Why do women tend to like wearing tighter fitting clothing than men?

I just always found it curious how its more socially acceptable for women to wear tighter clothes in public than men. Especially since in the past women weren't allowed to show any part of their body in public.

I'm also thinking about the jeans topic where its hard for women to find jeans that fit right. (Perhaps thats why leggings gained popularity.) If men wore just as tight of jeans would they have just as much trouble? If women wore looser jeans would they fit better?

Also, you know how when men dress in women's clothes for comedy skits. And the clothing is way too small for them, which is part of the joke. I'm just curious if it would look as unusual if the women's clothes on men fit better. Like they took a typically female attire and made the measurements for a certain male's body.

One more thing, its always men thinking women dress and act in ways to turn guys on. But the stereotype is men always think about sex and don't necessarily need the women to do anything to turn them on. So if men are the ones that are trying to have sex, it should be them dressing and acting in ways to turn women on. Men should be trying to get women to come to them not men going to women. I guess its kind of going that way with men starting to wear tighter fitting clothing.

I don't mean any of this to insult or criticize. I'm just curious. I know there's flaws in some of my logic so while you answer the questions if you see the flaws let me know.
Not sure if this is where I put this to reply to all of you. Thanks for the answers. Its interesting how tighter clothes change our idea of male and female though. I'm mostly curious why it happened the way it happened.
I kind of like the constricting feeling of tighter clothing. I don't really wear tight clothes. I don't really go clothes shopping a lot. I kind of just like the feeling.


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  • I would say because me like and accept it. Men do not get significantly more attractive by wearing tight clothes. We just aren't that visual. If you buy those bodycocon dresses the headline usually always goes like "sexy, slimming, tight blue dress". it's supposed to turn men on.

    Like take her for example. I'm sure most men would find that she looks significantly more sexually attractive in the second picture


    And the same goes for average girls. If they have a somewhat decent body it's attractive if they show it. The same is not true for men. or only for really hot men, for guys with an average body, they look significantly better in clothes that flatter the male figure (i.e a suit)


    The second thing is that clothes say something about us. The suit is the traditional symbol of the working class, these days has become more of a sign of wealth, but I'm sure 300 years ago men wearing very tight pants would have been most attractive because that's how the ruling class dressed. The t-shirt was army underwear and then became a symbol of america and freedom from there. For women, well these days it seems like being attractive is the major thing in landing a good partner, not status or something like that so it's logical for women to flaunt that

    In the past it was different. most people liked to marry within their class, so expensive dresses for women also indicated their fathers or husbands wealth.
    And as for why it more covered up. Well precisely because people assumed everything else would turn on men. And in times where premarital or adultery was the worst

    • crime a woman could commit, rape laws were so so, no birth or STD control and people assumed men couldn't control their urges, most people thought it was a good idea to cover their daughters up.
      And religion also played a factor. With religion getting less important, a lot of that did change.

      But wow, first time I ever ran out of characters

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    • I don't think it so much what type of clothes someone wears but how they wear it and how their personal hygiene complements it. Not every person will be attracted to every body to clothing ratio. Some people may be attracted to the less typically attractive body type.

      Are you saying all men care about is how attractive a woman is? I think men care just as much about what certain clothes represent as women. Men use the words slut, tomboy, etc. as much as women. If its all first reaction stuff then its completely based on how they look and what they think it says about them.

      So I guess what I think your saying is men are attracted to bodies and women to clothes. They are both visual it just depends on what they are looking at. I think men are just as attracted to women's clothes and what they say about that woman though. Yes they are also attracted to bodies. I have no clue if women are attracted to men's bodies since I am not a woman.

    • I'll admit I don't know what certain clothes are designed for. I assume they are designed to look the way the buyer wants to look. And I assume most people want to look good, whatever that means to them.

      Also what I'm saying is, I can't see the difference between a t-shirt and a button down shirt. They look the same to me. I don't care what type of body is in it. It's kind of like a bikini and underwear. They look the same to me but some women may have different forms of embarrassment.

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  • because tight clothes flatter our assets!

  • Women wear tight clothes to flaunt their curves and such. But me I don't mind loose clothing sometimes. I don't dress to impress because I so moly already have a bf of 4 years, so why should I dress all hot just to a trip to walmart. I sometimes go out in my sport corning like soccer pants and a hoodie. Comfortable clothing. No need to impress the world 24/7.

