I wanna get used to wearing thongs how?

I'm 13 and I dance at rcdc. I want to start wearing my thing my mom bought my because I'm tired of my panties bunching up under my spankies when I dance. It is uncomfortable but when I wear my thing it just feels like a constant wedgie. How long will it take me to get used to it. Where should I wear them to get used to them. Should I wear them to school? But wouldn't that be weird changing in front of all my friend in the locker room in a thong in 8th grade please help!!!


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  • You just have to wear them to get used to them. They feel like a wedgie pretty much all the time until you get used to them. You can sort of lessen the wedgie feeling by wearing the thongs with the wider "strap" down the backside, you could also wear the cheeky undies to start getting used to the wedgie feeling.

    • Thanks. Girl question do you wear thongs if u do what kind do u wear? Also would u prefer regular thongs or g-strings?

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    • What if I only show my bf

    • Then I might agree with your dad!!!

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  • It's weird your mother bought you a thong and you're 13...
    That says something about the parent as well...

    I hear from some people you just have to wear them as much as possible - from others that you'll never get used to it.
    I hate thongs and don't understand their true purpose...

    • Thanks. And me and my mom went to the mall and were in Victoria secret and I asked her if I could get one for dance!

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    • That doesn't mean she's a bad parent. Neglecting we child and being abusive means she's a bad parent. Buying her daughter underwear does not

    • Yea I asked her if I could get one first

  • Just wear them when ever. Or just wear them at dance and when your at home. At my school girls had been wearing them by 8th grade, but I don't know about you guys. Anyways, do what makes you feel good

  • if i was a girl trying to get used to a thon i would wear it everyday wherever you go except school if you change and you are wearing a long you will most likely be called a slut or a whore

  • I guess it's like flip flops, uncomfortable at first but you get used to it.


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