Why do women tend to like wearing tighter fitting clothing than men?

I just always found it curious how its more socially acceptable for women to wear tighter clothes in public than men. Especially since in the past women weren't allowed to show any part of their body in public.

I'm also thinking about the jeans topic where its hard for women to find jeans that fit right. (Perhaps thats why leggings gained popularity.) If men wore just as tight of jeans would they have just as much trouble? If women wore looser jeans would they fit better?

Also, you know how when men dress in women's clothes for comedy skits. And the clothing is way too small for them, which is part of the joke. I'm just curious if it would look as unusual if the women's clothes on men fit better. Like they took a typically female attire and made the measurements for a certain male's body.

One more thing, its always men thinking women dress and act in ways to turn guys on. But the stereotype is men always think about sex and don't necessarily need the women to do anything to turn them on. So if men are the ones that are trying to have sex, it should be them dressing and acting in ways to turn women on. Men should be trying to get women to come to them not men going to women. I guess its kind of going that way with men starting to wear tighter fitting clothing.

I don't mean any of this to insult or criticize. I'm just curious. I know there's flaws in some of my logic so while you answer the questions if you see the flaws let me know.
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Not sure if this is where I put this to reply to all of you. Thanks for the answers. Its interesting how tighter clothes change our idea of male and female though. I'm mostly curious why it happened the way it happened.
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I kind of like the constricting feeling of tighter clothing. I don't really wear tight clothes. I don't really go clothes shopping a lot. I kind of just like the feeling.
Why do women tend to like wearing tighter fitting clothing than men?
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