Do You Guys Like Petite Girls With Tomboy Outfits?

So I'm short and physically not that strong. I'm naturally a girly girl but my mood changes everyday. So one day im wearing this :

another day im wearing this bad girl outfit (what i call it lol) :

the thing is i get more attention from guys when i wear the latter. I'm shocked, I always thought guys like girly cute outfits and not "tough girl" image?

I feel comfortable in both styles. But i have to choose one. Which style is the best?
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  • It may be a matter of what your competition is doing.
    More attention for the unusual.
    But being able to change it up is a nice feature :D


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  • you said the word "petite"... so whatever they wear i don't give a damn i don't find them attractive LOL

    • oh i know you're the sick obsessed bastard of this site LOL

    • i may be a sick bastard and whatever you want but at least i don't belong to the boring norm

  • The second one has too much leather for me haha. But something more casual and tomboyish I'd take her!

  • Hey those look great. But it does depend on the mood and occasion. I like girly girls in general. I'm masculine so I prefer feminine girls.

  • A girl wearing the latter one is way easier to aproach. I don't know why, don't ask me. That's why you get more attention probably, however I hate that jacket xD

    • mine is not exactly like the one in the pic but why? why people hate leather black jackets? :( :D

    • I don't hate the leather, I hate the metal on the shoulders

    • im not a big fan of them either lol

  • I like both outfits but I would choose girly girl ever time.

  • I like both depending on my mood. Maybe a bad girls more as it's the wild risky child in her.


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