What do you girls think of meggings (leggings for guys) or guys wearing women's leggings?

Do you like this trend or is this not something you wish to see a guy in? Be honest, especially those of you who like celebrity guys such as 80's hair band singers and musicians who wore them back in the day and some still wear them and when Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers singer) wore them for the halftime show at super bowl 2014, etc.

Are meggings/leggings ok for the everyday non celebrity guy or are they only good for celebrity guys to wear them or do you not want to see any guy in meegings or leggings

What do you think of the style some guys like Anthony Kiedis do with meggings in which you wear shorts over the meggings? Does that style make meggings ok for guys or still unacceptable?

What do you think of guys, celeb and non celeb wearing women's leggings since leggings are more readily available/easier to find and available in more styles and designs?

I couldn't add an option for every choice so I made the options generic but please tell us in the comments the combination of who should be allowed and not allowed for meggings and leggings and with or without shorts and how you feel about your choice. For example, non celeb guys look ok with meggings but no shorts over them and no leggings for non celeb guys. Celeb guys can rock the shorts over meggings but no meggings by themselves and leggings by themselves are ok for celebs. Or no guy should wear meggings or leggings period!
Yes, meggings/leggings look good on guys
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Yes meggings, no leggings
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No, meggings/leggings are not ok on a guy period, shorts or no shorts.
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Meggings/leggings are ok but only with shorts over them
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Doesn't matter, everyone has a right to wear what makes them comfortable.
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Ok so a few of you have answered and made me wonder..
If you were to see an attractive and good looking guy wearing meggings or leggings, even tho you find the meggings/leggings unattractive on any guy, would you still find the guy attractive and good looking? Also, if the guy was attractive and good looking but wearing the meggings/leggings and you were single, would you approach the guy to talk to him, ask him out, etc if you liked him. What if he approached you to talk, ask you out, ect?
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For those of you who say you don't like them just remember, men are the ones who invented leggings and the ones who originally wore them back in the 13th to 16th century renaissance period and had worn them fashion wise until the 1960's when women started adding modern style leggings to their fashion. Also, men have been wearing modern style leggings since the sexual revolution of the 1970's. Bands have been wearing them including Kiss, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, 80's hair metal bands, etc .
What do you girls think of meggings (leggings for guys) or guys wearing women's leggings?
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