Do guys like the whole rock chick look?

would you guys prefer a slightly quirky rock chic look to a style slave look? What's bits of rock chicks do you like and what's bits do you loathe


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  • rocker to the point where, she isn't all about being a tomboy because she is a rocker, I still want her to know she's a girl, and be able to do girl things, even thought she's a rocker chick

    im a metalhead, so yeah, liking rock would be something id want in a girl, but, I won't limit myself to that, meaning, if I like a girl, and she doesn't like rock, I'm not gonna dismiss her just because of that

    after all, music doesn't determine whether you truly like a person, it only plays a minor role in it

  • I hate fat rock chicks. They're gross and for some reason dress up much sluttier than they should. It makes me want to puke.

    And yeah, don't be too butch, you still gotta' be a girl by the end of the day. Make sure that's still apparent.


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