Anyone wear stockings?

Hi girls. I'm considering getting a garter belt and stockings get up, because they look and seem really sexy to me. However, I don't know that any of my friends wear them, and I was curious really if anyone does.

Have you worn one? Did you like it?
If you did, did you stay at home, or did you wear it out (I was thinking of either to work to feel sexy or out to dinner, etc.)
How often do you wear them and/or how recently did you wear one?

Thanks in advance!!!


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  • Stockings are very sexy. Just don't wear them at all times or to any occasion. Know what I mean? If you are interested in stockings then get some and wear them. See how it feels. If you like them, great; if not, don't wear them. Just because your friends don't wear them doesn't mean you shouldn't. YOU decide what to wear.


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  • I enjoy wearing a garter belt and stockings and it’s my preference over panty hose. I like feeling feminine and sexy, and knowing I’m wearing something pretty underneath helps me feel that way. I’m rather selective in the garter belts I choose. I look for pretty, feminine, and functional. I prefer the deeper ones over the narrow ones. The deeper ones are definitely better for all day wear. They stay in place much better and provide better support for my stockings. I’ve gotten some very pretty and functional ones from Secrets in Lace and Alexis4U.

    • Also, I get my stockings on Ebay. I love the vintage flat weave stockings.

  • You should consider doing p*rn .

  • No, my hairy legs wouldn't look sexy in them...


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