lot of female attention and can be quite vain. I'm fine with a guy that's overweight too as long as it's not extreme.

Brent Smith from Shinedown has a body type I really like.
Brent Smith from Shinedown has a body type I really like.

Hair, skin and eye colour are not important. I have a personal preference of light blonde or black hair that is long (as in past shoulders) but won't say no to someone I connect with who has no hair or short brown hair. Eyes are the same, I like blue and green but it's not important at all. I don't care what skin colour you have either, though I have only gone out with white guys before (not had interest from other skin coloured men)

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...
My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...

Tattoos and piercings are bonuses for me, but not essential. I find them attractive but if you don't want them or have them then that's cool but you have to at least tolerate them as I do like them and have some. I probably won't be attracted to you if you have a face full of metal and ink though.

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...

Body Hair I actually don't like it when guys shave body hair. I like stubble on the face, and natural arms, leg, pubic and chest hair. By all means trim down there if you must but I really don't find shaved attractive at all. I want a guy with leg hair, not smooth like a doll >.<

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...


Alternative is my preference. I like guys wearing black, ripped jeans, gothic attire, leather jackets and boots. Jewellery is sexy on a guy too. If you only live in tracksuits, skinny jeans that show your ankles and follow typical fashion then I wouldn't necessarily outright say no but it's unlikely you will share my interests since style usually expresses your personality. You will need to tolerate my style as well which can sometimes be a little extreme.

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...


Being Empathic is probably my main priority. I want someone who cares about others, animals and the environment. I don't eat meat but won't force you to do the same as long as you can respect my decision. If you like hunting then we won't get on. The same if you don't care about the environment and think it's ok to litter (one thing I hate most about humans)

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...

Being a Good listener, Need I say more?

Doesn't like to be centre of attention~ I don't like vain egotistical people and find them arrogant and very self centred, not caring about anyone else. I would go for the quiet mysterious type with a book over the loud party animal any day.

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...

Genuine~ speaks for itself again really. I would prefer someone who doesn't use social media a lot either due to the amount of superficial behaviour on there.

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...

Reliable/honest~ If you say you are going to do something then please follow through with it. If you are doubting our relationship or us then tell me and we can work on fixing it. I don't trust easily and need someone who won't keep me guessing and making me doubt whether you are telling the truth or not. NEVER lie to me about anything.

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...


Literally all I ask for this is that we share some of the same tastes in music and film. You don't have to like every band I like, or every film but I am into metal and rock music so we may not be the best suited if you only like rap (which I hate) I would prefer you not to be super sporty or a heavy gamer. If you are into art and manga/anime then these are good things!

Please let me have alone time to do my interests as I don't want to feel smothered in a relationship. Let me draw or listen to music in peace every now and again please!

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...

Do not live on your mobile phone. I can go a long time without looking at my phone if we are together and expect the same from you. I see way too many couples on dates who don't talk and just sit scrolling through their phones the whole time. I don't even like phones on the table when we eat, keep them in your bag or pocket.

This is just depressing to me
This is just depressing to me


I don't want children ~ I don't like them and get super uncomfortable around them so if you want children or already have them then you are immediately out of the question.

I won't tolerate alcoholism, excessive gambling, drugs or illegal substances ~ Speaks for itself really. I'm fine with cigarettes as long as you aren't a super heavy chain smoker. But illegal drugs and alcoholism messes with your brain and alters your personality and I don't want that in my life. Gambling can ruin lives as well getting into debt, I've known people do this.

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...

Don't try to control me~ I am very independent, headstrong and stubborn. Don't tell me I can't do something. It's fine to advise me not to or if it really bothers you then say it might be a deal breaker for you then it's up to me to decide whether it's worth it. I had an ex who tried to tell me not to get a tattoo or piercing or go out with some female friends without him and he's now an ex. (for other reasons too) Also please don't force me to open up completely to you straight away, it will take time.

