Guys, girls, are pantyhose with runs attractive?

This question was inspired by a Dutch girl's blog. She was annoyed that the pantyhose with dots she likes so much would get ruined so quickly. Just for info: some of you may call them "ladders" instead of runs.

So she tried a bold act: she deliberately made many many more runs in a pair and made selfies that she posted on her blog. It's in Dutch but the pics speak for themselves.

The comments are in Dutch, but they are all very positive. Many girls and guys seem to like her "punk panyhose look". Do you?
  • It's completely outrageous but I like it
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  • It's ridiculous, bin (trash) that worn out textile
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  • I want to try it, just for fun
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Personally I love the style, it really suits some people! But I'm afraid I would never be able to carry it off because it's not really my style.

    • I can imagine that when going to some students party or so, you could try it for fun. Especially if it's in a place where they don't know you :-)
      You'll either get complements or remarks haha!

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    • No problem :) and thanks for the MH :D!

    • Haha, if one day you would try it or see it worn by other people, share the feedback you or the other girl got. hear you later :-)

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What Girls Said 6

  • that's not cute in my opinion

    • I think that maybe school girls (for example at university) could maybe find it funny to wear that when going to "hardrock style" parties.
      I think that if a girl would walk through a shopping street in this outfit people may kindly show her the shop where she can buy new ones :-)

  • I'm Dutch so I could actaully read everything. Anyways' I like it a lot, I do it myself all the the time, and I don't know, it can give your clothes a whole different style. Kinda punk-ish or edgy you know.

    • Haha, perhaps you can contact the girl and exchange a pair... or tease her saying "anyway, my ladders are prettier" :-)

  • I'd never purposely get holes in my tights but I don't mind walking around with holes in them but I'll instantly get rid of them afterwards. Ripped jeans are better :3

    • I think the girl's botton right look combines them with more or less ripped jeans...

  • I don't think it looks good, but that's because the only time you'll ever catch me in pantyhose is for a professional setting. Not into wearing hose for the fun of it.

    • Sounds logical... and do NOT wear those for professional meetings, you won't get the contract I'm afraid :-(

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    • Haha, so you dislike them and wearing them has to be an unavoidable obligation before you'll get them out of the locker... we all have these things we dislike :-)

    • Pretty much :)

  • I would throw them right away. Since i wear pantyhose for school everyday I go through a lot of them in a year.

    • Haha, I can indeed imagine that as part of your school uniform you shouldn't wear those... and based on what girls usually say I assume that if a pair serves you for a week you've been lucky?

  • Not feeling it

    • Haha, I suppose only a very small group of "punk fans" would like the look!
      The girls also explained on her blog that one reason why she tried it was that her favourite hose were among the most fragile... and she wanted to make them live longer.
      In her new concept, ladders make them even more "wearable". But only to some, obviously :-)

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    • Well, I've hesitated to ask this question... was a bit afraid everyone would choose option 2.
      But I'm glad I did - some girls seem to like it and 2 even said they would try it :-)
      Thanks for taking time to answer the question and take care :-)

    • I am also glad you decided to share this with us and hope to see similar questions in the future. :D

      Thanks. You take care, too!

What Guys Said 5

  • I like how hers look even with the run, but the other pics did not look that great, I think that was due to hers having less runs and that the polka dot pattern still made them look nice as opposed to the plain ones.

    • Yes I must say, when I accidentally saw this blog I also found it quite funny but it's nice that she promotes the look and even goes as far as seeking a combination of skirt, jackat and shirt that looks nice with them. It's not the everyday look but she has my sympathy!

  • She is basically asking to get banged...

    • Haha, be careful... you can only be too offensive once... there may be a thin red line between getting the girl or getting handcuffs :-)
      On the other hand, I guess that if a girl wears that she wants to be noticed... but of course not harrassed. I would stick to just telling here with a smile that it's quite a special look. And that could than bring us nearer. Assuming I liked the girl.

  • It's kind of like wearing ripped jeans... it's just a style.

    • Yeah, and it saves girls a lot of money: the more runs in their hose the nicer it looks!
      Instead of a week they can wear them for a year $$$

    • Saves them money, exactly

  • When I get a run in my pantyhose it pisses me off. Besides another pair of pantyhose are trashed I need to replace them... more money. I work retail and pantyhose are dress code and I feel like a bubbling fool serving a costomer with a run in my pantyhose. One guy mentioned to me that there is a run in your stockings and I was so embarrassed I ran to the ladies room, ripped them off and went home.

    • Haha, according to your GAG account you're a guy... but based on your story I assume you're a girl?

  • Looks like homeless bum attire.

    • I had to google for it but yes indeed my search results and the girls'look have a lot in common... your analysis could be spot on!

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