Cut under my nail :(

I cut myself under my right thumb nail.. like where dirt usually accumulates... with a plastic thingie.. it cut evenly on 3/4 of it like 2 millimeters deep right under the nail... it stings every now and then.. I'm wondering if its just gonna heal on itself, or if its possible my nail will fall off?

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  • well you nail will only get off or become unhealy if you peal the dead skin that on the sides of your nail, it wount fall off don't worry xD.. well I say make sure you band-ad it and make sure the two seperacte skins touch, beacuse over time your skin will keep making more skin and it willl evenually come t getther, in like 3 week, jut make sure when you wash isshes that you have gloves on and a band aid all the time, don't keep touching it,... lol I'm not a doctor. just some ordinay teen living her live. xD but I know some things xD .. hope it heals


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  • ha lol this is something I would ask. IF your nail falls off, which it probably wont, it wouldn't matter because a new one is uaually right behind it. It should heal on itself, but it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on it, because of the dirt it can accumulate germs leading to infection. I usually put alcohol on stuff like this. But I'm also a paranoide patty..


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  • If it's only 2mm deep, then your nail isn't likely to fall off. It should heal on its own, but I'd recommend making sure that you keep it clean by cleansing it, applying antibacterial ointment, and covering it with a bandaid if possible.

  • I can say with the full authority and all the certainty of an internet medical expert that your thumb is not infected and that it will heal itself 100%

    Now go show it to a real doctor.

    • Go to a doctor for this? what are you, afraid of heights?

    • You're the one asking a bunch of nobodies if your nail is going to fall off because of a scratch.

    • It went deep lol :(

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