Not wanting marriage one day~ Maybe I'm a bit of a romantic, but marriage has always been a life long dream for me. If you don't want to get married ever then we won't work out, I want that commitment, stability, title, sentimental value and everything to do with that one person. Yes I know divorce can happen, but marriage isn't something I take lightly or want to do on a whim. It's a life commitment so I only want to go through it once.

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...

Having no job~ I don't care if you work for minimum wage or own a multinational company, as long as you are working.I want to save up to go on holidays and buy a home one day with a partner and can't achieve that if you aren't working. I will not support you financially if you don't have a job. If we are in a relationship and you lose your job then I will help you look for one. I wrote my ex's C.V for him, helped him with cover letters and found jobs for him to apply to. I won't tolerate you sitting around doing nothing all day. I work really hard at my job with long hours so you can work as well. If you can't hold a job for long then that might be another issue altogether.

So this is just what I personally look for, I'd like to think I'm not super shallow or anything like that as a lot of girls only like the toned athletic extroverted funny guys with prestigious jobs.

Hopefully this will make some guys realise that not every girl wants a guy like that. Also I seriously don't care what size you are down there, it won't make me more or less attracted to you! :P

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...

PS: I am very lucky and do have wonderful boyfriend who fits pretty much everything I was looking for, so I am not trying to get a date or relationship from this, it was just for fun! :P

My Slightly Different Preference For Guys...
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  • Anonymous
    Honestly when that man that takes your breath away and makes your heart beat faster, that man who's touch sets you on fire without even trying to be sexual, that man that you wouldn't even have to think about it but you'd die for them in a blink if a eye, that man who you never want to live even a second without comes around a lot of what you think you want or dont want changes immediately
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    • Nope, I won't tolerate drugs no matter how perfect he is in other ways :/ And that is the same with all my deal breakers as they are lifestyle choices too. I don't want children and if he had them then it still won't happen. Appearances I am way more leiniant about but not lifestyle choices like that :/

Most Helpful Guy

  • cavmanier
    "Do not live on your mobile phone"

    That is the WORST 😂 Some kids can't talk more than 10 seconds without being bored and clicking on their chat name list.

    You do have fairly unusual tastes, but mine are also particular in my own way. It's important to find the qualities you enjoy being around.
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    • Yes, I agree >.<
      In what way are yours particular? :)

    • cavmanier

      Particular in a few ways. I'm only attracted to certain body shapes and weights and without it, it's not going to work. They have to treat me really well in ways like listening well, not being angry, being compassionate and a few things like that. I'm picky about looks and personality, but I feel like I want to give them a lot in return.

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  • Logorithim
    It's good that you know what you want in a guy and have found the Right guy.
  • mobligator
    One thing I leaned early in my life is that every girl has a different preference in the men she likes or wants to date. I suppose men feel the same way but with men sexual attraction plays a big part and I think it does likewise for many women. In my day what woman wouldn't go to bed with Elvis but they ended up with a man not nearly as attractive but someone they found that was her type.
  • VixenRach
    Cool take, I'm glad you have the guy you wanted 😂😊
    • Thank you! It's taken me a few relationships to find him but he's worth the wait! :D

  • Lance1965
    You sound almost too good to be true!

    I like it...
    • Haha thank you! In what way? :P

    • Lance1965

      Pretty much all of it. I think that is a first for this site.

    • I'll take that as a compliment~ thank you ^_^

  • TripleAce
    Internet is life... One day I want to go inside it and live there... Possible?
  • Letitgoogoo
    Great take!
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • Montana07
  • Skali9119Liska
    You’re basically looking for me 🤨
  • BonnieBunny
    βœΏβ—• β€Ώ β—•βœΏ
  • LeoElias
    😉 I'm down for whatever. Hit me up
  • Anonymous
    Lol your physical attributes that you prefer described me perfectly but I had a deal breaker, I love drugs and booze
    • I am ok with an occasional drinker but not someone who binge drinks often. You can have the most perfect appearance to me but nothing will make me tolerate drugs :P

  • Anonymous
    Well, this could all change with meeting someone that lights you up.