What is the difference between hot, pretty, cute and beautiful?

Guys, is there a difference between calling a girl hot, pretty, cute or beautiful?

As a girl I tend to pick up on different meanings like if you call a girl hot its more in a sexy way like she's 'do-able', whilst pretty and cute translates to averagely pretty, friendly and cute. And beautiful is like stunning.

I'm sure a lot of other girls think about this too, I know my mates do, but I was wondering, is there actually a difference? Is hot any different to beautiful?


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  • Pretty, cute, and beautiful can all pretty much be lumped together. These mean we think you're sweet and adorable. Beautiful is little stronger but they are all about the same. You were right about "hot" too; it means you're do-able. That's not to say that beautiful women can't have a hot side though. Don't take this to be pervy or anything but just as an example, you're beautiful, cute, etc. Of course, in a bikini or the right clothes you could be downright sexy. Its just whatever the girl happens to be at the time.

    • Haha, not at all, thankyou :) But cool, thankyou for the info, very insightful lol

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  • cute is some one I'd consider dating, as in potential. Cute can be completely erased if she is or (I know this is bad) looks slutty. pretty is a word to say when I am too intimated or don't think it is appropriate to say a more meaningful word. Hot pertains to sex and physical attraction. Gorgeous is a word that sounds better than it means. Being said it still has the most meaning out of the previous answers. Beautiful is a word that I rarely use, this is because it has so much meaning to me. A girl that is physically stunning, a look that is amazing yet unexpected, beautiful is the whole package, I tend to look for the beautiful girl not the hot girl. this is much more than physical this a word that has love wrapped in it. I don't throw love or beautiful around, very little and girls have heard if from me and many have been very mad at me for this, but if I mean it, I mean it

    • Yeah I find that the word beautiful is more intimate and means a lot more than physical attraction. but thanks for the info.. :)

  • i use cute when I talk to girls I find attractive in a relatioship way.

    Hot when talking to other guys about a girl who just looks good but have no attraction to.


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