Crossdressing! - How to make my hair look short?

I'm a girl, and I crossdress as a guy sometimes when I get bored. I wouldn't necessarily define myself as being transgender or genderfluid, I usually just do it for a bit of harmless fun. Anyway, I have long hair that I would like to make appear shorter temporarily. Does anyone have any tips for arranging it in a hat, or knows how to pin or tie it to make it appear short? Thanks!

My hair is about 2 inches past shoulder length, and straight.


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  • I've done this before (just being silly with friends). I pulled the end of my hair up over the top of my head and arranged them like bangs, then had my friend pin everything into place. Then I put a hat over it, and voila! It was pretty convincing.

    I did need a good amount of hairspray to keep it together though.

  • I think bangs would help you in this case. Then you can pin the rest of your hair up but have the front pieces out so it looks like you have just a few inches of hair. This would work especially with a hat.

  • Hm have you tried wearing a hoodie and maybe putting your hair in a bun or something?

    • I've tried parting it and slicking it back while wearing a suit, but I haven't tried a more casual approach to it yet :)

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    • Hahaha don't worry, I'd never do that. - Or would I? -wiggles eyebrows evilly-

    • Ha if you do make sure you get my roommate would be great.

  • Hey hmmm i like that hmm

  • Ohhhh... I'm also an occasional crossdresser too. I thought it was just called tomboy.

    Okay. Let's see. Maybe tie your hair up in a little bundle. Then wear a hat. Maybe a fedora.

    Could you give me some tips too as sort of trade?


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