    • Not sure why 'so moly' was in that lol sounds weird though..

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    • I feel like most men would be more attracted to women who wear tight clothing and are more of girly girl type. Rather than being attracted to someone wearing baggy pants, sweats, or basketball shorts. I don't get it but if I were a guy I'd lean more towards a girl who doesn't have to try to be beautiful, someone who enjoys wearing sweatpants and a hoodie and doesn't wear much makeup. That's my type of girl lol.

    • First I want to say I don't really know much about what kind of women men are attracted to. I don't really socialize a lot. So anything I say might be completely wrong. I mostly try to think of the difference between what the entertainment industry says men are attracted to and what men are really attracted to.

      But I think what men are attracted to and what men approach are 2 different things. I'm not talking about drunk men or bar/club environments. I guess I'm more curious what kind of look do men approach and what kind of look do women approach. A person may be wearing something really tight, revealing, etc; and we may talk about wanting to have sex with that person and make rude comments to them, but how often does that person get approached. Or approached in a more than objectified manner.

      By the way my type of girl is probably the same as your type of girl lol. Not that I'm basing my type of girl on the way she looks lol.

  • Probably because it shows their figure more. The bigger, the more loose fitting clothes, the more they sink in their clothes and get lost into the abyss. Plus, loose fitting clothes that hang off the body sometimes might make us feel fat.

    • Why do you think we always feel like were fat. I know its more of a women stereotype but I think men think it know too.

      Its interesting to me that they say America is fatter than ever (maybe they say about the world too idk) yet we always feel fat based on the clothes we wear more so than the way we look. We think of ourselves as fat as a bad thing but I wonder if we really care if we are fat at all.

  • Guys do it too. If you got guns show em off.


    Not me but you get the idea.

    • Yeah I know men do it too. It just seems like people think only women think about the way they look.

  • theyre made like that. typically, you dont see a lot of womens clothes looking like mens, where they're baggy or whatever. i think they make them like that because they know men like it

    • But if a guy bought a something thats baggy in a smaller size then they wouldn't be as baggy. Maybe they aren't designed that way its just men buy clothes that don't fit them.

    • not necessarily. many do, but not all

  • Simply because its typically more flattering..

    Men did dress with tight trousers before in colonial times while women covered up more and wore clothes to their ankles.. oh how times have changed! Actually, if you look at middle school fashion its pretty common to see boys wearing skinny jeans which shows tighter clothes are possibly becoming popular and everyone knows that one gym guy who wears too tight of a shirt..

    Generally though this is done because its more common - women dress tighter because baggy clothes are looked at as being worn only by tomboys or overweight people and men dress how they do because tight clothes are thought as feminine.

    • Sorry to just comment on 1 of you but it only let me update twice in one week lol and I had another one.

      Also the tighter the clothing we wear the less it feels like were wearing anything maybe. Maybe we all want to be naked and maybe thats our future. We were naked before and perhaps naked again.

    • Yeah its interesting how men used to dress. Because they used to wear more heel like shoes too. I just wonder why the fashion changed for men and why tight clothes are seen as feminine.

  • To attract man, bro. And to look better than other women.

    A woman's body is their currency, sad but true.

    At least if you are a total superficial asshole.

  • Most girls look attractive as they are, but guys usually need to bulk up or actually work out before their body looks good. So generally, guys tend not to flaunt their figure.

    Not to mention that guys don't like to walk daintily and be constraint by tight-fitting clothing. And then there's also a particular gender stereotype for men who wear tight-fitting clothing.

    • That's true but there isn't much difference between an average female and average male that don't workout.

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    • That's true me personally I'm more attracted to girls that are fit and workout they have better bodies than average girls by far.

    • Yeah I agree with you biggie90. And I would say we approach the average more often and more consistently attracted to the average. But the above and below average is what catches our attention more. Things we like and don't like as opposed to things we are content with. Its kind of like the idea that some people think they have good/bad luck.

      Thanks I like your view.

  • to make themselves feel they are in shape though they aren't

  • A lot of women would wear looser clothes if it wasn't considered unattractive.

    On the flip side, guys are starting to pay attention to their looks more than ever, like you said. Now that women can get jobs, she wants a partner for sexual attraction as much as security.

    • Its interesting to me that at this point in time tighter clothes is more attractive. I wonder what the future will be.

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