Guys & girls, what do you think of the "rocker" look in a girl?

Not the poser Avril Lavigne clothing line or skater wanna-be. I mean more along the lines of Suicide Girls. I'm just curious. I have my lip and nose pierced, and plan on getting my hips pierced next, as well as A few small tattoos. I've had this style since I was about thirteen. Guys, would you find that attractive, or maybe intimidating somehow? Girls, what do you think of other girls with that kind of style?

Thanks to those who answer. :)


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  • The thought of piercing my hip is absolutely terrifying lol

    I have a huge issue with needles, so piercings are out for me except for ears. I want a few tattoos though (I know, that involves a needle, but it doesn't freak me out as much with tattoos). So, I have no problem with girls like that. But everyone has their preferences, so I don't expect all guys to feel the same way I do. Some love that style, some don't. Either way, I think you should just do what you want--if a guy doesn't like that, he's not the guy for you.


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  • It really depends on their attitude that they have along with that look. If they are nice, sweet, and fun, then I think it's one of the hottest things in the world, but if they have a bitchy or conceded attitude, then I think it's one of the biggest turnoffs there are.

    And... You're getting your hips pierced? How do you even do that? Lol. o_O

    • Hip piercings:

      I love them :)

    • Wow, I've never seen anything like that. That looks pretty hot, but I'd be scared of it ripping out. :P Lol.

    • Yeah, another bad thing is that with any surface piercings, your body can reject them. :P I'm hoping not, though. :)

  • *drool*

  • terrible just terrible


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  • I like girls who have different/their own style than everyone else, seems most of the girls just copy magazine covers nowadays which is boring as hell. The ones I don't like are girls with

    bad attitude and I don't even look at the style. So if you have great personality, and if you're

    not bitchy/nasty than I would think you're cool and also brave/extreme with piercings =)

  • Hmm, I mean I've been in the same style since about 10th grade I'm 22 now .

    I dress super girly dresses, necklaces, shorts, tanks, tubes

    But I have lots of tattoos

    All super girly also, hello kitty cupcackes my little pony my sons name and feet prints

    Cherry blossoms and what not, not onw of them isn't cute or girly.

    I'm married have a baby and everything.

    So some guys like it.

    Preppy guys jocks or tools like skinny blonde girls with fake tans.

    I like heavily tattoo with strethed ears guys like my hubby.

    They're the hotter ones anyways.

    So if you like preppy guys no luck.. tatooed guys yes they like it.

    • Good thing I like tatted up boys. :)

    • Yup, unless they're tatted bros. They like the dime a dozen girls also.