What is the difference between jock, hunk, and stud?

To me they three are basically mean the same. But are they different?
In definition.


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  • Definition of hunk: "a sexually attractive man, especially a large, strong one."
    Definition of stud: "a guy; especially one who is virile and promiscuous." (a. k. a. a guy who's good with the ladies)

    The technical definition of a jock is an athlete, but the stereotype of a jock is "muscular, but not very smart, and cannot carry a conversation on any topic other than one relating to sports, exercise, or sex."

    So all three are sort of related to one another, but a hunk or a stud may not necessarily be into sports or exercise like a jock or be dumb like one. So a hunk or stud isn't always a jock, but a jock is typically a hunk or stud.


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  • Yes all 3 words are written differently.

    Jock is written like this: J O C K
    Hunk is written like this: H U N K
    Stud is written like this: S T U D

    See the difference?
    Hope this helped.

    • I hope you think before answering. Obviously they three are spelled differently, I'm asking difference in definition not how it's spelled or pronounced.

    • You should be more specific.

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  • They all refer to good looking guys, but a:
    Jock is a sportsman (often a football player, basketball player or ice-hockey player) with a lot of muscles (behaviour of a typical alpha male);
    Hunk is model, seen primarily as eye-candy;
    Stud is a ladiesman, that is (imo known for being) well dressed and easy going

  • To me:

    Jock is an athlete
    Hunk is a good looking, well built guy
    Stud is an attractive ladies man.

  • Nobody says the words hunk and stud unless they're referring to the 1950s.
    Nobody says jock unless they're referring to a cheesy high school movie or a personality before the 1990s

    That's the difference

    • Oh "stud" can also be used to describe an attractive dyke in present day speak. I forgot.
      Hunk refers to a piece of meat in present day speak
      And "jock" can refer to a jock strap in present day speak

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  • Jock and Hunk is usually someone who is athletic. Stud is the kind of guy that is always surrounded by women.

  • Jock: Athletic Dumbass
    Hunk: Muscular Dumbass
    Stud: Handsome Dumbass

    Take your pick ladies.

  • sounds like horses to me !!


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