What's the difference between hot, sexy, cute, pretty, and beautiful?

And can a girl be more than one?


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  • Yes, you can be more than one of these.

    Hot means 'You turn me on.'
    Sexy means 'I want to have sex with you.'
    Cute means 'You're adorable and friendship or platonic girlfriend with similar interests material.'
    Pretty is just hot but minus the sex appeal.
    Beautiful means 'You are the whole package. But I hope you're smart, too.'


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  • Hot: Your body and face are sexually attractive.
    Sexy: Hot but with a certain attitude.
    Cute: Your body and face are romantically attractive.
    Pretty: You are attractive.
    Beautiful: Your everything is attractive and amazing, personality included.

  • Hot/Sexy = I want to fuck you

    Cute = I want to flirt around with you, protect you, kiss you

    Beautiful/Pretty = I want to marry you because you have some damn good genes.

    A girl can be blends of these. For instance, think of a girl with a very elegant face and a big booty and big hips. That's a combination of beautiful and sexy, but it doesn't happen very often.

  • Yeah hot is usually something I would like to have sex with, although I really don't like using this word because I think it just has a bit of a negative connotation on it or something. I don't know, but I feel like calling someone 'hot' goes more towards the media's view of beauty, which is not what I like. I'm more likely to use sexy more.
    Now sexy is essentially the same thing, maybe, but I'd also just like to at least hang out and do stuff with them or something.
    Cute is the best thing in the list. There can be many things in cute: small sized, acting cute, weird, etc. I don't know how to explain it but cute is the best :3
    Pretty and beautiful usually has something to do with the way someone dresses. Pretty is usually closely related to cute, while beautiful related to sexy, where for pretty the colours are bright, usually, and just really cute, and for beautiful, they aren't necessarily cute but they look fantastic anyway.
    Yeah I guess they technically can be.

  • Hot = Fuckable
    Sexy = Fuckable and elegant
    Cute = Fuckable in a delicate way
    Pretty = Fuckable face
    Beautiful = Fuckable and I´m in love

    You can be hot and beautiful.
    Or be sexy and pretty
    Or cute and beautiful

  • When I see a hot girl it makes me me want to hit, but she so fine and confident that I already know I can't get with it.
    And if a sexy girl asks me to fuck, I want to say yes but dont because she's probably acts like a slut.
    Also cute girls are attractive but not so much that I lose hope, I want to ask them out because they seem shy and make me think my chances aren't zero.
    A pretty girl looks good but I won't get with them typically, that's because they're missing something that makes them the type for me.
    And finally a beautiful girl is a female who has pleasing aesthetic visuals, but has a good personality too so its not all physical.

    It rhymes yo

    • Nice rhymes man. Good job. And yeah a lot of it I guess I agree with.

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  • the amount of clothes you have on

  • About ten beers.


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