Have you ever considered buying a thong for tanning?

If you have, where have you worn it?

If you've worn one in the back yard, but not at the beach, would you consider wearing one in public if other people were wearing them more?
  • No, I've never considered it
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  • Yes, and I would wear one at the beach
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  • Yes, and I have worn one at the beach
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  • Yes, and I would wear one in the back yard
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  • Yes, and I have worn one in the back yard
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  • Married man here. I wear men's thongs more often than not the skimpier the better for me. I'm in my backyard now as I type this working on my tan in a thong. I wear them running under my compression shorts for even more support than what the compression shorts offer. I like the covermale pouch enhancing the best, they are the most supportive and I forget what I'm wearing with them. Any other none supportive underwear I wear I always find myself reaching to adjust the twig n berries or they bunch up and are completely uncomfortable so thongs are my number 1 choice anymore!


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What Girls Said 4

  • I tan naked in my backyard... I probably would go tanning in a thong at a beach if there were no kids..

  • I tan in my thong and nothing else in my back yard when my family isn't home.

    Didn't buy it specifically for tanning though hahah

  • I don't know why, but this made me laugh!!! Maybe because the question is coming from a guy:)

  • I only tan in a thong in my backyard if no one else is there or can see me. I have tried on a thong swimsuit but I think it's too revealing.


What Guys Said 2

  • First off thong tan lines are amazing second off i only like natural sun to tan my skin and thirdly i love to sun my buns at the beach! I thong it up for sure. I make it look good. I love the freedom. All the rest i dont think about. And i do it for the tan.

  • Thongs are the only style I'll wear for tanning. If I can't tan in a thong I won't tan!!! In appropriate surroundings I'll wear the smallest suit I can, that's either a 'Towie' style one-sider or a slingshot.


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